How To Clear Reddit History

How To Clear Reddit History

If you are the same as most people, you use Reddit to keep up with the latest news and trends. But what happens if you want to clear your Reddit history?

Whether you’re making a fresh start or just don’t want anyone snooping through your browsing history, this guide was made to show you how to clear Reddit quickly and easily.

Keep reading for step-by-step instructions!

How To Delete Reddit History With App

How to Clear History on Reddit App

To erase your Reddit app browsing history:

  1. Go to the menu in the top left corner of the app after opening it.
  2. Select “Settings,” followed by “History.”
  3. Click “Delete All Browsing History” under “History Options.”
  4. Your whole Reddit app browsing history will be erased when you do this.

So, there you have it! Now that you know how to clear Reddit history, your account will be squeaky clean and ready for whatever naughty shenanigans you have planned.

Using the Eraser Application Or Extension To Delete Your Reddit History

The quickest approach to remove your Reddit history after surfing the website is probably by using an eraser program or extension.

Installing Nuke Reddit History is only one method for doing this. After installing the plugin, you can delete your Reddit history by selecting the Delete all comments option.

With the Reddit Enhancement Suite extension installed on your computer, you can also instantly wipe all of your browsing history in Firefox and Chrome:

  1. Click on the content options link in the Reddit settings.
  2. Uncheck “Show/Hide Child Comments.”
  3. Under the History tab of appearance options/display compact link previews, select “Delete All History.”
  4. Select Delete All History once more.

Delete History Using Reddit’s “My Profile” Page

Using the choices offered by Reddit is another approach to deleting your history.

  1. First, open My Profile by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner.
  2. Access History and Cache.
  3. Go to Delete all my activity data and click.
  4. Confirm that you wish to remove your history in the pop-up display window.

Deleting Reddit App History On An iPhone

Go to the Reddit app. At the bottom of the screen, click Settings.

To remove your recent browsing history on this device from the settings menu, scroll down and choose Clear local history under options. At the bottom of that screen, select clear local history to confirm, or choose cancel to continue without doing so.

This will enable you to remove your Reddit history if you use iOS.

  1. Open the Reddit app on your smartphone.
  2. Locate your profile icon at the top-left of the page.
  3. Open Advanced under Settings.
  4. To clear local history, click.
  5. Your Reddit history will be removed if you click Clear local history after you confirm it.

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news platform and a discussion board where users vote on and socially curate content. It is a play on words in the website’s name.

To access the website’s essential functions, Reddit members must first register, which is free.

Additionally, users can upgrade to Reddit Gold for a monthly cost or an annual membership. This service offers several additional services that are not accessible to users who do not pay.

Reddit Gold offers access to communities for members only and the option to disable sidebar adverts.

The Anonymity Of Reddit

The anonymity of user accounts is one of Reddit’s key features. Additionally, the only fields required to identify a user when creating a Reddit account are the username and an optional email.

Only post-analytics data is gathered about users to enhance site performance.

Reddit never sells users’ private information and only provides it to law enforcement when necessary or in an emergency.

Online anonymity gives users a sense of privacy and security when interacting with other users. Users can explore socially without worrying about social consequences because they have a border of control with others.

Generally, online communities, blogs that convey people’s feelings and interests, and support groups online are a few examples.

Additionally, user accountability is hampered by anonymity. “Trolls” are users who post malicious, offensive, or inaccurate information without repercussions.

Group dynamics can be dangerous as well. Bystander indifference is one instance where people are uninterested in or suspicious of online events because of anonymity.

Theories About Anonymity

The Equalization Phenomenon and the Social Identity Model of Deindividualization Effects (SIDE) theory are two explanations for why online interactions could differ from real-life interactions.

According to the Equalization Phenomenon, CMC enables equitable involvement for all participants. Participants’ status equalizes as evaluation anxieties and biases are difficult to emerge in CMC because there is no physical interaction.

For instance, a person who typically treats short people with disdain is unlikely to do so when speaking to short people online.

According to the SIDE theory, anonymity leads to increased social identity and diminished personal identity. The group makes use of its stronger social identity to accomplish its objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to my Reddit history?

No one can view your Reddit history. Only the subreddits you’ve interacted with are visible to others.

For instance, they can view any Reddit comments or posts you have made. Check the Privacy settings to discover who can access your voting preferences.

What time frame does Reddit use to delete spam reports?

Find an option like “Reporting Users” or “Taking Down Posts” on Next, click on the link and then scroll down until you see a section labeled “Reports are reviewed within [x] hours,” where x is a number (typically, it’s 24).

Does Reddit track data?

Reddit does track data, yes. It keeps track of your behavior whenever you register an account and log in, and it shows this information on your profile page.

This information includes the volume, nature, and frequency of your content submissions and your interactions with other site users.

How may messages be deleted from the Reddit app?

You must delete each message individually if you want to remove it from Reddit, so follow these steps:

  • Open the Reddit application
  • Open Message
  • Choose the messages in your message section that you want to remove
  • To erase a message, long-press it and then confirm it
  • Repetition is required for each message

What is your Reddit mobile usage style?

Reddit may be accessed in a variety of ways on mobile. Open the webpage on your mobile browser as a first step.

The Reddit software may be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play, the second option. Utilizing an unauthorized app like Alien Blue is the third option.

How do I stop Reddit from tracking me?

You can’t. Reddit is a hugely popular website where users can submit links to articles, images, videos, and other content.

In your account’s privacy settings, you can choose “Do not enable search engines to index my user profile” on the website.

If you select this option, you won’t appear in searches on Google or other search engines. This does not, however, prevent Reddit from keeping track of your online behavior.

What do people use Reddit for?

Users can submit text, photographs, and links on the social networking site Reddit. It may be used for many things, such as keeping up with current affairs, connecting with other professionals, and discovering fresh and intriguing material.

Is Reddit accessible without a login?

You can use Reddit without creating an account, yes. However, you need to register for an account to vote or comment on posts, though.

Is Reddit safe?

Reddit contains a wide variety of forums or subreddits. Most of which are safe for work.

The r/funny, r/pics, and r/todayilearned subreddits are a few of the more well-known ones. However, if you visit the incorrect subreddit, Reddit can be very graphic.

How can I follow a Reddit user?

On Reddit, there is no way to follow a user. Most subreddits do not display the usernames of subscribers, and Reddit does not include any identifying information in its URLs.

Only by manually reading every post in a given subreddit and searching for hints as to who might’ve posted it will you be able to identify users.

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