how to delete my textnow account

how to delete my textnow account

TextNow is one of the newest apps people use for messages and calls; it’s convenient and free to use with wifi.

However, this app service is only available to people living in Canada and the U.S.A., and it depends on funding from advertisements.

This may be a reason why some clients prefer to uninstall the app. Whether it’s for practical or personal reasons, there are several ways you can deactivate your account.

How To Delete My TextNow Account

TextNow has some technical issues that customers find frustrating. It has limited locations and several advertisements.

This messaging app also requires an internet connection to work, and some clients worry about the app’s lack of privacy and poor customer service.

There is no way to delete your TextNow account permanently, but you can choose alternatives; you deactivate your current account or delete your personal information.

  • Removing personal information

You can deactivate your TextNow account by removing the personal information from your profile. Follow these instructions:

  1. Use your web browser and visit, then log into your account.
  2. Look for the “settings” icon that looks like a gear on the left side of the page. Click the icon.
  3. Once you see the settings menu click on “account.”
  4. Change your personal information by typing “DELETE MY DATA” on the “first name” tab. Leave the “last name” tab empty.
  5. Type “[email protected]” in the email address section and click save.
  6. Go back to the sidebar and click “security and login.”
  7. Click “log out of all devices” on the right side of your webpage.
  • Deleting the app

This method may be less secure than changing your data, but it will prevent you from using it.

  1. Swipe until you see the TextNow app on your home screen.
  2. Press it for a few seconds until the overlay menu appears.
  3. Press “Uninstall” or “X” to delete the app.
  4. You may also delete the app from the app settings on your phone.
  • Deleting through email

This process is more tedious, but you can use an email to request the deactivation of your TextNow account.

In the video, the man shows you how to compose and send an email to delete an account. It would help if you addressed it to the company’s support team.

For TextNow, you can address the email to [email protected]. You can explain how you have created an account with TextNow and want to delete it.

Try to cite some points from the privacy policy to add more bearing to your message.


1. Is TextNow Free To Use?

Yes, this app is free for calling and messaging in the U.S.A. and Canada. However, it gets revenue from advertisements, so expect those when using TextNow.

You also need internet access to use this app freely.

2. Can You Make Changes To Your TextNow Account?

This infographic video shows you the various ways you can manage your account. You can change your name, email address, or password.

3. Will I Lose My Account If I Delete The App?

Deleting the app will wipe out your data, but your account will remain. You can choose to clear your information to avoid privacy issues.

4. Will TextNow Delete My Number?

Some users have reported that the app terminates their number after two weeks of inactivity. You must always use it to keep your number intact.

5. How Do I Avoid Advertisements In TextNow?

The app needs ad revenues to offer free calling and messaging services. If you prefer not to have advertisements, you can enroll in a paid plan.

This plan will also lock your number, ensuring it doesn’t get lost even after weeks of inactivity.

6. Can I Delete Numbers From TextNow?

You can delete some unwanted contacts from the app. You must go to the conversation, click the three dots on the upper-right hand corner, click “edit,” then “delete contact.”

7. Can I Have More Than One TextNow Account?

You can create multiple accounts with their numbers to enjoy all of TextNow’s services, but you can’t have two numbers assigned to one account.

8. Can I Use Whatsapp With My TextNow Number?

You can use your TextNow number to sign up for a Whatsapp account. However, there have been some issues where the latter doesn’t recognize TextNow numbers.

It’s best to contact Whatsapp customer service when you have problems using your TextNow account. They will help you set up your account.

9. How Do I Log Out Of My TextNow Account?

If you want to stop using your TextNow account, you can choose to log out. Open the app, then click on “my account” in the upper-right corner.

Click on “settings,” then go to “security and login.” Finally, click “log out of all accounts.”

10. How Do I Reactivate My TextNow Account?

A: If you have logged out or deleted the app, you only need to install TextNow again and log in using your previous account.

However, if you have already deleted your personal information, you will need to register with a new email to create an account. You may also receive a unique number since the app can’t recover your old one.

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