How to See Your Past Old Usernames on Instagram?

How to See Your Past Old Usernames on Instagram

As you might know, Instagram only allows you to use one username. So, you will have to make sure that your username is unique and creative enough.

However, if you suddenly change your mind about the username since you have already changed it, you might want to change it back to the old ones. This guide will help you see your past old usernames on Instagram if this happens to you!

How to See Old Instagram Usernames in 2022

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The man explains in the video that you cannot view your past usernames using the mobile application. So, you have to use a browser on your laptop or mobile device.

After opening your browser, type and search for “” and log in to your account. Go to your profile page and tap on the cogwheel or the settings icon in the top left corner.

And then, select “Privacy and Security,” scroll down and select “View Account Data.” You will see your account info, the date you joined, and other info here.

Scroll down to “Profile Info” and select “View All” under “Former Usernames.”

How To Change Name On Instagram Without Waiting For 14 Days Problem Solved

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you change your Instagram username?

Even if you’re happy with your current username, the chances are that you’ve wanted to change it for a reason.

Maybe you’ve wished for a username reflecting something about yourself that isn’t your name (like @doglover123).

Or maybe, you’ve wanted to move away from a name that has been associated with an aspect of your life that’s no longer relevant to who you are (like @ur_gurl_in_highschool).

One of the simplest reasons to change your Instagram username is because you want to.

What are good and appropriate Instagram names?

Instagram names are used to help other users identify you, and they can also influence the number of followers you attract.

Some of the most common Instagram names include your business name, name, surname, or a variation.

Names that are direct and to the point are generally more appealing to users looking for a specific product or service. Also, too long or complicated names may not be easy to remember.

What shouldn’t you include in your Instagram username?

Although there are plenty of creative names out there, some things should be avoided when coming up with your new Instagram username. Here are a few examples of what’s best left out of your username:

Inappropriate words

Even if this isn’t the kind of person you normally would be, it could be unprofessional to choose a name with profanity. It also could get you banned from using Instagram altogether!

Special characters

Avoid using symbols, such as “@#%$” in your username, as they may look unappealing to some users.

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