How to See Top Post of Someone Else’s Instagram Account

How to See Top Post of Someone Elses Instagram Account

In today’s digital society, it’s hard to imagine a world without social media. Everyone is attached to their phone or computer screen, scrolling through their feeds and posts.

And as everyone knows, one of the main reasons people love Instagram so much is the compelling and engaging posts that users post.

Want to know how to see the top post on someone else’s Instagram account? Keep reading to find out!

How to See the Top Post of a Private Instagram Account

You can use a site called on your iOS or iPhone to see the top post of a private Instagram account. Using this site as a tool to unlock a private Instagram account also works for Android and PC users.

Steps in Using IGmods for iOS Users:

Step 1: Access the ‘settings’ of your iOS device, then tap on the ‘general’ options.

Step 2: Go to the ‘background app refresh’ function, and click the toggle button next to it. Ensure this button stays on.

Step 3: Access your device’s ‘battery’ portion, and ensure the low battery power mode is off.

Step 4: Turn on the ‘auto-download’ function in your iOS device’s app store.

Step 5: Go to Choose the button that says ‘view private account’ from the dropdown list of options.

Step 6: Once the page downloads, click the button that says ‘target Instagram username’ once you find It. Type the username of the account whose top post you want to see.

Step 7: Click ‘connect.’

Step 8: Tap on the ‘confirm’ button after you get a prompt to confirm the private Instagram account you want to unlock.

Step 9: Wait for IGmods to load up all of the posts. You will get a notification when the tool has finished unlocking the data.

Step 10: After you get the notification mentioned above, log in to your own Instagram account to view the top post of the private profile you unlocked.

Some may view the use of a tool such as as a medium for stalking. In this aspect, stalking may be viewed as violating privacy and unwanted behavior.

Not having the user with a private Instagram account know that a non-follower unlocked their profile puts you on the safe side.

If you get caught, the user may have grounds to report you to Instagram for having unwanted access to their profile.

Get Closer to Your Connections on Instagram

You tend to get closer to your followers or connections when you know the latest updates regarding the events that are going on in their lives.

Additionally, you’re capable of helping important people in your life when you know they’re in crisis based on the posts they share on social media, such as Instagram.

You feel happy for these people when you know good things are happening to them through the posts they share.

Getting to Know Stage

Seeing the top post on someone else’s Instagram account lets you know their personality and interests.

Additionally, seeing their top post is also a way for you to make hypothetical guesses on the events that may be going on in another user’s life.

An Issue of Trust

There are times, though, that seeing the posts of someone else’s Instagram account is a way for you to find out if a user is trustworthy.

You may not see the top post on someone else’s Instagram account unless they’ve accepted your requests to follow you.

A user you closely interact with may reject your follower request if they hide your top post and other succeeding posts from you.

So, this person may be an individual who has a good potential to betray your trust.

Such an individual may be a love interest, a friend you have never met in person, or an acquaintance who doesn’t have good intentions, among others.

No person wants to be lied to and led on. Pain and hard work come with uncovering the truth.

How to See Someone’s Recent Followers on Instagram

The only means you can see someone else’s recent Instagram followers without following them is easy.

Firstly, after you’ve logged in to your Instagram account, search for the username of the private profile you have in mind.

After the profile loads, go to the three dots on your mobile phone’s upper right-hand side of the Google Chrome browser.

Click on ‘desktop site’ there, then choose the option ‘followers’ when the desired Instagram profile loads again.

From there, the people listed at the topmost portion of the followers’ list are the most recent followers of any Instagram user.

Snoop Report

After you’ve entered the username of the desired Instagram user, Snoop Report’s app shows a combination of the data of their recent and overall followers. Then it produces the ‘new follow’ list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other two benefits of using allows you to sort Instagram posts by likes, shares, comments, and ER or Public Engagement Rate).

Secondly, this site tool enables you to filter posts by content types: photos, videos, and textual information.

How do you view the most liked photo on Instagram of the user you’re not following?

Search for the username on the Instagram search tab. Click the ‘photos’ button. The photo with the most likes will be at the top of the results page.

What is one of the benefits of being aware of the most liked photo on Instagram for the year?

You get to apply the techniques that made the photo likable to make your own photos more appealing.

Can you view the top post of an Instagram user without using a tool and while not following them?

Yes, you can do this if the Instagram user’s profile is open to the public. Search for the desired profile using its username in the search bar.

Look for their posts, and you’ll see the most recent ones at the top of the list.

Sometimes, you can find these details on Instagram’s ‘search and explore’ tab. This tab is another source for viewing the posts of users who don’t follow or follow you.

The ‘search and explore’ tab is similar to search engine optimization (SEO) keywords to look for people, things, and places.

If you’re familiar with coming up with and using SEO keywords, you’ll find that using the ‘search and explore’ tab on Instagram is easy.

Can you view posts of users you don’t follow or follow you through hashtags?

Yes. Just type in the trending or any hashtags you come up with on the ‘search and explore’ tab.

If any of these hashtags are posted alongside the posts of an Instagram user, you’ll likely see them.

Is it safe to view the top post of a private Instagram account?

Yes, as long as you do it on a secure device and browser and the user doesn’t know about it. If the users find out you’re viewing their private profiles, they may accuse you of invading their privacy.

Is there a subscription fee to use Snoop Report and IGmods?

You have to pay a monthly subscription fee of a minimum of $4.99 to track two private Instagram accounts. On the other hand, using IGmods for the same purpose is likely to be free of charge.

How can you rank someone’s followers chronologically?

On a mobile device, access a user’s profile and select the Followers list. Generally, you’ll find their followers displayed in chronological order. This indicates that the most recent followers will be shown at the top.

If I stalk someone on Instagram, will they know?

Users of Instagram are unable to determine who is viewing their profile. Generally, Instagram Stories is the only platform where you can publicly see who is viewing your content.

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