how to see who liked your instagram comment

how to see who liked your instagram comment

You can be able to see the people who liked your Instagram comment. Simply open your Instagram, click the photo where you have commented, tap the Likes below your username, and you may now be able to see who liked your comment.

If there are too many likes, you can also search the names of the likers, and it is very easy to look for whoever liked your comment. If you are new to Instagram, this article is very helpful for you, and please check more details below.

Ways to See Who Liked Your Instagram Comments

You can check who liked your Instagram comments by checking the notifications of your latest Interactions.

Check Your Notification Tab

One of the easiest ways to check who liked your Instagram Comment is by checking your Notification Tab. You will be notified of every person who likes, comments, or likes your comments on Instagram.

The Notification Tab on your Instagram App is located at the lower portion of the screen, and it has a heart symbol. By clicking that, you can see the likes and comments of other Instagram users on your account.

Check the Likes on The Your Comment

If the Notification Tab may not let you see all of the reactors to your comment, you may need to take the effort of tapping the photo where you have commented.

Then you need to click the word Likes below your username. After that, you can see people who like your comments.

If there are too many comments, you may search on the search box for a user’s name if they have reacted to your comments.

Here is a video on how you can check your Instagram comment

How To Check If You Have Accidentally Commented on an Instagram post?

You can check if you have accidentally commented on an Instagram post by checking your Activity Log. Below are the steps to follow.

Step 1 Go to Your Account

When opening Instagram, you will be routed to the Newsfeeds. Simply click your Account tab to see your Profile.

Step 2 Check more Selections.

When opening your Instagram Profile, you can see three lines on the upper right corner of the screen. Tab those three lines to see more available selections.

Step 3 Check Your Activity

Now, click Your Activity; this tab will show you all of the activities that you have done with your account.

These activities include the Time Spent, Photos and Videos, Interactions, Account History, Recent Searches, Links Visited, Archived, and Recently Deleted.

You can also download and have a copy of the information that you have on Instagram.

Step 4 Check Account Interactions

You may click Comments under the Interactions tab since you would like to check if you have accidentally commented on the photo.

Step 5 Check Your Comment Activity

By clicking Comments, it will then route you with the information if you have commented or not on a particular photo.

How to Delete my Instagram Comment?

It’s very easy to delete an Instagram comment, and please follow the steps below.

Option 1 Go to the comment section of the picture where you have commented

One of the options that you may do in order to delete your comment on Instagram is to check the photo where you have commented. Click the comment icon.

Once you click the comment icon it will route you with the comments in the post. Slide from right to left side until you see the trash icon, then click it to delete the comment.

Here’s the video that shows how you can delete an Instagram comment:

Option 2 Delete at the Activity Log

If you are having a hard time looking for your comment, you may track and delete it on your activity log. Simply go to your Profile, and then click the three lines on the upper right corner of your screen.

After clicking the three lines click the “Your Activity” tab. Then try to check the Interactions, and click the Comments.

Long press the comment you want to delete and click the delete word on the bottom of the screen to confirm the action. It will load up, and your comment will automatically be deleted without going to the post where you commented.


Can I see all the people who like my comment?

Yes, you can see all who like your comment. Simply go to the post where you have commented, click the Likes, and you will see all people who like your comment.

How to Like A Comment on Instagram?

To like your comment on an Instagram post, click the heart button. You can unlike it by tapping it one more time.

The red heart means you have liked the comment, and the blank heart that appears to be white means that you have not yet liked the comment.

What happens if I like a comment on Instagram?

When you like a comment, it will send a notification to them that you have selected their comment. There will be a push notification that will send to them that you have liked their comment.

Do Comments on my Instagram post increase engagements?

Yes, the more the people like and comment on your post, the more your post will appear on their feeds. The reason is that Instagram can detect that they have more interactions on your posts.

Can I turn off the comment on my Instagram post?

Yes, you can; simply go to the photo where you want to turn off the comments section. After that, click the three dots on the upper right corner of the screen, then click Turn Off Commenting.

You can still turn on the comment section by doing the same process.

Can I limit people from commenting on my post?

You can by turning the comment section off if you opt not to comment on your post.

If you prefer that your friends are the only ones that can comment on your post, you may turn your Instagram account into private, so your followers are the only ones that can see your post and the only ones that can comment on your post.

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