How To Tell If Someone Removed You From Instagram?

How To Tell If Someone Removed You From Instagram

Instagram is one of the most famous apps used today. Celebrities, companies, and almost everyone else uses it to connect with other people.

There is a following system in the application wherein you would be able to filter whose posts you want to see on your feed.

Following and unfollowing someone may be very important for many people as it can be seen as an impactful social cue.

You would be able to see who followed you through your notifications, but the app would not notify you if someone does otherwise and unfollows you.

This article aims to help you know who unfollowed or blocked you from Instagram so you would be able to fix some of the problems that they had with you. Read more to find out how!

How To See Who Unfollowed You On The App

How To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram 2022 (Safe Method) | NO APPS

The video hits off with the speaker making jokes about a game that recently came out and is trying to correlate that with the topic, who unfollowed you on Instagram.

He starts the tutorial by opening Instagram and clicking on the options tab, which looks like three bars on top of each other on the top right of your screen. Afterward, he goes to settings, security, and the download data tab.

Instagram would deliver you all the information about your profile in a zip file sent to the email you provided when you downloaded.

This process may take up to 48 hours, depending on the amount of time you have spent on the application.

After downloading the zipped file, you have to extract it somewhere on your computer.

Then open the files named “followers.html” and “following.html” inside the “followers … following” folder on your computer.

Finally, you would just have to go to a list comparing sites and input everything in the HTML files to see which ones unfollowed you.

[Hindi]How to Know If Someone Is Online On Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you wanted to check only one person?

If you want to know if someone unfollowed you specifically, there is an easier and quicker way. You just need to go to their profiles and check if you are on their following list.

Is it only applicable on Instagram?

Other apps use the following system in social media. A good example of this is Twitter, you would also be able to check if someone follows you by going to their profiles.

Can you see who removed you as a follower?

You can check your Privacy setting and click the “Followers blocked and removed” tab to receive notifications if you have been removed as a follower in a specific account.

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