How Many Square Feet in a Yard of Concrete

How Many Square Feet in a Yard of Concrete

The number of square feet in a yard of concrete varies according to the depth of your concrete slab.

One yard of concrete covers 81 square feet for a four-inch-thick slab. One yard of concrete covers 65 square feet for a five-inch-thick slab.

In addition to that, one yard of concrete will cover 54 square feet of a six-inch-thick slab. On the other hand, one yard of concrete will cover 46 square feet of a seven-inch-thick slab.

How to Estimate Concrete

The key to determining the amount of concrete required is to calculate the square feet of the slab and then divide it by the thickness of the concrete slab.

For example, the slab measures 10 by 10 by 4 inches, with 4 being the slab’s thickness.

The first ten inches should be multiplied by the remaining ten inches and divided by 80. A yard of 4″ thick concrete will cover 80 sq ft; where the 80 comes from, the answer will be the cubic yard.

If the concrete slab is irregularly shaped, the formula is cubic feet divided by 27, and the result is divided by 12.


What is a Concrete?

Concrete is a construction material made of cement, coarse aggregates, and fine aggregates combined with water and solidifying over time.

The most frequently used form of cement is Portland Cement.

What is a Concrete Slab?

A concrete slab is a structural component that may be used as a floor or a roof and is typical of constant thickness. Its main purpose is to provide a flat and useful surface.

How Many Bags of Concrete is Needed for a Yard?

If the bag of concrete weighs 80 pounds, it will take 45 of it to construct a yard; and if the bag of concrete weighs 60 pounds, it will take 60 bags of it to produce a yard.

Additionally, a 50-pound concrete bag needs 75 to make a yard, and 90 bags of it only weigh 40 pounds each.

Where Do You Commonly Use Concrete?

Concrete is commonly used in these structures:

  • slab
  • dam
  • concrete road
  • beam and heavy structure bridge
  • column
  • Patio
  • pool
  • sidewalk
  • residential industrial
  • shed base
  • floor slab
  • commercial building
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