How To Turn Off Instagram Saving Posts To Camera Roll

How To Turn Off Instagram Saving Posts To Camera Roll

To turn off Instagram on saving posts to Camera Roll, go to your Instagram profile, click on the three horizontal lines, and click on Settings.

Select the Account on the list, tap on the ‘Original photos,’ toggle off, and your new uploads won’t be saved to your Camera Roll anymore.

5 Hacks On Instagram Themes

If you happen to know a lot of influencers or famous Instagram people, you can see on their feeds that they follow a color palette or theme on each photo.

In this video, Millie said that most of those tutorials about Instagram themes say more about these content creators’ brands than what the audience’s theme would put into their brand.

Here are her hacks on what you can do for branding your Instagram feed.

1. Know Your Colors

If you already have a color palette, it would be easy for you to stick to it and note what colors should be included in your feed. But if you haven’t yet, you can research color Psychology, as colors can elicit emotional responses.

2. Use Presets

Once you have a preset, it would be your standard filter for each photo, and this is an easier way to apply the theme to your Instagram photos. This creates a consistent overall look and feel.

3. Stick To Your Colors

It would also be easier for you to take photos that already complement your brand colors for a cohesive feed.

For example, if your brand colors are teal and orange, you should refrain from other colors that won’t compliment your feed and go astray from your branding.

4. Plan With Purpose

You can check what your Instagram would look like and see if the photos complement your brand colors.

Additionally, you can use other apps with such features to guide you for your posts, so you can think thoroughly about what you should post.

5. Watch Out For The Whites

The lighting when taking a photo can greatly affect the color hues, making it bluer or another shade that is quite off from your actual brand colors.

You can use different editing apps and go on their white balance settings to tweak it to get the right colors for that photo.

Instagram Story Feature Hacks

Here in this video are some hacks you can make the most out of Instagram features, where there’s no need to use other apps for editing.

Making Instagram Posts Look Cool In Stories

Here are some steps to one of the hacks that can make your IG posts have an amazing IG story content:

  • On your posted Instagram post, click on the paper airplane icon and click on the ‘add post to your story. You’ll be directed to the editing part of the IG story and then take a screenshot of it.
  • Crop the screenshot taken properly, then save it.
  • On your Instagram app, the post you want to share is still there. You can zoom in or maximize it, taking up the whole screen space.
  • On the stickers icon, you scroll down to the feature where you can add an image from your camera roll and click on it. You choose an image that will serve as your background for the IG story.
  • Then again, on the sticker icon, choose the image of the screenshot of the IG post you’ve just taken. Your IG post now has a background when you post it as an IG story.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the layout from Instagram?

On your Instagram app, tap on the plus icon button, select Story, or swipe right from the home page. Tap on the Layout option.

You can start adding images or select ‘Change Grid’ for other grid options. On the first box, you can capture directly to the camera or swipe up to select pictures from your gallery.

Fill in each box with photos and once done, click on the big button in the middle, click the check button, and add it to your IG Story.

Is Snapseed better than VSCO?

Snapseed was considered better than VSCO because the app has a lot of filters, backgrounds, colors, and much more.

Also, it has more advanced settings and user-friendly filters such as its weather filter, red-eye reduction filter, white balance filter, and lens correction filter.

Is Lightroom a good photo editing app?

Yes, it’s considered ZDNet’s top pick for the best photo editing app, considering its compatibility, features, usability, and price.

One of Lightroom’s features is that you can focus on specific areas of the photo using tools like Select Subject, which also has AI-powered masks.

How to get more followers on Instagram?

To gain more followers on Instagram, you can do or consider the following:

  • Post your Instagram posts and stories regularly
  • Create high-quality content for your brand
  • Use relevant and catchy hashtags. Make sure they are related to your content, location, target audience, or community

Can you recover a deleted Instagram account?

Once you delete your Instagram account, you won’t be able to recover it. Also, if you were to create a new account, you won’t be able to use the username from your deleted account.

How does Instagram make money?

Instagram makes money mostly from the paid advertisements of brands that want to reach their prospects and customers.

Can I schedule Instagram posts?

You can’t directly schedule from the Instagram app, but there are apps used for social media management tools, such as Creator Studio, to schedule your Instagram posts.

What is an Instagram business account?

An Instagram business account is another type of Instagram account that is opted for businesses needing analytic tools via Instagram Insights.

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