How To Copy My Instagram Profile Link

How To Copy My Instagram Profile Link

To copy your Instagram profile link, you need to go to your profile and click on the three dots on the top right corner of your device. A dialogue window will pop up, with one of the options being ‘Copy Profile URL.’ When you click it, the Instagram profile URL is copied to your device’s clipboard.

Linking the Instagram Profile through the Phone

How to Copy Instagram Profile Link

Most likely, you have the Instagram app downloaded on your mobile device. You can get your profile URL easily through this.

After opening the app and logging in to your profile, click on the lower right icon on your page. Make sure to remember your Instagram username because that is important.

Linking the Instagram Profile through the Computer

Finding your profile link with a computer or laptop is easier. First, you have to open your browser and log in to your Instagram account.

You’ll see a small icon on the upper right of the screen that leads to your profile. Once you’re there, whatever link is shown on the address bar is your profile link.

You need to highlight the link. Press Ctrl + C to copy, and now you can paste it to wherever you want to post your profile link.

How to Use Instagram – Beginner’s Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

When Was Instagram Founded?

Kevin Systrom is one of the founders of Instagram, the internet’s first social media application to share photos and videos. It was created on October 6, 2010.

After two years, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion. Now it is one of the biggest contributors to Facebook’s revenue.

How many Instagram Profiles can you have?

The app lets you have a maximum of five Instagram profiles that you can quickly switch from one another.

Essentially, you can have as many profiles as you want, but logging on to all of them would be tricky.

How many Instagram users are there?

As of 2022, Instagram has registered a whopping 1.38 Billion users. That is around 17% of the planet’s entire population, for context.

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