How to See Someone’s Archived Posts on Instagram?

How to See Someones Archived Posts on Instagram

Do you want to know how to see someone’s archived posts?

Sometimes, you may have a burning desire to see a post that somebody deleted, or maybe you’re a business owner and need to keep tabs on your competitors.

However, the answer to this question is that you cannot see someone’s archived posts because archives aim to hide those posts from the public.

If anything, maybe you want to do the same thing. Here, you will learn how to archive your own posts on Instagram.

How to Archive Posts on Instagram

How to Archive and Unarchive Instagram Posts! (Quick & Easy)

To archive posts on Instagram, you need to have a creator or business account.

To enable that, click on the 3 dots on your profile and go to “Settings,” click on “Account,” and then scroll down to switch to “personal account” or “business account.

It doesn’t matter which one you choose; just ensure to enable at least one.

After that, go back to your profile page, select and open one photo, click the three dots at the lower right (…), and select “archive.”

How to Post on Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people archive posts on Instagram?

The main reason why people archive posts on Instagram is that they want to remove certain content from their profile without deleting it permanently.

Many people also use the Archive feature when they want to reorganize their page or when they want to hide a post until they decide what to do with it. Or perhaps they’re concerned about having too many photos visible to their followers.

What does “Archived” mean?

When you archive posts on Instagram, they’re not completely deleted but instead removed from your profile and saved in an archive.

If you want to see your archived photos, you can go to the Archive menu, where they’ll be arranged by month. You can also restore them to your profile if you want them back on display.

How to unarchive posts on Instagram?

To unarchive posts, click the three dots (…) on your profile page and click on “Archive.” Click on “Archive” at the top of the page and click on a set of posts.

Select and open a photo, click on the three dots (…), and click “Show on Profile.”

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