how to delete playstation 4 messages safety

how to delete playstation 4 messages safety

Deleting your messages on your PS4 is not that hard at all. It is as easy as deleting a message on your phone.

You just need to go sign in on your Sony PlayStation messaging app. Then, check the message and click the “Leave” option.

Steps on How to Delete Messages From your PS4

Deleting a message from your PS4 is very easy to do; please see for more detailed steps below.

PS4 How To Delete Messages!

Step 1 Sign In On Your Account

First, sign in to your account and click the menu to go to Messages.

Step 2 Select the Message to Be Deleted

After clicking the Message menu, go to Settings and select the messages you want to delete. Hover to check the options, and you can see “Leave” once you click that, you will be prompted with a question to leave the message or not.

If you select Yes, you confirm to leave the conversation. The process will be canceled if you choose no.

Step 3 Wait for Confirmation

Once you confirm, delete the conversation. Depending on the number of conversations in the chat box, it may load up for some time. After the completion, you will no longer see all the messages that you opt to leave.

Please note that the message will not be permanently deleted since all the messages are stored in the PlayStation Network. When you leave the conversation box with another person, their message will no longer appear in your Inbox.

How to Delete Group Messages on Your PS4?

Deleting group messages on your PS4 is the same as manually deleting one message from your messages box. However, by leaving the Group, the messages will automatically be deleted from your Inbox, and you may no longer see the messages in the Group.

To go into details, check the steps below.

Step 1 Sign In on Your Account

Open your Sony PlayStation 4 and sign in to your account.

Step 2 Check the Group Messages

Hover and find the Group message that you want to be deleted.

Step 3 Leave the Group

Hover to see options and select “Leave.” Once you click “Leave,” you will be prompted with a notification that you will be unable to see the messages in the Group when you click yes.

If you click no, leaving the Group will go through. You will then see a loading sign.

After then, you will automatically be moved out of the Group, and you may no longer see the messages in the Group, and the messages from the Group will no longer appear in your Inbox.

How to Restrict Spam Messages from Your PS4?

Suppose you are so annoyed with the spam messages that prompt on your Inbox. There is an easy option to restrict it by going to the setting and restricting the messages that you can receive.

Check out more steps and information below for more detailed information.

Step 1 Go to Privacy Settings

Go to Privacy Settings then you can see information about sending and receiving messages. You may then click the options, which allows you to send a message that comes with three choices, including the following:

  • Friends Only
  • Anyone
  • Noone

If you are annoyed with the spam messages, you can choose friends only or no one. You will no longer be able to receive any spam messages from someone or be included in a spam group.

Once done, hit the confirmation button.

How to Turn off the Messages Notifications in your PS4?

If you are annoyed with receiving message notifications on your PS4, you can restrict it from doing so. Below is the step-by-step process that you can follow.

Step 1 Go to Settings

Hover and go to Setting and select Notifications. You will then be routed with more options; click Pop-Up Notifications.

Step 2 Click Message Options

Once you click the “Pop Up Notifications,” you can click “Messages” to disable it. Once done, you may no longer be able to receive Pop-Up Notifications for the messages that you will be receiving.

You can still receive the messages by disabling one though there will be no notifications. It will keep you away from distractions, especially when you are playing.

You may still be able to receive notifications on your phone by downloading the PlayStation App. You can sign in to your Sony Playstation account there, and the messages and notifications can also be seen there.

Using this app keeps you updated with notifications and messages, plus it is more convenient as it makes it easier for you to reply to the messages than using your PS4.


Can I permanently delete all the messages from my PS4?

Sad to say that there is no way to completely delete your messages from your PS4. However, you can leave the conversation, and it will not appear in your Inbox.

Once you start the conversation with the same person or Group, you will be able to see their old messages again. All messages are stored in the Sony server, and there is no way to delete them.

Does PS4 have a Messenger App?

Yes, PS4 has a messenger app that you can use if you are annoyed seeing pop-up notifications. You can download the app on your mobile phone, and you can reply to messages much easier using the app.

Can I retrieve old conversations on my PS4 even though I left the conversation?

Yes, you can retrieve the conversation since there is no way to delete the conversations on the PS4 permanently. Your old conversation thread will appear once you start a new conversation with the same person you have messaged before.

Can I check my PS4 Messages on my computer?

Yes, you may check your PS4 messages online; you need to sign in using your PlayStation account. After that, you may be able to see the messages you have sent and the messages you have received on your PlayStation Network.

Can I send a Message from PlayStation Network using my computer?

Yes, it is possible, just sign in using your PlayStation Network account. After then, go to messages and compose a message to whom you want to send the message.

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