How To Stop Samsung Tv Plus From Automatically Playing

Autoplay can be annoying sometimes; it will keep you from watching random shows and content that you might not want to watch.

Also, it will expose minors to watching random content that might not be appropriate for their age since the TV keeps on playing randomly.

If autoplay is your problem, there are various ways you can stop it. You can uninstall Samsung TV plus App or disable autorun, follow the steps and see more available options to be guided.

Steps on How to Disable Your Samsung TV Plus

There are a few steps that you can follow to stop autoplay on your Samsung TV Plus. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1 Go to Home

Open your TV and go to Home Button using your remote control.

Step 2 Look for the Samsung TV App

Navigate to the apps on your TV and look for the Samsung TV App.

Step 3 Disable

Now, press the Down Arrow button. Click Disable to confirm the process.

Note: You cannot be able to use the App again unless you enable it. Though this App may be distracting due to ads, the App is ultimately free as you can watch free entertainment, news, and sports programs without pay.

If you have changed your mind, you can still enable the App. Sometimes it automatically allows whenever there are firmware updates.

Steps on How to Disable your Samsung TV Plus

Another way to stop autoplay on your Samsung Smart TV is by disabling the App. Disabling the App is very simple; follow the steps below.

Step 1 Open Smart Hub

Open your TV, navigate and find the Smart Hub.

Step 2 Open the App

Once you have seen the App, open the App screen.

Step 3 Enter Numbers

You may now enter numbers such as “12345” using your remote.

Step 4 Turn on Developer Mode

You need to check and turn on the Developer Mode. Then click OK to confirm.

Step 5 Restart the TV

After following the process, restart your TV by turning it off and on.

Step 6 Open the App

After turning off the TV, turn it on and open the Apps screen.

Step 7 Open Samsung TV Plus

Open your Samsung TV Plus App. Then press down the down arrow.

Step 8 Look for Deep Link Test

You need to look for a deep link test and open and close it. Then go to Delete.

Here’s a Video on how to Disable Samsung Smart TV Plus:

Steps On How To Turn Off The Autorun Last App On Your Samsung Smart TV

If you are irritated or not comfortable with autoruns while watching TV, you can turn it off by going to Settings. If you don’t know the steps, just read and follow more details below.

Step 1 Go to Home

You need to turn on your TV and press the Home button using your remote control.

Step 2 Look for Settings

Navigate your TV and go to Settings.

Step 3 Go to the General

Hover and check where General is located.

Step 4 Find Smart Features

Navigate and find the Smart Features of your TV.

Step 5 Find Autorun App

Find the Autorun app under Smart features, then turn off Autorun Last App.

Steps on How to Disable Auto Play when Watching Youtube on your Samsung Smart TV?

When watching youtube on your smart tv, you may notice that the videos keep on playing, this is because the autoplay is on. If you have a child watching a kiddie video, they may be exposed to random video streams that are inappropriate for their age.

Read more details below if you don’t know how to disable autoplay on YouTube.

Step 1 Open YouTube

Turn on your TV and find the Youtube app, then open it.

Step 2 Find Settings

Navigate your TV using your remote control and find Settings.

Step 3 Find Autoplay

Search and find Autoplay on Settings. Then turn it off.

Here’s a video on how to disable autoplay when watching Youtube on your Samsung Smart TV:


Is Samsung TV Plus free?

Yes, Samsung TV Plus is free. It allows you to watch free news, entertainment, sports, and many programs.

Does Samsung TV Plus require an internet connection?

Yes, Samsung TV Plus requires an internet connection to stream free on TV.

How many channels does Samsung Smart Plus have?

There are over 200 channels, and it continues to grow. You may enjoy thousands of free sports, news, and entertainment programs that you can enjoy.

Can I remove channels on Samsung Smart Plus App?

Yes, you can remove channels on your Samsung Smart app. You need to go to the App, check the channel list, select all the channels you want to be removed, and then click delete.

Is autoplay good?

Well, there is nothing wrong with autoplay. It only depends on you if you want to watch TV programs or videos that keep on playing after another video ends.

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