How to Unlock Games on PS4?

How to Unlock Games on PS4

PS4 or PlayStation 4 is a home video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Play Station 4 allows users to play games that have higher resolutions than what’s possible on Xbox One.

The Lock Function exists to prevent people from sharing their games.

Sony made this function because sharing games will hurt their video game business.

The lock is also an anti-piracy function.

So how do you unlock games on PS4?

Unlocking Games on PS4 Using License

To unlock games on PS4 you need to make sure that you have the license or you bought the game.

A licensed game is a game you bought from a video game store.

It is a requirement in order for you to play the game.

This is the best way to unlock games on PS4.

Follow the steps below to unlock your game:

  1. Go to [Settings]
  2. Go to [User]
  3. Click [Restore License]
  4. Wait until it is done.
  5. Check the game

Unlocking A Shared Game

If you borrow a game from a friend or from your other account, then that is a shared game.

Normally, shared games are locked and you are not able to play it.

Don’t worry, there is a method to unlock a shared game.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the account is set to [Primary]
  2. Go to [Settings] – [Account Management] – [Activate As Your Primary Ps4] – [Activate]
  3. Now the account is primary
  4. Switch to the account you have the game on.
  5. Go to [Settings]
  6. Go to [Users]
  7. Go to [Account]
  8. Go to [Other]
  9. Click [Console Sharing on Offline Play]
  10. Switch back to the account you want to play it in.
  11. Check the game

This video will teach you how to unlock games on PS4. [Skip to 0:24]

How to unlock your locked games ps4 and ps5


How Do I Delete Games Permanently On PS4?

If you want to get rid of your games on your PS4, you can go to settings and find the application manager of your PS4.

From there, you can select the game you want to delete.

Follow these steps below to delete your game:

  1. Go to [Settings]
  2. Select [Application Saved Data Manager]
  3. Select [Online Storage]
  4. Click on [Delete]
  5. Select the game you want to delete.
  6. Click on it and check the box.
  7. Click [Delete] on the bottom right corner of the screen
  8. Hit [OK]

Now you have successfully deleted a game on your PS4.

This video will teach you how to delete a game on your PS4. [Skip to 1:04]

How to delete games on ps4

How To Install Games On PS4?

Here are the following steps in order to download games on your PS4:

  1. Go to [Library] and select the [Purchased folder].
  2. Select the game you want to download.
  3. Select [Download].

How To Put Add-Ons On My PS4 Games?

Do you want more content from the game you’re playing?

If you want you can add add-ons.

Add-ons are 3rd party software or programs that add additional functionality to the game.

Unfortunately, PS4 has been giving users a hard time installing these features.

Follow these steps below to put add-ons on your PS4 game.

  1. Search for the game in the PlayStation Store.
  2. Select Game Hub.
  3. Scroll to the Add-Ons section.
  4. Select the Add-Ons you want to Download

Can I Play All Games On PS4?

No, there are some games that are not available on PS4.

PS4 is owned by Sony.

Microsoft is the rival of Sony.

Some games released by Microsoft are not available on the Playstation.

They can only be played on Xbox or on a computer.

There are also some games that are only available on PC.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games like Dota 2 and League of Legends cannot be played on PS4.

Is PS4 Better than Xbox?

There is no definite answer for this question.

The answer will depend on what kind of gaming experience you are looking for.

If you enjoy cinematic gaming, then the PlayStation is for you.

If you enjoy that “Arcade Feeling” then the Xbox is for you.

PlayStation is like Cinema.

Xbox is like Netflix.

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