How Many Songs Does BTS Have?

How Many Songs Does BTS Have

How many songs have BTS released

BTS is one of the most successful boy groups in South Korea, with over 235 songs to date. The eclectic mix includes studio albums and soundtrack releases as well.

The boy band BTS has released numerous hit songs since their debut in 2013.

The group is known for catchy and melodious tunes that span many genres, including the likes of K-pop – a popular South Korean music style influenced by American pop culture from decades past.

There is an extensive list of music by the group, including albums and solos. They also have single releases in both Korean or Japanese formats to match their diverse sound profile.

Here are some songs BTS has debuted in their albums through the years:

2 Kool for Skool

Their first album was released on June 12th, 2013. It peaked at number 19 in its first week and 17 months later is still present as one of Korea’s most popular groups to this day with over 5 million records sold.

Their first album is an exploration of what it means to be young and strives for success, with all the members sharing their individual stories.

The lyrics are filled with ambition yet remain deeply personal at times.

2 COOL 4 SKOOL is a 27-minute album that has been described as both vintages and refreshing by those who have heard it. The group’s debut release includes the track No More Dream.

The song features elements from the 1990s gangster rap style in its production process along with some other throwbacks to the past year.

This includes R&B syncopation coupled together for an unexpected but welcomed twist on what many would consider old-school music formats.


BTS makes it clear that if you don’t find your bliss, life will be too late.

A song filled with transparency about the truth in an effort to warn people and raise children who can think for themselves rather than being raised as study bots without any opportunity whatsoever.

This is what “O!RUL8″ means – finding both our individual lives while staying true (or loyal) despite anything imposed on us from outside sources.”

BTS has a way of bringing out the raw, emotional side in every person. The genre they sing about is often very personal and deals with issues that many people can relate to.

Some examples they want their audience can relate to are having depression or being left behind by society because their peers don’t understand them like before.


This album is all about love. From the first track to the last, there’s only one thing on everyone’s mind: romance!

The lyrics are filled with wishes and dreams of being someone’s “boyfriend or girlfriend” which makes this perfect for any youthful listeners looking forward to life.

Moreover, this album is for those who can’t wait until high school ends so they’ll have more chances at finding their true significant other (or even just searching).

The ARMYs have always been there for BTS, and it’s not surprising considering their age. They understand what being a teenager is all about because they are just as passionate about this group too!

The support shown by these fans unwaveringly proves how much love can go into something so small like an artist’s career if you’re willing to give everything your energy- both physical and mental.

This,  in turn, makes us want more from them while simultaneously inspiring passion within ourselves at every turn

Dark N Wild

The first full-length album from this group was met with a tremendous reception. They retain their old-school hip-hop sound.

The song is mostly occupied by rap lines done in RM and JHope as well as Suga’s steady frames from start to finish.

Though songs like Danger and War of Hormone are ruled by passion, their perspective remains level.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1

Members described the album as a collection of songs about clinging to love that’s fading away and how stress can come with it.

The group also released their first music video on YouTube which has surpassed 100 million views

It received worldwide attention for this single from its release until now!

“DOPE” discusses success in high anticipation among young people who find themselves struggling more than before despite trying hard enough- an issue many companies are facing these days too.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2

Even though the spinoff album was a bigger hit than its predecessor, it’s important to remember that following success of both parts 1 and 2 BTS re-released them in 2016 as one package entitled The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever.

This new release sold 723K copies within South Korea alone before going on sale elsewhere around Asia with moderate success across other regions including China.

The sales totaled 155k units at home soil vs 6 thousand worldwide shipments for American markets alone which still makes this record eligible for an IBZ award.


The seven songs in WINGS represent the boys’ first experiences with desire and how they deal with it.

In each song, there is some sort of bird imagery that suggests freedom—whether flight or breaking free from something that constrains one’s abilities as an individual.

This relates back to what life can be like when we’re faced with our own feelings for the very first time: uncertain yet determined at once (maybe even both).

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