How to See Accounts You’ve Requested on Instagram?

How to See Accounts You Requested on Instagram

If you have an Instagram account, you have added friends by requesting them.

However, you may not be able to see users who have requested your account for friendship.

Here, you will learn how to see the Instagram accounts you’ve requested on Instagram.

How to See Sent Follow Requests on Instagram

How to See Sent Follow Request on Instagram | How to Cancel Sent Request on Instagram

The man explains in the video that the first thing to do is download “Instagram Lite” and then go to your profile page.

Click the icon at the top with three lines, go to “settings,” and “security.”

In the “data and history” section, scroll down to “Connections” and click “View All” on “Current Follow Requests.”

How To See Sent Request On Instagram And How To Cancel Them

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Send Follow Requests on Instagram?

Sending a follow request on Instagram is common for users to connect with other users.

The platform has millions of users who post photos and videos daily, which has attracted many brands to use the app as part of their marketing strategy.

At times, people will send follow requests for reasons other than to follow your account.

However, the most common reasons are so that they can:

  1. Get access to your private posts.
  2. Stay updated on what you’ve posted recently.
  3. Save one of your posts to refer to later.
  4. Send you a direct message.

Who should you follow on Instagram?

If you’re new to Instagram, you may be wondering what kind of content you want to see.

You might want to make sure that the people you follow are sharing things that you like, but there’s a lot of content, so where do you start?

In general, people follow friends and family members to see what’s going on in their lives. But if you’re not following your friends (or don’t have any friends on Instagram)?

The easiest answer is to just look at your phone and scroll through your contacts. If someone has an account on Instagram, they’ll appear in your list of suggestions.

From there, you can choose to follow them or not.

But if that doesn’t work for you—if it feels too random—there are a few other places where you can find interesting accounts to follow on Instagram. One of those places is Pinterest: the pins with the most likes or comments will often have links to popular Instagram accounts or posts.

Should you accept all follow requests?

If your account is new and doesn’t have many followers yet, it might be best to accept all requests until your following grows enough.

Don’t feel obligated to accept everyone that comes your way — but do keep an eye out for accounts that seem like they’d add value to your feed.

In addition, if someone’s request seems shady or inappropriate, don’t accept it. Instagram has a pretty good algorithm for detecting spammy behavior but investigates further before accepting their request if something seems off.

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