How Much Does a Paper Clip Weigh?

How Much Does a Paper Clip Weigh

Paper clips come in various types and sizes. They must also weigh differently from each other. Let’s check out the actual weights below!

What is the weight of a paper clip?

On average, the mass of a regular paper clip is about 1 gram (0.035274 ounces). The mass of a large paper clip is approximately 1.5 grams (0.0529109 ounces). The size and thickness of the wire, as well as the length of the legs, determine the weight of a paper clip.

The primary function of a paper clip is to secure sheets of paper in a neat stack. It can also be used as a craft or scrapbooking embellishment, as well as an office product for binding papers together.

You might suddenly get interested in the size and weight of a paperclip. You are working and may want to make sure a pile of papers you are sending in the mail doesn’t go overweight. Or maybe, it’s just a random question that pops in your head.

In this video, the standard paperclip was weighed using a fully calibrated scale. After weighing the tiny paper clip, the actual weight appears to be 0.9 grams or about 1 gram. It measured almost 2-inch long in steel.


Who invented the paperclip?

The paper clip was invented by Norwegian-American inventor John Vaaler in 1899. His design consisted of a single piece of wire bent into a loop with two straight pieces coming up from the loop to form the ends.

In 1870, The Gem Manufacturing Company based in the UK produced the first Gem Paper Clip which we use today.

What materials were used to make a paper clip?

The most common paperclips are constructed from one of three materials, only two of which are metal: steel and metal alloys. The other one is plastic.

The galvanized steel used to make paperclips does not rust like other types. Metal clips are typically more expensive and can last longer than plastic clips. Plastic clips are cheaper and can be used in a variety of different ways.

What other weird purpose of a paper clip?

Paper clips were surveyed for their usage in 1958. The poll found that paper clips were utilized as toothpicks, fingernail and ear cleaners, nylon, bra, and shirt fasteners, tie clasps, game chips and markers, and chains and juvenile weaponry.

Today the usage of the humble clip becomes even wider. It can be used as a DIY zipper, resetting your phone/tablet, marshmallow sticks/skewers, antenna/aerial, fishing hook, cleaning fingernails, hairclip, seal bags of food, lifting the keys from your keyboard, locking pet cages, and among many others.

Three Random Facts about paperclips

Paper clips are one of the most useful inventions in history. They have been around for over 100 years and have helped people organize documents for a long time. Some interesting facts about paperclips include:

  • The largest paperclip in the world is said to weigh almost 4,000 pounds. because it is made of solid steel.
  • The Nazis outlawed paper clips during World War II because they had become a symbol of unification.

At 1 gram, paper clips are quite light. Perhaps you’re curious about additional items that have exact measurements. A Dollar note, 2-inch (standard) birthday candle, matte business card, raisin, pen cap, chewing gum stick, thumbtack, and ¼ tsp. of sugar are just some of them.

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