How To Turn Off Optimize Iphone Storage

how to turn off optimize iphone storage

You may be a new iPhone user, and you may be encountering problems when it comes to turning off the optimized iPhone Storage. Typically you can toggle the Optimize iPhone Storage on and off.

With Optimized Storage, you may be able to save on your device smaller and space-saving videos and photos while keeping the high resolutions on your iCloud if you have enough space. In turning off the Optimize iPhone Storage of your iPhone, you need to perform some steps to do the process; check more below.

Steps on How to Turn Off Optimize iPhone Storage

You need to do a few steps to turn off the Optimize iPhone storage. Learn more by checking more details below. 


Step 1 Go to Settings

You need to go to the Settings of your iPhone to see more options.

Step 1 Go to Settings


Step 2 Click Your Name

Click your name on the uppermost part of the screen.

Step 2 Click Your Name

Step 3 Click iCloud

You need to click iCloud to see more storage information.

Step 3 Click iCloud

Step 4 Click Manage Storage

Now, click Manage Storage for more detailed storage information.

Step 5 Storage Optimization 

You need to click Storage Optimization.

Step 6 Optimize iPhone Storage.

Now, you need to click the switch that says Optimize iPhone Storage.

Step 7 Switch It Off

When you have already located the switch, toggle or click to turn it off.

Here’s a video on how to free up iCloud storage:

Tips on How to Optimize iPhone Storage

There are a few ways to optimize iPhone storage if you don’t want to buy more space. Follow the tips below.

Tip 1 iCloud Photos Optimized Storage

High-resolution photos may take a lot of memory on your iPhone storage; keeping them in the iCloud is one of the best options. You can save smaller space-saving photos and videos while maintaining the high resolution on your iCloud; follow the steps below:

Tip 1 iCloud Photos Optimized Storage

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Find Photos and Camera
  3. Turn on the iCloud Photo
  4. Make sure to double-check if the Optimize iPhone Storage is checked.

Tip 2 Uninstall Unused Apps

You might have installed loads of apps that you are not using. Uninstalling may be the most common, but this is very effective; most apps take a lot of storage.

Tip 2 Uninstall Unused Apps

Tip 3 Clear Browser Cache

The search history can take up space if you have been searching a lot, whether on Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. The best option is to clear it up.

You can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Find Safari and click it.
  3. Click Clear History and Website Data

Note that all your open tabs and previous searches will be lost when clearing the web history. If you want to save some, make sure to bookmark it.

Tip 4 Minimize iTunes Music and Video.

Your video and music files may take more space on your iPhone storage. If you are not listening to some of your music and videos, the better way is to delete them so you can use more space.

If you have purchased them on iTunes, you can still re-download them if you need to listen to them again.

Here’s a video on how to delete other storage on your iPhone:


What does it mean when you Optimize iPhone Storage?

You are freeing up some spaces on your iPhone by removing or deleting unnecessary files, photos and videos.

How long does it take to optimize my iPhone Storage?

If you delete a few files, photos, and videos, it will be fast. However, if you’re freeing loads of files, photos, and videos, it may take a while.

Why is my iPhone Storage full even though I use iCloud?

iCloud has only the capacity to back up 5GB of storage; if it has been fully used, that may be the reason why your iPhone storage is full.

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