How Many Spongebobs to Beat Goku

How Many Spongebobs to Beat Goku

It would take approximately 30 billion SpongeBobs to beat Goku. Although SpongeBob is not as powerful as Goku, he boasts several attributes that make him difficult to beat.

For starters, SpongeBob is immune to any physical attacks. He can take punches and kicks like they’re nothing and thinks of them as tickles.

The evidence can be seen in one of the episodes where his bully threw punches at him.

He’d been slashed in half and blown to bits, and he lived in a place where bombings are common.

Additionally, SpongeBob does not die. When he has been ripped apart, he regrows and reattaches his limbs. He can even stand inches from the sun without being burned into crisps.

SpongeBob also knows Karate, so 30 billion of him would most likely hurt Goku. Finally, SpongeBob is well-known for always being ready.

As a result, Goku will be unable to pull out a surprise attack on him.

What Would It Take for a Character to Defeat Goku

Each character has a distinct edge over Goku. But, no matter how strong a character believes they are, Goku, ever so powerful, would not be destroyed.

For one, it would take 30 billion SpongeBobs before fate favors him to defeat Goku. On the other hand, Eric Cartman needs 2.5 billion replicas to stand a chance against Goku, a Stormtrooper needs 2 billion, while Scooby-Doo needs 1.8 billion.

Game of Throne’s Jon Snow should be 1.6 billion in numbers when fighting against Goku. And Minecraft Creeper and Mike Wazowski both need 1.5 billion of themselves.

Batman needs 650 million of him to beat Goku in the millions category. Chewbacca and Stitch should be 450 million and 410 million, respectively.

The Mandalorian should be 350 million, and Captain America should be 230 million in numbers.

Even the wizards need multiple numbers of themselves before they win against Goku. Harry Potter should reach 100 million and half a million for Dumbledore.

The villain witch also needs a million of himself, 60 million to be exact, to defeat Goku.

Technology can’t also easily defeat Goku as it would take 20 million Iron Man and Optimus Prime before being the champions.

On to the smaller numbers, 7 Narutos can defeat Goku. Frieza needs four, and Toppo and Thanos need three and two.

The names that made it to the top list with strength as accurate as Goku’s are Saitama, Beerus, Sailor Moon, and Grand Zeno.


Who is Goku?

Goku, commonly known as San Goku, is the protagonist of the Dragon Ball anime series. He is modeled after the monkey king from Journey to the West.

And, despite being one of the strongest anime characters, Goku has only slain two enemies because he frequently offers them second chances.

His robust muscular build conceals a tender heart on the inside.

The Kamehameha, his distinctive and iconic technique, comes in various variations.

Who is SpongeBob?

SpongeBob Squarepants is his full name. Spongebob is a square yellow sponge that lives in a pineapple with his pet snail, Gary, on the Pacific Ocean’s floor in the city of Bikini Bottom.

He’s clumsy and childlike, yet he’s also nice and patient. He enjoys his job as a fry chef at Krusty Krab, even though his coworker, Squidward, is often irritated at him.

Is Spongebob an Adult?

Yes. SpongeBob is already in his 30’s. That explains why he lives on his own and works in a restaurant. His birthdate is July 14, 1986.

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