How To Delete The Purchase History On Your iPhone

How To Delete The Purchase History On Your iPhone

On an iPhone, anything you buy through the app store is recorded in the history of purchases for that app. If your order history is cluttered with several previous purchases of apps, you might be wondering how to get rid of some of them.

For the iPhone, it’s easy to delete the purchase histories for apps and music. But to delete apps and music that you’ve already downloaded, you need to sign in to iTunes with your Apple ID and then go to the Apps or Music Store.

Although you can conceal it from the store, you cannot wipe the history of your app purchases. You may do this by visiting the app store, selecting the program from the list that you wish to hide, and then clicking on hiding.

But can your purchase be permanently deleted, or is the hidden option merely a short-term fix? Read this article to find out how!

How To Delete Your iPhone’s Purchase History

You might be asking how to remove Apple transaction history on your iPhone if you’re attempting to free up some data stored on your phone. You have a few options, which is fortunate.

Additionally, this will prevent unauthorized purchases of passwords and other information on your phone. The good news for people with sensitive data is that you can remove hidden or paid apps from your phone’s history.

By going to the App Store, you can get this information. Tap on your profile photo after logging in to see account details. The list of programs you’ve purchased is visible by scrolling down to Hidden Purchases. Tap on an app’s “cloud with arrow” icon to delete it from your phone. The app will remain on your smartphone; however, The phone settings will hide it from view.

You can then remove the paid apps on your iPhone with ease after you’ve completed this. Start by logging into your iCloud account and selecting “Account” from the menu. You may view a list of apps you’ve purchased here. Select “Delete Purchase History” from the menu.

How To Hide Purchased History On The App Store

How to delete / clear purchase history on iphone app store | see your purchased history

Find the device from which you purchased the software and remove any data from it using the identical Apple ID across several devices. Similar data on other devices using your Apple ID will be immediately destroyed.

Remember that to implement the system, and you must close and reload the app store. By the way, this method is the simplest way to remove purchases from iOS devices.

However, these apps will only appear as downloaded when you search the app store. They must be installed before anyone may attempt to download them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Hide Purchases On Your Phone?

You might wish to conceal purchases from family members if you share your iPhone alongside your partner. However, it is simpler said than done. You must first enable Family Sharing before you can simply erase your App Store purchases.

You must first turn on Family Sharing on your phone if you’re thinking about how else to hide purchases on an iPhone. Once Family Sharing is enabled, you can select a filter to see only purchases you have deleted from your device.

You must check your Apple ID before making purchases if you want to hide them. You are so prevented from making pointless purchases. If you unhide the app, it won’t return on your Home Screen.

You may view your hidden purchases by going to Settings and afterward swiping to Hidden Purchases. If you own the application, you can reinstall it by tapping the App Store’s cloud symbol and choosing the Apps option.

Can You Remove Previously Downloaded Applications?

You can delete previously installed apps from your iPhone. Access the App Store, and tap the “Purchased” option to see the list of apps purchased. Next, delete the app by swiping left on the icon.

When finished, press “Delete.” You must take the following actions to remove an app from your iPhone. To erase downloaded apps from your iPhone, adhere to the instructions in this article.

You must navigate to the Main screen to delete an app. When you see an “x” in the top left corner, choose the app you wish to uninstall and press the screen down. The app will request your confirmation.

The app will no longer be visible on your Home screen after you decide. Return to the App Store and take the same actions as previously to re-download the app.

Can You Delete A Transaction In Apple Pay?

Open the Wallet app, press the card you wish to delete the payment, and the app itself will remove the transaction from Apple Pay. Swipe left on the item you wish to remove from your history by tapping “Transaction History” first. There will be a red “Delete” button. Tap it, then select “Delete” to confirm your choice.

Can You Delete Hidden Purchases On Your Phone?

How to erase hidden purchases on an iPhone is a common question. However, hidden applications are not taken from the list of purchases after doing this in the App Store. This is a result of the device still having concealed purchases on it.

Simply follow these instructions to uninstall hidden apps from your iPhone or iPad after locating them in the list and reinstalling them with your Apple ID. First, sign in with your Apple ID.

Then go to the iTunes app while logged onto your Apple ID profile and permanently remove your concealed purchases. View My Account after choosing Account. Whenever prompted, enter your password.

As soon as you’ve logged in, scroll to the bottom of the Transaction History area and select the X next to the transaction. On your iPhone, you can access the Manage Storage page. You can then view a list of the items purchased on your device.

How To Permanently Delete From iPhone And iCloud?

Hold down on an app until it begins to wiggle to remove it from your iPhone. After then, click the X in the app’s upper left corner. Open iCloud on the computer, then select the “Applications” option to delete a program from the cloud storage service. Then select the “X” in the app’s upper left corner.

How Do You View Your Purchase History?

You must be logged into the Apple account to access your iPhone’s transaction history. Visit Settings, then Username. Click Media and Purchases, then Purchase History. You can adjust the time, which is set to ninety days.

How Do You Remove Apps Permanently From My Phone?

Open the App Store and log in before deleting an application from your Apple account. Find the program you wish to remove by selecting the “Purchased” tab next. After selecting the app, hit the “Delete” button.

Can You Delete My Purchase History From iCloud?

You can do this by going to the iTunes Store and selecting “Settings” > “General” if you want to delete your purchase history. Go to the App Store, click Purchases, then select History.

Click the “Hidden Purchases” link at the bottom of the said display as you scroll down. After doing this, you won’t see the app in the ‘Recent Purchases’ or ‘Purchased’ categories, and the app will remove it from your purchase history.

It’s easy to remove the iPhone’s iCloud purchasing history. You can choose the iPhone under Settings > iCloud > iCloud. Tap on Past Purchases under Manage Storage and select “Delete All.” The list of transactions you made and the overall availability of space they took up are also displayed in this phase. You must hit the red “Delete” button to finalize deletion.

Can You Remove The Apps Installed Physically?

Access iTunes and select “Apps” from the drop-down menu next to “Library” on the main screen. Next, select a program and select File from the menu. It can take two clicks—once to see all the options and again for them to open.

When a warning window appears informing you that this will have a permanent effect, select “Delete App” and click OK. Now that the software has been deleted from your smartphone and cleaned from your purchase history, you can see that it has been done.


In this article, we’ve covered three simple fixes for the problem of how to remove transaction history on an iPhone, including hiding an app and deleting it through your iCloud or Apple account. It also detailed why you should erase your data and how to see it on your iPhone.

Hopefully, this article has given you enough information on removing specific purchase histories on your iPhone.

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