How To Save Instagram Reels Without Posting

How To Save Instagram Reels Without Posting

There are a couple of ways you can save Instagram Reels without posting them. The first two are probably the easiest.

First, make your reel and continue on the steps until the final preview. Then you will see a small download icon at the top of the screen.

Once you click the icon, the reel will be saved to your phone gallery. It is important to note that Instagram will remove any music added to the reel through the app.

Save it as a Draft

Where Are Reels Draft Saved | Instagram Reels Tutorial

Another way is to save the reel as a draft. You won’t be able to view the reel offline through your gallery, but it will be saved on your account.

To do this, you make your reel and continue through the steps right before posting. Instagram will then give you an option to post the reel or save it as a draft.

Post a Hidden Reel

You can also save an Instagram Reel by posting it through a close friends list or hiding it from your followers. The second option might be tedious for accounts with many followers.

A close friends list with one person or an extra account is the better option. Once you post the Instagram Reel through this, you can save it to your phone even with the music.

After saving it, you can delete the post on Instagram and just keep the copy in your phone gallery.

How to save videos from Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Instagram Reels come out?

Instagram launched the Instagram Reels feature on August 5, 2020. It was during the peak of the rapid growth of the Tiktok application.

This was Instagram’s way of competing with Tiktok and providing their users a similar experience and platform.

How long are Instagram Reels?

An Instagram Reel can essentially be as long as 1 minute. Although, the limit for the reel to be just one portion is 15 seconds.

If the user makes a reel that is longer than 15 seconds, Instagram will have to divide it into two separate parts. You wouldn’t be able to save it as one whole video as well.

It will also be divided into two separate Instagram stories if the user decides to post it there.

It is possible to create Instagram Reels from previous photos or videos you have stored in your gallery. It is similar to Tiktok and Youtube Shorts.

As long as all the content you want to add can fit into 15 to 60 seconds, It is possible to create the reel.

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