How To Wake Someone Up Over The Phone?

how to wake someone up over the phone

In case of emergencies, it is important to know how to wake someone up using your phone.

You might also want to wake someone up over the phone to annoy them.

Or maybe you have a very important message to say.

Whatever your motives are, you are here to know how to wake someone up over the phone.

When “silent” mode is on, all alerts from contacts are muted on the user’s phone.

They won’t hear ringtones or warnings when you call.

However, even in “silent” mode, there are several ways to make them jump out of bed.

Follow these methods below to wake up someone using your phone.

Add Yourself To The “Emergency Contact” List

Any notifications on a device in “silent mode” will be blocked but the device will still vibrate and light up.

When a phone is in “Do Not Disturb” mode, notifications are blocked; the phone won’t vibrate or light up.

However, being listed as “emergency contact” can bypass these barriers.

Once you’re in the “emergency contact” list, your calls can bypass the “silent mode” and the “Do not Disturb” mode.

They will answer and cannot ignore your calls if you modify their “Do Not Disturb” preferences or add yourself as an emergency contact.

Allowed Notification Settings On Iphone

On iPhone, you can also update its settings to allow alerts on “silent mode.”

Here are the following steps to update their settings:

  1. Go to [settings].
  1. Click on [Focus].
  1. Select [People].
  1. From here, add yourself to the [Allow Calls From] list.
  1. After that, go to their contact list.
  1. Lastly, edit the info of your number.

By choosing a ringing tone that is loud and annoying, they’ll answer the call in no time.

Allowed Notification Settings In Android

Like in iPhone, you can also edit the allowed alerts in Android.

  1. From the top of the screen, swipe down on the phone’s screen to access the [Control center].
  1. Select [People] from the list of [What can disrupt Do Not Disturb] when the option appears.
  1. Click on [Calls from] and add your number to the list.
  1. Swipe [Alarms] to the right and enable sound alerts from your number.
  1. Go to their contact list.
  1. Edit the information of your number.

Choose a ringing tone that will immediately get their attention even when asleep.

Phone Alarm Apps For Android and IOS

These apps will allow you to wake up someone while they are sleeping, all while only using your phone!


You and your friends and family can stay productive and organized by using the social alarm and reminder app Galarm.

Galarm allows someone to create group chats, [buddy alarms,] and urgent alerts. Members can configure alarms in their apps or on a web browser.

Here is the step by step tutorial on how to use Galarm in waking up someone:

  1. Open Galarm app.
  1. On the app’s first screen, tap on the icon in the right corner to set a new alarm.
  1. Choose to [Create an alarm for Someone Else].
  1. Add the recipient from your contact list for whom you want to set the alarm.

The feature will only work for people who have Galarm app on their phones.

This video below will teach you how to set an instant alarm for a group of people on Galarm.

How to set an “instant alarm” for a group of recipients using Galarm

Snoozle Limited

A mobile application called Snoozle aims to alter how people wake up worldwide.

With Snoozle, users can make and send pals self-destructing audio notes that only play when the alarm goes off.

If you have Snoozle and have other friends in common, you can record yourself talking and send voice memos to others as a fun alternative to an alarm tone.

Up to 12 seconds of messages can be recorded by their friends and family.

The messages also self-destruct, so whoever sends them can be completely ridiculous without fearing that the voice memo will be replayed afterwards!

Wakie Chat

The app Wakie enables a total stranger to wake someone up.

Their numbers will be kept a secret from one another, and they must both reside in the same area and speak the same language.

According to WakieChat’s research, a 1-minute call with a stranger instantly activates the recipient’s brain, which is beneficial for lulling them back to sleep.

If this person genuinely clicks with the person who called them, they can message them on the in-app forum.

Though it is random, you can still wake someone up over the phone with the Wakie Chat app.

Wake me App

To vary up their morning routine, users of WakeMe can record their alarm tones and send them to random people.

The sender of the new alarm can chat with the person who awakens within 90 seconds.

Users of WakeMe can also establish profiles.

If they react to their alarm promptly enough, members can get to know one another in this manner.

There is also a feature for when the user wants to be awakened by a random individual of a specific gender.

Once a person begins adding friends, they can choose to only receive alarms from those friends.

Members get access to all of their alarms and can make a schedule.

They can notice when they need to get up, for instance, for exercise classes and tests.

Wake Up Light – Sunrise Alarm

Set a morning alarm for the person nearby, like on their nightstand.

Connect your phone to the sunrise alarm by installing an app that works with it.

Choose the time this individual wishes to wake up using the app.

Check to see if you’re on the same WiFi network; if so, you may use your phone to change this person’s morning alarm clock settings.

Most sunrise alarm applications also let you select the color of the light that this person wakes up to. Find out which color they favor.

Sunrise alarms provide a softer wake-up method and can help combat grogginess.


How Do I Wake Up Early?

Getting out of bed in the morning can be challenging because staying in bed usually sounds far more enticing.

But getting up early has several advantages for your health, including increased productivity, longer-lasting energy, higher sleep quality, and better focus.

Here are 10 tips to wake up early in the morning:

  1. Set an earlier bedtime.
  1. Drink milk.
  1. Unplug devices before bed.
  1. Avoid eating late at night.
  1. Silence your phone at night.
  1. Avoid coffee or any sugary drinks.
  1. Place your alarm clock across the room.
  1. Sleep with curtains open.
  1. Avoid all-nighters.
  1. Don’t leave the stomach empty before sleep.

Is 7 Hours Of Sleep Enough?

It depends on the age.

Everyone needs to get enough sleep for good health.

Sleep is more than just a time for your body and mind to rest. In fact, while you’re asleep, your body remains active.

Everybody has different sleep demands, which are influenced by several factors.

However, 7-9 hours each night is the recommended quantity for most adults.

Pay attention to how you feel throughout the day to evaluate if you’re getting the proper dose for yourself.

If you get adequate sleep, you should feel alert and energized during the day.

Why Is My Brain Slow In The Morning?

Sleep inertia is that heaviness you experience immediately after waking up.

You experience fatigue, a potential sense of disorientation, and a lack of readiness for immediate action.

Something like this can affect anybody.

The typical sleep inertia doesn’t last very long.

However, some people can have protracted sleep inertia, which lasts longer.

A kind of parasomnia known as sleep drunkenness or bewilderment during sleep arousal may occur more frequently in those with severe morning sleep inertia.

Why Do I Feel Smarter At Night?

According to studies, higher IQ individuals are more prone to diverge from well-known evolutionary features, such as circadian cycles.

Night owls who choose to wake up later in the day and stay up until the early morning hours might display an evolutionary trait.

The amount of time each person spends is the most significant practical distinction between early risers and night owls.

Early birds make the most of their mornings.

Typically, they rise earlier than everyone else to complete chores like exercising, getting ready for work, or engaging in hobbies.

On the other hand, night owls make the most of the evenings.

A recent study looked at the strength of each group at different times.

They conducted tests on morning people and night owls all day long and discovered that the peak hour for night owls was nine o’clock at night.

This is due to the fact that their spinal cord and central nervous system excitability are both at their peak simultaneously.

This gives night owls an evening energy boost to devote to activities like creativity, invention, and imagination.

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