how to remove data from game center

how to remove data from game center

Are you someone who enjoys playing games on your iPhone? Is there a time you finished a game and thought that maybe you could play it just one more time?

Maybe you started the game wrong and wanted a fresh start, or perhaps you have insufficient storage, and the Game Center data is eating it up. Maybe you are looking for a tutorial on how you can do that.

Sit back, take a little sip of your favorite tea and relax. This simple guide will show you how to remove data from Game Center in just six easy steps.

Removing Data from Game Center

To remove data from your Game Center, follow these six simple steps:

  1. Open ‘Settings’
  2. Tap your Apple ID profile
  3. Tap on ‘iCloud’
  4. Tap on ‘Manage Storage’
  5. Choose the game you want to delete the data from
  6. Tap ‘Delete Data’


To unlink your Game Center account from your games, you have to know first that your Apple ID is linked with the Game Center.

When you sign in to your iPhone using your Apple ID, it automatically includes the Game Center.

Certain games have the option to link the game to your Game Center through the in-game settings, but a lot of games do not have that feature.

To unlink the Game Center account, you have to open the Settings, scroll down until you see the ‘Game Center’, select it, and sign out of your account.

2. How Do You Delete Game Center Achievements?

Deleting Game Center achievements is the same as deleting your game data. You could access this in the settings app of your iPhone.

First, open your ‘Settings’ app. Look for your Apple ID profile which is usually placed at the top, and tap it.

Tap ‘iCloud’ and then ‘Manage Storage’, and your applications will appear on the screen. Scroll to find the application or game you want to delete the data and tap it.

You will see the app’s name and a delete button below it. Tap ‘Delete Data’, which will prompt confirmation of whether you will delete it or not.

By tapping the delete button, you would delete the data and achievements of your game in the game center.

3. How To Create A New Game Center Account?

Creating a new Game Center account means that you will have to create a new Apple ID account. To create a new Apple ID account, you must open the Settings app first.

Tap into the ‘Sign in to your iPhone’ text and select ‘Don’t have an Apple ID.’ This will prompt you to ‘Create Apple ID’ account to start creating an Apple ID.

Enter your birth date, your name, and your email address. Enter your valid email, then create a password.

Select three ‘Security Questions’ and provide an answer. Tap ‘Agree’ when the Terms and Conditions pop up, and your Apple ID is now created.

4. How Do You Delete Your Game Center Account From Your Apple ID?

It is impossible to delete your Game Center account in your Apple ID. Instead, you can only sign out of your Game Center account on your phone.

To do this, you must first open your settings application. Scroll until you find the Game Center. Tap it, and your Game Center account will appear.

Scroll down, and you’ll see a ‘Sign Out’ button in red text. By tapping the button, it will turn off your Game Center.

If you want to sign in to your Game Center account, tap the button beside the Game Center and select continue to sign back into your Game Center account successfully.

5. How Do You Reset Game Center?

Resetting your Game Center means that you have to remove your games’ data. Just like what we have done in removing the data in your Game Center, you can do the same steps to reset the Game Center.

First, tap on the ‘Settings’ application. Tap on your Apple ID profile which is usually located at the very top portion of the page. Select ‘iCloud’ and then tap on the ‘Manage Storage.’

This will take you to a list of applications installed on your iPhone. Look for the game you want to reset and select it.

Tap on ‘Delete Data’ to reset the game in the Game Center.

6. How Do You Delete App Data On An iPhone Without Deleting Apps?

You can delete app data on an iPhone without deleting the application. You can do this by offloading an app.

The first step is to open Settings to offload an app. Scroll down until you find the ‘General’ button and select it.

Look for iPhone Storage and select it. It will display a list of all the applications on your iPhone.

Select the application you want to offload and tap on the ‘Offload App.’ It will confirm if you wish to offload the app or cancel.

Select ‘Offload App’ to confirm the offloading of the app.

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