How to Get Rid of Black Dot on iPhone

How to Get Rid of Black Dot on iPhone

The black dot on your iPhone screen may come from using your phone too much or small air bubbles and dirt that may form under your screen glass. It could also be a dead pixel; it is a pixel on your screen that is not working anymore and is usually a manufacturing defect.

There are a few ways you could remove the black dot on your iPhone.

  1. Use a cleaning cloth, dry or rubbing alcohol, then clean your phone screen.
  2. Use a toothpick or needle and carefully try to remove the dirt on your screen.
  3. Take the device to an authorized Apple service provider and have it checked and repaired.

Cause and Solution to Black’ ink’ spot on iPhone

Black spots on your iPhone frequently happen on all iPhone models. One cause of this is dropping your phone on the ground one or more times.

Yes, you could still use your phone normally, but you will see that there’s a small black spot on it after. Then, after you drop it again, the black spot becomes bigger.

You should note that this is one of the indicators of damage issues.

The black spot on your screen could be easily fixed if you take it to an Apple service provider or a local repair shop. If you have an Apple warranty for your phone, take it to an Apple service provider to save a little money because of the warranty.

You could also try fixing it yourself, but consider asking for professional help.

Stop thinking that you could fix the black spot on your phone by turning it on and off or that it’s a software issue. The black ink spot is a problem on your iPhone screen and must be fixed by cleaning your screen or asking for help.

How To Get Rid Of Black Spot on iPhone Screen

You could get rid of the black spots on your iPhone screen by following these steps:

  1. Turn off your iPhone and put it under the sun for a few minutes. Then, turn on your phone and check if the black spot is still there.
  2. Gently press the black spot on your screen and check if it is gone.
  3. Rub the screen using a Q-tip or soft cloth for a few minutes.
  4. Update your iPhone software.
  5. Drain your phone battery and then charge it afterward. Then, turn on your iPhone and check if the black spot is still there.
  6. Turn off your iPhone and use a hairdryer in low heat. Then, slightly heat the backside of your phone for a few minutes, then turn it on after.
  7. Switch off your iPhone, then put it in a bag of rice for 12 hours or more. Then, turn it on and check if the black spot is still there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why’s there a black spot on my iPhone screen?

The black spot on your iPhone screen could be from a dead pixel. It is a pixel on your screen that doesn’t work right and is common for iPhone users.

Some other reasons are the following:

  • Your phone is old and needs to be replaced
  • Your phone is exposed to too much heat, or you’ve been using your phone too much
  • There’s dirt on your screen that needs to be cleaned

How to remove the black spot on my iPhone screen?

You could remove the black spot on your screen by using a toothpick or cotton buds. Additionally, you can use a clean microfiber cloth and wipe your screen.

If neither is applicable, go to the nearest authorized Apple service provider or local repair shop and have it checked and changed.

How can I clean my iPhone screen?

You could clean your phone screen using a slightly damp, soft microfiber cloth. Also, you could use 70% alcohol wipes to clean the screen.

However, keep moisture out of openings and turn off your phone when cleaning.

Can disinfectant clean my iPhone?

You could use a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe, 75% percent ethyl alcohol wipe, or Clorox disinfecting wipes. However, gently wipe the screen and keep the moisture out of the openings.

Do the black spots on my iPhone spread or get bigger?

Yes, your iPhone screen’s black spots could spread or get bigger if you don’t take action against it. If one pixel stops working, it can affect the other pixel around it and stop working.

Also, avoid pressing the black spot, as it could make it bigger.

Is it possible to fix a bleeding phone screen?

Yes, but with the help of a professional technician. Your phone screen has many different layers.

If one of them becomes damaged, the screen may bleed.

Do dead pixels on my screen go away?

Yes, dead pixels go away and become less visible. Consider consulting a technician if you’re experiencing problems getting rid of dead pixels.

Causes for black spots on my camera screen?

The black spots on your camera may come from dirt or dust in the lens. You could clean them by using a clean microfiber cloth, brush, or a cleaning solution.

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