How To See Someone’s Deleted Story On Instagram

If you’re planning to see someone’s deleted story on Instagram, the quick answer to that is you can’t. Unless the person had highlighted the story or reposted it, or you get ahold of their account and browse through their recently deleted contents (which is illegal), then you can view it.

However, you don’t have to stop with this. There are ways you can go around the app to view people’s stories anonymously.

Are you curious as to how you can do this? Continue reading then!

How To View Someone’s Story Anonymously

How to watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing

The Rubicon Show has given three ways how you can see some stories anonymously. See the following for the given ways:

  • The first one is the easiest one of the three ways. Start by choosing the story besides what you would want to see.

Then, tap and hold the screen and slowly pull gently to the side. Don’t let go, and take this chance to take a good look before pulling it back to the previous story.

  • If you accidentally already viewed it, or there are more than one stories you wanted to see, you can block them for 24 hours after you get a glimpse of it. Your account would be invisible to them for 24 hours, but make sure to unblock them after, though.
  • The last one is to use a website called to download Instagram stories. Head to the website, type the Instagram account username of the person, click download, then wait for the stories to come out.

Finally, download the story you wanted to see.


1. Can You See How Many Times Others Have Viewed Your Instagram Stories?

There is no current option on Instagram for this. Users can’t see how many times a specific someone has seen their Instagram stories.

If someone viewed your story multiple times, that would still count as one. But users can see the overall number of views on their stories.

2. Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Stories?

Yes, you can. To see who views your content, go to your story and click the three dots in the top right corner. Select viewers, then it will show you a list of those who have seen it.

3. Can You Hide Your Deleted Story From Others?

When you remove a story on Instagram, there would be no way for others to see it. Once gone, it will be permanently gone from others’ perceptions.

However, you can still see it in your recently deleted content.

4. How To Find Recently Deleted Instagram Stories?

Go to your profile tab and click the Menu button at the top right corner. Choose Your Activity, scroll down to see the Recently Deleted, and that’s it.

5. How To Restore Content You Have Deleted From Instagram Stories?

First, go to the Recently Deleted, and select the Stories tab at the top. Choose and open the particular story you want to retrieve.

Then, click the More option on the bottom. Two pop-ups would appear; click the Restore option for both.

Your friends or the public would then see your story for 24 hours again. You can also add it to your highlights then.

6. How Do Stories Work On Instagram?

Instagram stories are a way of sharing photos and videos with the public or just your friends for a limited time. After 24 hours, it will undoubtedly vanish.

To create one, from the upper right corner, you’ll see a box with a plus-sign inside beside the message button, click that and choose the story. Then feel free to pick whether you’ll upload from your gallery or take a new picture or video.

7. Why Are Instagram Stories Popular?

Instagram stories are popular for several reasons.

First, it is a quick and easy way to share moments of your life with others.

Second, you can share enough content without crowding your Instagram since these stories would disappear after 24 hours.

Third, it is a creative way to initiate an interaction with your friends or followers, using polls, quizzes, and questions they could participate in or the usage of hashtags and mentions.

You can also use Instagram stories for brand representations or business announcements. It is a great way to promote your brand or business while at the same time letting others keep up on important news.

8. What Is The Difference Between Reels And Stories?

These two functions work differently within the app. Instagram reels mainly focus on videos, where you can add various effects, set time limits, or add audio.

While with Instagram stories, you can post both pictures and videos, you can edit them too, but it will only be up for 24 hours unless you save it in your highlights.

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