How To Remove Acrylic Nails With Hot Water

How To Remove Acrylic Nails With Hot Water

Acrylic nails are important for improving the look of your natural nails. It might be the reason women love them as they can easily boost their confidence in how they look.

The problem with acrylic nails is that they have to come off at some point. This means that you need to do it the right way. Surprisingly, hot water can get it done too!

It seems many people were expecting to use some sort of chemical, but at times it can be as simple as dipping the nails in hot water and only waiting for a few minutes.

For those interested in removing acrylic nails with hot water, this is the guide for you. We discuss all the details below for you to follow.

Remove Acrylic Nails With Hot Water

Step-by-Step Process of Removing Acrylic Nails in Hot Water

1. Boil the water

The water needs to be at a lukewarm temperature to help remove the nails with ease. Boiling water might not be so comfortable keeping your hands in it for long.

Simply use your stove or kettle to boil the water. Let it rest for a few minutes until you achieve the lukewarm temperature.

2. Use a large bowl

A large bowl is necessary to fully immerse your hands in it. So, pour the lukewarm water into a salad bowl or any other large bowl you might have.

Dipping one finger into the water can be used as a test to know if it will be good for you or not.

3. Dip your fingers or hands

Proceed to submerge both your hands into the warm water.

In case the water is too hot, give it a few more minutes before trying again. Ensure that you are keeping both hands in the bowl so that you have an easy time removing the acrylic nails from both hands.

4. Time to wait

It might seem like an eternity but you have to be patient. Try to keep the fingers in the water as much as possible.

It is advisable to keep the hands in water for at least 15 minutes. The chances are now you can start to feel the false nails moving if you pull them slightly.

5. Removing your acrylic nails

If it has been 15 minutes and you can visually see the acrylic nails have expanded, it is now time to start pulling them off.

Start with one hand by trying to pull gently one acrylic nail after the other. If they are soaked enough, they would come off easily.

Sometimes the nails might seem stuck. At this point, you need to keep soaking. You should never force an acrylic nail off the natural nail. It can be quite painful.

You could still add more warm water to the current one to help dissolve the glue faster too.

We recommend you remain patient to experience the best results.

Here is a video with more details

Some might be wondering, why use hot water when you could rely on some chemicals such as acetone to remove acrylic nails.

Water is natural and will not harm your skin even when you dip your fingers or hands for an extended period. The same cannot be said for acetone.

The area around the nails is sensitive thus the reason you have to be careful with what you are exposing it to.

Compounds in acetones might sometimes lead to hypersensitivity, itchiness, and dryness.

That is not what you want for your fingers. Permanent damage is also possible depending on the rate of finger dipping in acetone.

Acetone might be the easiest and fastest way of removing acrylic nails, but sometimes it is not the safest. So, you can spare a few extra minutes and be safe in the end.

How To Remove Acrylic Nails With Hot Water

How to Remove the Acrylic Glue Left Behind

You may notice that there might be excess glue left behind after the removal of acrylic nails. Well, you are advised to remove the glue too to ensure the nails look clean.

We still recommend the use of warm water in a bowl just as you did with removing the nails. This time do not forget to add gentle soap.

Apply a bit of cuticle oil to the nails and submerge them in water for at least 15 minutes. This amount of time is enough to soften the glue. Now proceed to scrap it off the nails with ease.

The second method is to use a nail buffer if you have one. Once you are done buffing, simply rinse the nails in more water and moisturize to give them a clean look.

The third method involves using a nail filer. This will do a great job of removing the excess glue from the nails with ease.

Here is a video on removing acrylic nails with the use of oil, soap, and water


Can you add vegetable oil to the warm water to remove acrylic nails?

Yes. it is possible to add vegetable oil to the warm water as it also helps in dissolving the glue used to attach the acrylic nails.

How long does it take to remove acrylic nails in hot water?

It takes an average of 15 to 20 minutes to soak the acrylic nails. If you need more time, please take it. No need to pull the nails forcefully.

Can dish soap help with removing acrylic nails?

Vegetable oil combined with dish soap can work great in terms of breaking down the glue used to hold the acrylic nail to the natural nail. You just need to soak the nails long enough.

Can alcohol help with acrylic nail removal?

Make sure it is rubbing alcohol for this application. Just as hot water, soak the nails for at least 30 minutes. Use a toothpick to try and remove the acrylic nails at this point.

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