How to Hide Posts From Someone on Instagram

How to Hide Posts From Someone on Instagram

A great Instagram feed has high-quality posts and content that your fellow users and followers appreciate. You can agree that not everyone that can see and comment on your posts is who you want.

If this statement can relate to you, you need some advice about hiding posts on Instagram. Here’s everything you need when planning on hiding posts on Instagram.

Why You Would Want To Hide Posts On Instagram

Remember that once you post your photos or videos on your feed, anybody following you through your account will be able to see or comment on them. Your posts can also be tagged and mentioned in the stories of those who have seen them.

Though this is a social platform, you can filter those who want to see what activity is happening in your feed most of the time. Here are some of the reasons why hiding your posts could be a good thing for you:

Gives You A Sense Of Mystery

For your feed, posting less is more. The logic is that your followers will crave more activity and always check up on your feed, which may help you gain more likes and comments.

Provides Safety and Privacy

You may not know it, but it is easy to use your social media or Instagram account to track down your time and place.

Suppose you are considering filtering out your posts and activity on your Instagram. In that case, that’s okay, as this can give you privacy and safety, especially from those followers you do not know much.

Can it Be Done?

By following some steps to do it properly, you can be more in control of your posts and those who can view them on your profile.

You can also choose accounts and people who can see what activity you have or what you post, leaving your feed and content untouched.

Instagram has a few features that can help you control who can view and comment on your posts.

Some Tricks To Use For Hiding Posts On Instagram

If you want to hide posts on your Instagram feed, a few approaches can be done and reinstated to your account or profile. This is usually what happens since your feed might need that particular post to be able to project the aesthetic and style you want.

Here are tricks that you can do to help in hiding your posts on Instagram:

Using The Archive

This option allows you to technically “save’ that particular post and not erase it, which means you can have access to it and no one else. This post will not be part of your feed anymore.

Here is a brief and helpful guide on how you can do it:

  1. First, open your Instagram App. Go to your profile and choose your photo to hide.
  1. The top right has three buttons on the corner. This provides options from an action list like delete, edit, and more.
  1. Select ‘Archive’ from the list, and your post will be hidden from your feed. Only you can view it.

Keep It Private

Another technique is to keep your account private. This way, you hide all your posts directly from a particular follower or to as many as possible without having to delete anything and excluding anything from your feed.

Block Certain Followers

To simplify, block those accounts you don’t want to see your posts. No deleting of the photo itself is needed, and nothing can be adjusted to the style of your feed.

Just filtering out who has access to view your posts is done by blocking those chosen accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hide your posts from a follower without blocking them?

If you don’t want someone to get blocked but still want them not to see your posts, then the “Hide from” feature of Instagram is your best bet. Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to your profile, then choose the photo from your feed
  • Open the post, then tap the three dots in the top right corner
  • Select ‘Hide from’ and choose the followers you want to hide the post from

Is putting a limit to seeing your posts possible?

It is possible. You may put some limitations on those wanting to see your posts.

This is through making your account private so you can approve those that can see your feed in total.

Can a follower know if you hide a post from them?

The hidden post will be shown to the person through Facebook. If you want the post not to be seen without notifying them, you may unfriend them immediately.

Will you be able to know if you are restricted from a particular account?

There is no direct way to know, as Instagram has no function or feature for notifying accounts that are restricted by other accounts. However, your most apparent basis can be the following:

  • You cannot find their accounts on Instagram
  • You cannot see specific posts and stories from that person or account

Will you know if someone looks at your posts or profile?

Of course! You can know if someone has been looking at your posts and profile.

The most basic rule is that when your account is public and you allow accounts that follow you to see your posts, it will reflect on your account.

If someone screenshots a story, will the owner know?

Yes. The owner will know as Instagram notifies the owner.

You can also filter who can view your story to lessen the chances of your story being a screenshot.

Will you know if someone is stalking you through your Instagram?

For this question, you may need to investigate further to determine if you are being stalked through your Instagram. No actual warning or notification can be given to you directly by Instagram for this sensitive action.

A keen eye will be needed from you and a very observant attitude to make sure of this. Use the tools and practice safety precautions when using your account.

If it does not feel right, block the account immediately.

Is ghosting a thing on Instagram?

Yes, it is. Suppose you experience being seen or deprived of seeing photos, videos, and stories from a particular account.

In that case, sadly, you might be being ghosted already, among other reasons why they deprived you of access to their feed or accounts.

You may also do this by removing yourself from the follower list of specific accounts to take a break from social media. This way, you won’t be tagged, notified, or mentioned in their posts and vice versa.

How can the restrict feature of Instagram help you?

This feature can effectively restrict comments from your bullies online, and those creepy commenters are lurking on your posts. With this, the hurtful or inappropriate comment can only be seen or visible to the person who commented on it.

Can you protect your privacy on Instagram?

When you set up your profile on Instagram, everything put into the account will be seen by those who will follow you and allow them to. From your name, profile picture, and even the contents of your feed.

If you are uncomfortable about this and want to protect your privacy, you can adjust your privacy settings on Instagram. Here’s how you can turn your account to private in the settings so it won’t be easily seen in public:

  • Go to your Instagram settings and click on the button in the top right corner
  • Choose privacy from the list shown and change it to activate. This will now display your profile picture and then your name
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