how to delete a saved game in pokemon soul silver

how to delete a saved game in pokemon soul silver

Do you want to play Pokemon Soul Silver again, but you don’t remember the story anymore? Or do you want to relive the whole experience all over again?

In this guide, we will help you delete all the previous data you have saved in-game to start a fresh journey and create new fond memories with the game.

Or maybe just let your child live the experience you have when you are their age.

How To Delete Pokemon Soul Silver Data

1. For the first step, you should be on the game’s main screen and log in to your game first to start the process. Once you are on the game’s main screen, press the up, select, and the b button.

2. Once done, a message popping out of your screen should be “Delete all saved data?”. Press yes if you want to delete all in-game data.

3. Lastly, after pressing yes, there would be a few reminders regarding the action you are about to commit, and press “yes” again if you are willing to delete the saved data on your game.

It is always better to restart some games. It would make you notice some details you could not see when you started playing for the first time.

However, creating new fond memories of going back to these memories while playing the game is equally fun and exciting.


1. When Is The Right Time To Delete My Saved Data In Pokemon Soul Silver?

Only delete your data if you are willing to remove it permanently. We would not like you to regret it later, so make sure that you are thoroughly done with the game before you remove your current data.

This may have some special memories that you hold close to you, so do this only when you want to. Think about it and consider weighing the possible outcomes so you would not have any regrets later on.

2. What Can I Do If Pokemon Soul Silver Says It Cannot Save More Data?

When this happens, consider trying to delete all your data already. It may be because the limit on how much information you can save on the game has reached the maximum amount of data you can save.

If you still want to play and save your in-game data, we recommend you delete the past saved data in your game.

Not doing so will hinder your game experience since you need to finish the whole game in just one sitting.

3. How Do You Continue Your Pokemon Soul Silver Game And Save It After Deletion?

Once you have deleted your data in the game, everything should go back to when you first started the game, including how you saved the data.

All you did was delete the past data, and all the things you have been doing before you deleted it are still the same.

The process of saving the game data still follows the default way to save it. There will be no changes in the game in general. Just the information you have protected before is now gone.

4. Can I Save Multiple Pokemon Soul Silver Game Data?

Unfortunately, in Pokemon Soul Silver, you can only save one game data. Meaning to say that after you have gone through the game’s story, you cannot play nor save other data if you will not delete the previous data in the game.

If you have already finished the game and want to play it again, delete the saved data in the game, then follow the steps provided above as your guide.

5. Can I Still Play The Pokemon Soul Silver Today?

Fortunately, there is an option if you don’t have a Nintendo DS or any device you can play with. This video will show you a guide on downloading Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold on your PC.

Yes, you read that right — you can play this game on your PC. It also runs smoothly, so you can enjoy this game you had loved before as a kid or a teenager.

6. Is It Difficult To Find Pokemon Soul Silver?

Being one of the franchise’s rarest games, you may have difficulty finding Pokemon Soul Silver around game stores. You will often see gamers collecting or hoarding these pieces as a trophy or memorabilia.

If you are planning to purchase the game, you can spend some time online and look around different stores and fan groups.

You could also ask for recommendations for secondhand units as long as that would not be a problem for you in the long run.

7. What Makes Pokemon Soul Silver So Memorable?

Since it is based on the classic Pokemon Silver game, Soul Silver became a hit with Pokemon fans who want to experience a surge of nostalgia.

If you are looking for an improved experience on your favorite Pokemon game, this is the one to beat!

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