How to Get your Snap Score to One Million

Aside from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, people also use Snapchat to communicate and influence others. Getting a high Snap score means earning bragging rights for being active and using the Snapchat application.

People aim to get a higher snap score to increase their Snapchat engagement.

Typically, you will get a higher Snapchat score through the number of sent and received snaps, users added, posted stories, and how frequently users use the Snapchat application.

However, using these methods is impossible to get 1 million Snapchat snap scores fast.

How to Increase Snapchat Score to 1 Million Fast on iPhone and Android Phones?

This video shows an iPhone and Android hack to increase your Snapchat score using the Snapchat++ version. Snapchat++ is simply a modified version of the regular Snapchat app.

This modified version of Snapchat offers various features and options not offered in the regular version of the Snapchat app. Snapchat++ offers the following features:

  1. No advertisements.
  2. It allows you to see stories without being seen by the other user.
  3. It allows photo-saving.
  4. It allows hiding your actual location.

Moreover, the Snapchat++ version allows you to add Snap scores at a fast pace.

To enjoy these Snapchat features, you must first install the Snapchat++ version. You can download it on your iPhone and Android phones.

To download the Snapchat++ version on your iPhone, you must set your iPhone first for easy installation. You can set your iPhone by following these steps:

  1. Turn off Block All Cookies.

Go to your iPhone settings and then to the ‘Safari’ section. You will see the ‘Block All Cookies‘ tab; you have to turn it off.

  1. Turn on Background App Refresh.

Look for Background App Refresh in the General section on the iPhone settings, then turn it on. Once you do this, an option will pop up; you can select Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi & Mobile Data.

Turning your Background App Refresh ‘on’ allows your iPhone application to refresh its content, so turn it on.

  1. Turn on Automatic Downloads.

Go to the App Store section on the iPhone settings. Make sure to tap the Automatic Downloads on.

  1. Turn off Low Power Mode 

To do this, go to the Battery section. In the Battery section, you can find Low Power Mode; turn it off.

After setting your iPhone, you are ready to download and install the Snapchat++ version. Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Go to youriPhone browser.
  2. Proceed to the
  3. Enter Snapchat++ on the search bar.
  4. Press Installon the Snapchat++ icon.

A question will pop up after downloading the Snapchat++ profile. Just press Allow proceeding.

  1. Go to iPhone Settings.
  2. Click the Profile Downloaded button at the top, then press Install.
  3. Enter your iPhone passcode, then press Install to allow installation.

After following these steps, you are now all set to increase your Snap Score on your iPhone. Simply open your Snapchat++ application, proceed to your profile then tap Add +500 Score multiple times until your Snap Score increases to 1 million.

You can also do this on Android phones using the following steps:

  1. Search Unknownon Android Settings.
  2. Click Install Unknown Apps.
  3. Click on the browseryou want to download it from, then tap Allow from this source. A standard browser would be Google Chrome.
  4. Go to your Google search bar, then type comto proceed to the website.
  5. On the search bar of the website, type Snapchat++ then click Install. A question will pop up; just press OK.
  6. Install Snapchat++ on your Android.
  7. Open the Snapchat++ application, go to your profile, then tap Add +500 Scoremultiple times to increase your Snap Score to 1 million.

Another Way to Increase Snapchat Score to 1 Million Fast on iPhone and Android Phones

This video shows how you can increase your Snapchat Snap Score on any Snapchat application version on both iPhone and Android phones.

  1. Open your web browser, then type comon the search bar.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the Install button of the Snapchat
  3. Type in your Snapchat username in the designated area.
  4. Tap on the iPhoneor Android icon depending on what type of gadget you are using.
  5. Press Continue.
  6. Adjust to 1 million, then press
  7. Press the Click Here
  8. Go to your Snapchat application to see your snap score increasing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I Get my Snapchat Score to 5000000?

To get your Snapchat score to 5 million, you can simply follow the steps explained above and then tap Add +500 score button until it reaches 5 million.

You can also follow the second instruction and adjust it to 5 million. Adjustments can range from a hundred thousand to 25 million.

What’s a Good Snap Score?

A good snap score depends on your purpose for using the Snapchat application.

You can have fewer than a thousand snap scores if you intend to spy on people. Whether you are a mom spying on your child, a maximum of one thousand snap scores is enough.

If you only intend to interact with your friends and families, having a snap score of 1 thousand to 50 thousand is alright.

If you have a snap score of 50 thousand to 200 thousand, you probably created your Snapchat account long enough to have garnered your current snap score.

If you have a snap score of 200 thousand to 400 thousand, you are famous or have sent snaps and posted many stories.

If you intend to become an influencer, having a minimum snap score of 700 thousand is a goal. You can increase your snap score to millions by using the application frequently and sending snaps.

What is Considered a High Snap Streak?

A snap streak is when you have a continuous, direct message for several consecutive days. You get a longer and higher streak if you do not break the chain of direct communication.

Having a higher snap streak could mean that you are a good communicator and value relationships and commitment, or you could simply mean that you know many people.

If you have a thousand snap streak, that is already considered high.

Can you Get Banned on Snapchat for Sending Too Many Snaps?

Technically, you will not get banned on Snapchat for sending too many snaps, but you will get banned on Snapchat for several reasons:

  1. You are using unauthorized third-party applications in accessing Snapchat.
  2. You are sending out sexual-related and unsolicited snaps.
  3. You are impersonating people.
  4. You are using Snapchat for your illegal activities.
  5. You are sending out hate speech and false information.

You will not be banned from Snapchat if you do not do these activities.

If you want your Snapchat account to be safe, just follow the community guidelines and terms of service of the Snapchat application.

What do the Stars on Snapchat Mean? 

There are different stars on Snapchat, and these differ in meaning.

The gold star that appears on another’s name means that someone has replied to someone else’s snaps. It also means that someone has replayed their snaps.

The image above is a verification star. This signifies your trustworthiness and importance as a Snapchat user.

The verification star is essential for those trying to create a brand.

Other stars on the Snapchat app include Favorite Contact Star, which appears on people you often send snaps to, and Snap Map Star, which allows you to see where they are posting from.

What do 3 Fire Emojis Mean on Snapchat?

Unlike other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat emojis are not added only for fun. They signify different meanings, and understanding them is crucial if you want to use the Snapchat app for a long time.

Three fire emojis beside your contact’s name means that you have constantly communicated with the person within three consecutive days.

Is Snapchat Still a Thing?

Yes, Snapchat is still relevant up to this day. In a 2021 research by Pew Research Center, 65% of youths from ages 18 to 25 years old still use Snapchat to communicate with their friends and families.

The main factor affecting this Snapchat trend is its usage among friends and family. As long as members of friends and family still use Snapchat, the use of it will still persist within the circle. 

Who Uses Snapchat the Most?

Snapchat app ranked as the 12th most used social media worldwide.

India has its most users, with 115.95 million active users as of July 2021. The following countries with the most active users are the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia.

According to the same statistics, the most active users belong to the female denomination having 54.4 percent of the total active users. Furthermore, the most active users range from ages 15 to 30.

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