How To Tell If Someone Deactivated Their Instagram?

How To Tell If Someone Deactivated Their Instagram

There’s no way to know if a user has deactivated their Instagram account. You have to check it manually by searching for their username.

It will be easier if you are in contact with the user because you can see it in your DMs. You’ll be seeing no profile picture and no username in your DMs.

Ways To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

Maybe you’re wondering why you can’t see the post or stories of a user on Instagram. You searched for their username and didn’t find anything.

In most cases, that user might have blocked you. There are six ways to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

1. Look For Their Profile

You’ll know whether or not you’re blocked if you search for their username and look for their profile. If you can see their posts and still message them, you don’t have to worry because you are not blocked yet.

However, if you can still see their post counts and you don’t see any or can’t even message them, then you are blocked by that user. Now, if you can’t find their user profile on Instagram, they will most likely have deleted their account or deactivated it.

2. Check Their Comments In Your Posts

Instagram does not delete users’ comments if they are still active. When you can’t search for their profile, you can check their comments from your old posts and tap their username to go instantly to their IG profile.

If you can’t see it, then you are blocked by that user.

To ensure they still haven’t reactivated their account, you can search for their profile on your web browser by typing username.

3. Check Your Direct Message

If the person has only deactivated their account, you can still find the messages you have sent, and they have sent in your DMs. But when you can’t find it knowing you haven’t deleted it, then you are blocked.

Watch Someone’s Instagram Story Without Them Knowing

Sometimes you don’t want to be seen in someone’s story view for certain reasons. There are a few ways to watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing.

  • Gently swipe left the next story to take a peek at the story and then exit it right away.
  • If it’s a video, watch the story first and soft-block the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recover a hacked Instagram account?

To recover a hacked Instagram account, you must request a login link sent to your email or phone. You can also click “revert to change” from the link sent to your email.

Lastly, verify that you are the account owner and secure your account with the security features offered by Instagram.

Can I recover a deleted Instagram account?

If you have already deleted your account, or maybe you haven’t reactivated it for a long time, and Instagram decided to delete your account, you cannot recover it anymore. However, you can set up a new account with the same email address you used on your previous one.

How do I get verified on Instagram?

The verified badge at the side of your username is easy to request on Instagram. But you have to be patient as there are questions to be asked and some verification that you are that person.

Can I schedule my posts on Instagram?

You cannot schedule directly on Instagram, but some mobile applications let you schedule your posts. These apps also give you a peek at what it would be like when you post it on your account, and they will also post it automatically for you.

However, some need to have a premium account to get these features.

What’s the best time to post on Instagram?

The best time to post on Instagram depends on your total engagements with your followers whenever you share your content, upload stories, or post your pictures. Check your Instagram insights from time to time and know when your followers are most active.

How do I archive my live videos on Instagram?

If you don’t like to put your live in your Instagram profile and still want to keep it, you must go to settings > privacy > save live to archive. You will find your previous lives on the Live Archive.

How can I delete the stories in my Archive?

Your followers can only see stories for only 24 hours. That’s why Instagram has a Stories Archive so that you can keep the memories still.

But if you want to delete your archived stories, go to Your Activity > Archived > Tap the story that you want to delete > Confirm. Note that when you delete it, you cannot retrieve it again.

How to unblock someone on Instagram?

Using the mobile app, tap settings > privacy> blocked accounts. You’ll be able to see the accounts you’ve blocked. Tap the user’s profile and then unblock it.

Instagram won’t notify the unblocked user and won’t follow them instantly.

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