how to sign out of clash of clans on iphone

how to sign out of clash of clans on iphone

Don’t make the Clash of Clans sign-out process tricky on your iOS. Just tap the ‘Settings’ icon, proceed to ‘Game Center,’ click the ‘Sign Out’ button, and you are done.

After signing out, you may now sign in to your second account. You only have to confirm the sign-in process by tapping ‘Yes’ on the confirmation message and typing ‘Confirm.’

Logging Out And Switching Accounts in Clash of Clans

The video presented a concise step-by-step guide on switching Clash of Clans accounts on your iOS device.

To start with, tap the ‘Settings’ icon to show options. The video mentioned that if your Supercell account is connected to the current Game Center, you may click on the ‘Connected’ icon to access your account.

After that, the process will direct you to your account, and from there, you’ll see a gear icon for Account Settings. Finally, a blue ‘Logout’ button will appear at the bottom, and you need to confirm to complete the process.

The game will bring you back to the login screen, and you may choose to log in with Supercell ID or without.


1. How To Delete A Clash Of Clans Account Permanently?

Signing out of a Clash of Clans account could mean that the player wants to pause for a while in playing without losing the account permanently.

However, if the player gets tired of the game, permanent deletion of the account becomes a choice.

To begin with, open your account and click the ‘Settings’ icon in the right corner of the screen, and green and red buttons will appear.

Then, tap the ‘Help and Support’ button, and the game will direct you to the Clash of Clans Support directory.

Once you have opened it, select ‘Account’ to move to the next step. On the right side of the screen, scroll down the tabs until you see a blue-colored ‘Contact Us’ button.

Three option tabs will appear automatically after tapping Contact Us. It includes ‘Report a Bug,’ ‘Share Feedback,’ and ‘Message Us.’

Tap the ‘Message Us,’ and the Clash of Clans Support will direct you to a chatbot. The chatbot will ask for the support you need, and you have to select a response in the given options.

Choose ‘Others,’ then ‘Delete My Data,’ and the chatbot will remind you of the possible results of your action. Tap ‘Continue’ to proceed with data deletion.

Then, you have to provide the reasons for data deletion, and the support will review your case for a matter of time. Once done, the support will get back to you and ask you again to confirm the account deletion.

After confirming, you may now close the Clash of Clans support chatbot and the main app and wait until your account gets deleted.

You’ll be able to know that your account is deleted once an account deletion warning pops up upon opening the app.

2. Is It Possible To Create Multiple Clash Of Clans Accounts On A Single Device?

Yes, it is possible to create multiple accounts on one device. Thus, the benefit of having a second account is to let players formulate strategic attacks and try out different base structures.

3. What Will Happen To Your Clash Of Clans After Factory Resetting Your Device?

After a factory data reset, expect that all your data will be erased if not backed up. Therefore, if your Clash of Clans account is not linked to any online account, there’s a poor chance of account recovery.

4. What To Do If The Game Won’t Load?

Initially, you can close the application and background apps and then try to restart the game. If application crashing still happens, the best option is to contact customer support via email at [email protected]

5. How To Ensure Safety On Your Clash Of Clans Account?

Since Clash of Clans uses data to play, it is prone to account hacking. Therefore, the best possible way to keep your account safe is by connecting your account with a Supercell ID.

Also, it is crucial never to disclose important information like an email account and ID.

6. How Much Storage Do You Need For Clash Of Clans?

Upon installing the game, it will consume 255 MB of storage on your device, and the remaining downloadable resources are excluded. Your device should have at least 1 GB of RAM for smooth gameplay.

7. What Is The Required OS To Play Clash Of Clans?

Based on the updated application details provided in the Google Play Store, the required Operating System (OS) for Clash of Clans is at least Android 5.0 and up. For Apple users, you need iOS 11.0 or higher.

8. Is Clash Of Clans Free To Play?

Yes, the game is free to download in any app store and can be played without charge. Though, the game still offers in-app purchases, which could range from $0.99 to $99.99.

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