How to Save a TikTok Draft to Camera Roll

How to Save a TikTok Draft to Camera Roll

Make several TikTok videos daily and are hesitant to post them all simultaneously? Luckily, you save your drafts to your camera roll and post them later.

In this blog, you will learn how convenient it is to save your TikTok drafts, which you can quickly access and post whenever you want.

How a Tiktok Draft is Made

A Tiktok draft is the videos you make that don’t make it to the timeline for all to see. It is content you can save to be posted later, and it is so easy to make if you follow these steps:

  • Visit your Tiktop app on your phone, desktop, or laptop
  • Proceed to make a video by tapping on the “+” icon feature
  • When you are done making the Tiktop, tap on the “Next” icon feature
  • Tap on the “Draft” icon feature

After you tap on the “Draft” icon feature that pops up, your video has been successfully saved as a draft!

Easy Ways to Save Your Tiktok Drafts to Camera Roll

How To Save TikTok Draft Video In Phone Gallery Without Posting ✅

Saving your Tiktok drafts to your camera roll involves more steps than just having a draft saved on the app. You can either save videos in your drafts folder on Tiktok or create new content and directly save them to your camera roll.

Here’s how to save your selected draft or newly created video to your camera roll:

  • Select the Tiktok draft or newly created video you want to be saved
  • Select “Privacy Settings”
  • Select “Who can watch this.”
  • Select “Only me.”
  • Turn on the “Save to device” feature
  • Select “Post”

Going ahead to post means that no one else except you could view the Tiktok you just created. It would also immediately show in your gallery how you save a Tiktok draft effortlessly to camera roll.

Why Saving Your Tiktok Draft to Camera Roll Helps

The option to save your Tiktok draft to your camera roll even though it shows in the drafts folder on the app is nice. Many people have different reasons why they may not want to post their Tiktok videos immediately.

For some, it could be that they want to be able to share the videos with friends first on different social media platforms to get reviews about the quality of the video before posting. Others might do so because they have plans to delete their Tiktok account.

Deleting your account on Tiktok makes you lose all saved drafts, but when you save to camera roll, you are safe.

Other Unique Features of Tiktok

Tiktok gained millions of users worldwide simply because it offered a range of unique features that other applications do not have. It may not give you the option of saving drafts to camera roll directly, but it does have other interesting features such as:

  • Direct Video Uploads
  • Timer for Videos
  • Duet Video
  • Video Editor
  • Slideshow

Popularity of Tiktok

It is no surprise that Tiktok gained wide fame in many countries outside China after its release in 2016. It is a platform that pushes your favorite short videos with varying content such as pets, food, pranks, fashion, storytelling, and so much more.

Tiktok is owned by ByteDance, a company that created an interesting app that over 2 billion people worldwide have downloaded. Since its release, the app has achieved great success in both the Chinese market and globally.

With its incredible user interface, it is easy to maneuver the app and enjoy the steady flow of interesting content that users put out. You, too, can enjoy the application, creating wholesome content and sharing it with friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Save my Tiktok Draft to Camera Roll Without Posting?

Saving to camera roll directly without posting is impossible as this feature does not exist. You can achieve this action only by posting the selected video after changing your privacy settings and enabling ‘save to device”.

In your privacy settings, you have the opportunity to set the viewership to friends, followers, or just you. Choosing either of those options does not stop your video from showing in your gallery.

How Do I Locate my Drafts on Tiktok?

Finding your saved drafts on Tiktok is no hard task and one that you can easily achieve in a few minutes by following these steps:

  • Log on to Tiktok on your device
  • Select “Profile,” which is on the bottom right
  • Select the Drafts folder showing the number of videos in it

Opening this folder then allows you to select the video you now want to edit and then post.

How Many TikTok Drafts Can I Save to Camera Roll?

The number of Tiktok drafts you can save to your camera roll depends entirely on those you have selected and the internal space of your device. Tiktok does not stand in your way when saving drafts to your camera roll.

How Do I Delete a Tiktok From My Account?

Before deleting a Tiktok video made from your account, it is important to know that once you do so, it is lost forever unless you save it to your device. Here is how you delete a video you regret posting from your account:

  • Open the app on your device
  • Go to your profile
  • Search for the video you want to be deleted
  • Click preview
  • Look for three dots on the lower part of the screen
  • Click on them and search for the delete tab
  • Click delete

Can my Tiktok Videos Still Show as Drafts After Posting?

TikTok videos that, once drafted, cease to remain in the drafts folder once you post them. Drafts have been designed to only house videos that you made but have not posted yet.

Can my Tiktok Drafts Show on all my Devices?

The way Tiktok saves drafts is local. It means that a draft saved on your laptop will not show when you log in to the same account on your iPhone or android. It uses the local space and not general cloud storage.

How Do I Not Lose my Tiktok Drafts When Changing to a New Phone?

Your drafts, as said earlier, will not show on all your devices your Tiktok account is signed into. It will only show up on the device you made the videos on.

When changing to a new phone in haste, you can post the video after changing the privacy settings to just your viewing in the case where you are not done editing the video. Going ahead to log in on your new phone without posting for you to view alone means you have lost whatever content you previously created.

How Long Does it Take to Save a Tiktok Draft to Camera Roll?

With only a few steps, you can successfully save your Tiktok drafts to your camera roll whenever you want, which would barely take up to 5 minutes of your time. The actual duration may depend on your device’s internet connectivity and how well you know the app.

Can I save Tiktok Videos From Other Accounts to my Camera Roll?

It is possible to save your favorite videos from creators worldwide to your device. All you need to do is to tap on the “share” icon. Tapping on this icon reveals a larger menu, and below, you will find “save video” It is important to note that saving videos you like from different creators is only possible if they let it.

Some privacy settings may hinder you from saving someone else’s content to your camera roll, so do not be offended if you do not see the “save video” icon on a video you like.

How Do I Share a Tiktok Video to Friends Outside the App?

The “share” icon is a unique one that lets you share videos you find hilarious with friends outside of Tiktok. By tapping on this icon, it shows you the list of people you can share it with on popular social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Can I share my Tiktok Drafts Without Posting?

Sharing your Tiktok drafts to friends on the app and other platforms is impossible without you posting first. If you want their opinions about the content made, you can always post it privately, save it and then send it to them to hear their reviews.


Tiktok can be so much fun if you know how to use all its exciting features which have been included. It has a wonderful user interface and an incredible algorithm that shows you more of the content you love daily.

Making multiple videos is possible on this app, and if you have second thoughts about posting many videos on the same day, you can always save them to your drafts and post them another day!

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