How to Find Your Most Liked Comment On Instagram?

Finding your most liked comment on Instagram can be useful.

Maybe you’re checking it for fun.

Or maybe you are doing it for marketing purposes.

Whatever the reason is, I’m sure you will find this article useful.

Let us find out how to find your most liked comment on Instagram.

You can find your most liked comment on Instagram by following these simple steps below.

Checking Your Account Interactions

  1. Open the Instagram App
  2. Go to your profile. [Your profile is on the account icon on the bottom right]
  3. On the top right corner, click on the 3 dash line icon.
  4. Click on [Your Activity]
  5. Select [Interactions]
  6. Click on [Comments]
  7. You can now check on all the comments you made on Instagram.

Checking Post Insights

For this one, you will need to switch to a professional account.

This video will teach you how to go professional mode on Instagram.

Insights are useful if you use Instagram as a business.

With a professional account, you will be allowed to check insights on posts you made on Instagram.

You can heck every like, comment, and share using the insight option.


How To See My Most Liked Instagram Post?

You need to log in to your social book account first.

Once logged in, go to [Instagram Channel Report]

Scroll down to [Top Performance Post]

Once you are on Top Performance Post, your posts will be categorised from top to bottom.

Posts listed on top will be your most liked post.

How To Get Likes On Instagram?

There is no secret formula for your post to get likes on Instagram.

You simply need to add more people and post nice photos.

The better the quality of your photos, the more people will follow your account.

You also need to make sure that your posts are useful and relevant.

If you keep posting useful and good content, Instagram will put more traffic on your account, and then you will have more followers and likes.

Using a hashtag will also help you get more likes.

How To Become Popular On Instagram?

To become popular on Instagram, you need to keep posting regularly.

You also need to make sure that the posts you make are engaging and fun.

Following trends and hitting topics that are relevant will make you popular.

The technique to become popular, not just on Instagram but also on other social media, is by posting unique content.

Nobody wants to see the same thing every single day.

People will get bored if they keep seeing boring posts on the same topic.

Make sure that your post is different from others.

Making unique posts will give you the spotlight on Instagram and make your account popular.

Will People Know If You Are On Instagram?

Yes, people will know you on Instagram, especially if you use your real name.

The algorithm in Instagram is very intelligent and will know who your friends are on other social media.

Even if you have no other social media besides Instagram, the algorithm can pick out people near your location and recommend your account on Instagram.

Does Instagram Make A Lot Of Money?

It depends.

Accounts with high traffic (many followers) are more likely to make more money compared to other small accounts.

If you become popular enough, companies or businesses might contact you and ask for an advertisement for their product.

They will give you money if you accept their offer.

How To Get Sponsorship Or Advertisements On Instagram?

You need to have a lot of followers and popularity in order for you to get sponsorship.

Businesses and Companies will not give sponsorship to someone with little followers.

That is because it will be a waste of time and money.

You first need to get a lot of traffic for you to get sponsored or advertised.

Traffic means the amount of people that see, like, and comment on your posts.

How To Get More Likes On My Comment On Instagram?

You need to make a comment that makes sense to get likes.

Don’t make a comment that is useless to the post.

People will not like irrelevant comments.

Writing mean and derogatory comments will also not help you get more likes.

This all depends on how controversial the topic is.

So if you want your comment to have many likes, be sure to put the comment on a popular Instagram post.

Is Instagram Popular?

According to Statistica, about 1 billion people are on Instagram every month.

1 billion is a lot, so Instagram is very popular.

It is one of the biggest social media platforms worldwide.

People from different countries use the app almost every single day.

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