How to put Pictures Side by Side on Facebook?

How To Put Pictures Side By Side On Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that you can use to connect to other people who have their own Facebook accounts.

You can use this to share photos, videos, and communicate with other people. All you have to do is sign up and set up your profile.

You can add people as your friends by clicking on their profile and click the Add as Friend button.

Signing up is free, but you are required to be at least 13 years old in order to create your account.

Posting photos are a very well-known feature of Facebook other than messaging your friends and family.

This is where people are free to share whatever they want as long as it does not violate the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines of Facebook.

How to put Pictures Side by Side on Facebook

How to Create a Facebook Post

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But there are only a few edits you can make before you post your photo. You can only change the effects, filters, and size of your photos.

You can also add texts, music, sketches, and even tag other accounts. However, you cannot collage photos to form one photo.

So what if you wanted to just combine two photos into one and put them side-by-side?

How to put Pictures Side by Side on Facebook?

Since Facebook does not directly give you the option to put pictures side-by-side before publishing them, you can only use photo editing software or tools to edit your photos.

Below is some photo editing software that you can use.

Canva is a free design tool that you can use to create your own design and edit your photo. Choose Facebook post so that the dimension will automatically set to the right size. You can use it to upload the photos that you want to put side-by-side and start editing.

Adobe Photoshop is paid Photo & Design Software that you can also use to edit your photos. You just have to choose the right dimension of the Facebook post, which is 1200 x 630 px.

Fotor is another software that you can download to edit your photos. You can start your free trial and choose the collage template you wish to use.


Can I put my photos side-by-side without using any other photo editing tools listed above?

any other photo editing tools listed above

How to do side by side pictures on Facebook

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You can use the Story feature of your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

On your Facebook Story, you can add multiple photos in one story. Edit it the way you wanted it, then save the photo.

Upload the photo on your Facebook Feed.

If you are using Instagram, it gives you the option to use different collage layouts. Edit your photos using this, then save your photo.

How many photos I can post in one Facebook post?

You are only limited to 10 photos per post.

What if I want to post more than 10 photos?

To add more than the limited photos per post, you can add an album and add the photos you wish to share.

Go to your profile, click Photos and go to the Album tab. Tap Create Album and start adding your photos.

Can I set up who can only see my Facebook posts? 

Before publishing your post, you can choose the audience of your posts. These audiences are those people who can only view your post.

Your options are Public, Friends, Friends except, Specific Friends, and Only Me. 

  • Public

Your posts can be seen by anyone on Facebook

  • Friends

Your posts can be seen by those on your Friends list on Facebook

  • Friends except

Your posts can be seen by your Friends with an exception that is set up by you. You can click those accounts that you do not want to see in your posts.

  • Specific Friends

Your posts can be seen by only the list of accounts you selected.

  • Only Me

Your posts are only visible to you

How can I delete my old posts without having to scroll down to the old posts?

  • Go to your profile icon
  • Select Manage Posts
  • Select Filters. You can select specific years, who created the post, privacy levels, and items you’re tagged in
  • Select the square check box in the upper-right corner of any post thumbnail you want to delete, or you can select all.
  • Select Next at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose Delete Posts, then select Done

You can only delete 50 posts at once.

How can I Archive a post?

Click on the three-dot button on the upper corner of the post you wish to archive. Scroll down and click Move to Archive.

I accidentally deleted a Facebook post, can I get it back?

You can retrieve your deleted post by going to your profile and clicking the three-dot button.

Click the Activity log and go Trash. Click the posts you wish to target back.

Once you click the box, click Restore. 

However, posts that are being deleted for more than 30 days can no longer be retrieved.

How to tag someone on posts?

  • Facebook Website
  1. Click Edit
  2. Click Tag Photo
  3. Click anywhere on the photo to start tagging

Another way is by clicking the tagging icon of these options.

Another way is by clicking the tagging icon of these options

  • Facebook App
  1. Exit the Effect and Filter editing option by clicking the X button
  2. Tap the picture two times to start tagging.

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