How Much Does a Tiger Weigh?

How Much Does a Tiger Weigh

Tigers are considered to be the largest species of cats that can weigh around 90 to 310 kilograms for male adults and 65 to 170 kilograms for female adults. Due to their weight, they are considered not only the largest cat species but also the heaviest.

There are many types of tigers in the world, and each type may differ when it comes to weight. Each breed of tiger is unique; to find out more, check more details below.

The Weight of The Tiger

The largest subspecies of male continental tigers can weigh around 660 pounds or 300 kilograms. The smaller male subspecies like the Sunda Tiger can weigh about 310 pounds or 140 kilograms, and newborn tiger cubs can weigh around 1.5 to 3.5 pounds or 0.6 to 1.5 kilograms.

Primarily, the size of the tiger may vary depending on its territory and prey availability. The largest of all tiger species is the Siberian weighs as heavy as a three-grown man.

To compare the male and the female, the male tigers are much heavier than the females. The differences in size help many scientists to identify whether they are studying a female or a male tiger.

Types of Tiger Breed and Their Weight

As there are a variety of breeds of tigers in the world, each comes with a different weight range. Below and the outline of the information that you can check for a reference.

Siberian Tiger Weight

One of the subspecies of tigers is the Siberian Tiger which weighs up to 320 kilograms for adult males and may weigh up to 180 kilograms for females. If you compare the weight of male and female Siberian Tiger, the female one has a smaller body and weight.

The largest Siberian Tiger that has ever been recorded weighs a huge weight of 423 kilograms, named Jaipur. This tiger was the largest tiger that has been recorded in captivity, and this tiger was held and owned by an American trainer Joan Byron Marasek.

Siberian tigers in captivity are much larger than those in the wild; this is because they have access to food, and they are not required to travel long to seek food. In captivity, they are caged and may not be as active as in the wild; with this, they become heavier and larger when held captive in a tiger sanctuary.

Malayan Tiger Weight

The smaller breed of tiger is the Malayan Tiger which weighs around 110 to 140 kilograms for adult males and 75 to 110 kilograms for adult females. As they are considered the smallest tigers, they only eat 88 pounds of meat per meal, and they only eat once a week.

Indochinese Tiger Weight

One of the breeds of tiger is the Indochinese Tiger, which weighs around 150 to 195 kilograms for adult males and weighs around 100 to 130 kilograms for adult females. At birth, Indochinese tigers can weigh about a kilogram.

The Indochinese Tiger is smaller than the Siberian and Bengal Tigers, and this tiger species is considered medium-sized. This tiger species is carnivorous and typically hunts small animals such as rabbits, doe, and a goat.

Bengal Tiger Weight

Another large breed of tiger is the Bengal Tiger which weighs around 180 to 260 kilograms for adult males and weighs about 100 to 160 kilograms for adult females. The young adult female Bengal Tiger can weigh approximately 75 kilograms.

The weight of the male and female Bengal Tiger may vary due to sexual dimorphism. In addition to that, their habitat contributes to their weight, for tigers held in captivity are heavier than those in the wild.


What is the largest breed of tiger?

The largest breed of tiger in the world is the Siberian tiger. The largest Siberian tiger ever recorded is Jaipur which weighs 423 kilograms.

What is the smallest breed of tiger?

The smallest breed of tiger is the Sumatran tiger which weighs around 140 kilos in captivity.

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