How To Get Roomba To Remap a Room?

How To Get Roomba To Remap a Room

Roomba is an automatic robot vacuum cleaner.

It works by moving around the house sucking dirt and dust.

Roomba has a feature called room mapping.

This allows the robot to understand where to go while cleaning the house.

It will remember the position of furniture inside the house after it completes a map.

But what if you change the position of something in a room?

What happens to the robot?

And how do we remap a room?

In this article, we will answer those questions.

First Method:  Automatic Remap

  • The robot can automatically detect new rooms.
  • All you need to do is get the robot and run it in the room.
  • It will bump into the furniture and make a new map.

How To Map Roomba i7

Second Method: Running “Clean Everywhere”

Follow this method if you are running a map for the first time.

1. Press the [Clean] button on top of the robot

2. Press it again twice to start a new job

Note: If you are on the app, then clicking on the [New Job] option should do the exact same thing.

How to do Mapping Run of iRobot Roomba and Braava for the first time? – iRobot Mapping in Home App

If you already have a map, follow these steps below.

Note that the Mapping Plan is only available for robots with versions [i7/i7+,s9/s9+, and m6).

1. Select the checkbox next to each room or zone.

2. A number will appear in the check box indicating the order in which your robot will clean your desired spaces.

3. By unselecting a room/zone, the cleaning order indicated will adjust.

4. Selecting “Select All” will clean all areas your robot can reach within that floor plan.

Third Method: Decluttering The Room And Then Running [Clean Everywhere]

1. Move all furniture out of the room. Go barebone as much as possible.

2. Press the robot on the room and then press [Clean]

3. When the room is done, the robot should exit to other rooms.

4. Let it continue vacuuming other rooms.

5. After cleaning, the robot should dock itself.

6. Check the map after the robot docks.

Note: Alternatively, you could the do this:

1. Move all furniture out of the room. Go barebone as much as possible.

2. Make the robot do [Clean Everywhere]

3. After cleaning, check the map.

Note: If the steps above don’t work, you will need to start over.

  • Delete the existing maps.
  • After deleting old maps, start a new mapping run.


How To Reset A Roomba?

To reset Roomba, follow these steps:

1. Turn the robot on

2. Hold the [Spot] and [Dock] together

3. Hold it for about 10 or 12 seconds until the lights go off

4. Release the [Spot] and [Dock]

5. Now the Robot is reset

6. Clicking on [Clock] can be done to confirm the reset.

Note: This is for Roomba Series 500, 600, 700, and 800

iRobot Roomba – How to Reset the Roomba

How To Setup Roomba?

To setup a Roomba, follow the steps below:

1. Install the iRobot app and create a an account

2. Open the app

3. Click [Add a Robot]

4. Choose your new robot

5. Click [Get Started]

6. Click on [Continue]

7. Name your robot

8. After naming, continue the process by connecting the robot to your wifi

9. The app will instruct you to press and hold both the [Spot] and [Home] for two seconds and then release.

Note: the battery should be charged or else you will not hear the beep after 2 seconds.

10. The [Clean] button should spark blue color, this indicates that it is ready to continue   with the app process

11. Press [Continue] on the app

12. A list of all robots you have will appear, choose 1 robot

13. Wait until the setup is complete.

Note: Sometimes, you will receive an update notification after doing the setup.

          We recommend updating the robot.

14. Once the setup is done, your Robot is now connected with the app and is ready to go.

Do I Need to Clean The Robot?


You need to clean and give proper maintenance to the Roomba Robot.

Cleaning the robot every once in a while will help it last longer.

The app should contain a notification about when you should clean the robot.

This video below will teach you how to clean the robot.

How to Clean Vacuum Filter and Bin | Roomba® 900 series | iRobot®

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