How To Remove Check-Ins On Facebook

How To Remove Check-Ins On Facebook

A Check-In is a status post that leverages Facebook’s existing information to find companies, places, and locations using your smartphone’s location features. Because your smartphone has the technology to track your current position, Facebook may utilize that information to find nearby places.

When you hit the Check In button, a selection of locations displays, from which you may choose the one you wish to utilize. And you’ll be learning how to remove check-ins in this article.

Removing Facebook Check-Ins

Here’s a step by step guide on how to remove Facebook check-ins:

1. Go To The Menu

Tap the menu option in the app’s top-right corner (three horizontal lines).

2. Click Your Name

Go to the top of the page and click your name. It will lead you to your Facebook profile page if you click on it.

3. Locate The Post

From your profile page, go down and fast search for all the posts with location and the one you want to delete.

4. Click the Three Dots

There are three dots in the top right corner of the article that you must click. A drop-down menu displays when you click the dots.

5. Edit Post

Select Edit Post from the menu that displays to make changes to the post you previously shared. When you select Edit post, all of the post’s editing options show.

6. Select the Check-In Icon

You’ll see a check-in option at the bottom of the Edit post-panel (represented by a red location icon). When you select the choice, a new page will display. You may also hit the location’s name that appears after your name.

7. Remove Location

The location’s name will display to the right of the name, along with a cross symbol (). To delete the location, tap the cross icon.

8. Save Changes

You’ll be led back to the Edit Post page, where you can save your changes by clicking the SAVE button in the upper right corner. It will preserve the post while eliminating the check-ins.

Delete Check-Ins on Facebook Tutorial

How To Delete Check Ins on Facebook

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, you can follow along with this tutorial you can watch on YouTube.

The video will show you how to edit/delete any previous check-ins, as previously mentioned.

This video includes what to do if you forget the date of a certain check-in.

You want to go to your profile and open up your About info for this tip.

When you’re in, please scroll down to the Check-ins section and open it to see the dates of your past check-ins.

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What do check-ins mean on Facebook?

Facebook Check-In is a unique status update that uses location capabilities to find nearby locations and tells others of your whereabouts.

Such venues might range from a small eatery to a town or metropolis.

How can I see my check-ins on Facebook?

Rather than clicking “Settings,” go to “Notifications.” Then select “Activity” and then “Check-ins.”

you may find a list of all recent check-ins at your location on the right side of the screen.

Are check-ins public on Facebook?

You may set your check-ins to “Everyone” (all Facebook users will see every check-in), “Friends of Friends” (your online friends and their friends will see your check-ins), or “Friends Only” (only your Facebook friends will see your check-ins) (your Facebook friends will see your check-in).

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