How To Delete Words With Friends’ Account

Words with Friends is an online multi-player cross-word puzzle game application that may be played with friends or alone via an internet connection. Like any social media or game application, you could also delete your account if you’re not using it anymore and save your information.

There are two ways you could delete your account: within the app or by using your email.

How to Delete Your Words with Friends Account Using the App

If you have Words with Friends downloaded, here is how to delete your account.

  1. Open your ‘Words with Friends’ application, then proceed to the ‘settings located on your Profile tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Privacy part, then click the ‘Personal Data Request.’
  3. Choose ‘Make a personal data request’ and then tap ‘More options.’
  4. Find the ‘FAQ’ section, then click the ‘How do I delete my Words With Friends/Words With Friends 2 account, including my game account data?’
  5. Tap the ‘Go here to request account deletion.
  6. Then check the checkbox that says ‘Before Deleting This Game Account, Please Consider the Following.’
  7. Tap the ‘Continue’ button to complete the deletion process.

How to Delete Your Words with Friends Account Using Your Email

You could easily delete your account by sending an email requesting them to delete your account.

  1. Log in and open the email address that you used when you registered
  2. Enter the email address “[email protected]
  4. Now, compose an email requesting the account deletion and your information.
  5. Then, click send.

Why You Should Uninstall Your Words With Friends Account

If you are no longer playing the game or are not interested in it anymore, you should consider deleting your account. Here’s why:

  • Trying to keep an inactive account can risk the security of your data.
  • An inactive account could be used by hackers to perform malicious actions, resulting in data breaches and information theft.
  • To stop getting more promotional or game-related emails.

How to Contact Words With Friends 2 Customer Support

If you need to contact Words with Friends Customer Support, you could approach them in two ways: within the game application and by the support website.

For Android (Game Application)

  1. Go to your ‘Profile’ tab, then click Help.
  2. Select “Conversation, located in the upper right corner of your phone.
  3. Then, you could now communicate with customer support.

For IOS (Game Application)

  1. Click the ‘Profile’ tab, then click Help.
  2. Scroll down to the Help and Support Screen.
  3. Select “Contact Us,” located in the upper right corner of your phone.
  4. Then, you could now communicate with customer support.

By the Support Website

  1. Take note of your player ID by clicking the settings on your profile, then click the ‘Personal Data Request’ under the Privacy section.
  2. Next, visit
  3. Fill up the Support form, then submit it by providing your player ID.

How to Log In and Log Out of Words With Friends 2

If you have a problem logging in and logging out of words with friends 2, here’s how. Make sure that you are signed in first before logging in. Also, make sure that your account is already verified.

Log In

After signing up for your account and verifying your account, tap the ‘log in with email’ button. Put the email address that you registered and your password then you’re already logged in.

You could also connect your Facebook account by opening the setting and scrolling down to the ‘Account’ section. Just tap the ‘connect to Facebook’ then ‘Continue.’

Accordingly, you could also just log in with your Facebook account to make it easier.

Log Out

If you need to log out of your account, just go to your ‘Profile’ and click settings. Scroll down to the bottom part, tap ‘Log out,’ then ‘Yes, log out.’

How to Troubleshoot Your Words With Friends 2 Mobile Game

Are you having a problem with your game? Here’s how you could troubleshoot your Words with Friends Game.

  1. Check your internet connection and make sure it is strong or has an LTE, 3G, or 4G signal.
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Check your app updates
  4. Close background apps that you aren’t using and restart the game
  5. Check your settings for software updates
  6. Reinstall the app but first, make sure that you have it backed up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to erase a Words With Friends 2 game?

Proceed to your completed game list, then click “Edit.” Scroll down and find the game you want to delete.

Tap the ‘Delete’ button next to the game, then click done once you remove every game you want to erase.

How to disconnect my Facebook account to Words With Friends?

Open your application, then disconnect your Facebook account. Proceed to your mobile browser, go to, then click ‘log out’ and make sure to also log out from your Facebook application (if you have it installed).

Open the game application again, then check.

How to find my Player ID?

Open your game application. Click the settings on your profile tab, then click the ‘Personal Data Request’ under the Privacy section.

How to delete the Words with Friends application (on android)?

Open your ‘Google Play Store,’ then tap the profile icon located in the right corner. Click ‘Manage apps & devices’ then ‘Manage.’ Scroll down and find the app you want to delete.

Then, click uninstall.

How to delete the Words with Friends application (on IOS)?

Find the ‘Words with Friends’ icon on your home screen, then hold the app icon. Tap the ‘x’ small circle on the upper left of the icon.

Then, click ‘Delete.’

How to turn off the ‘active’ status on Words with Friends?

Enable cookies on your browser’s settings and ‘contact us. Then click the slider next to ‘Show when you’re active.

Select ‘Turn Off’ on the pop-up, and your Active Status will now be disabled.

How to permanently delete messages on Words with Friends?

Open your ‘Chat Box.’ Click the three white squares located in the upper right corner of your Chat Box.

Scroll down the list of commands, then select the ‘Delete All Messages’ option.

How to delete my Zynga Account?

You could delete your Zynga account by sending an email to “[email protected]” Enter ‘”Delete My Account’ as the subject, including your first and last name, email address, and user ID number in the message area.

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