Is Amouranth Transgender [What’s Her Sexual Orientation]

Amouranth Sexuality

Who Is Amouranth

Amouranth is popular because of her online presence on the Twitch platform. She is currently the most popular Twitch streamer, with more than 6 million followers.

With the popularity she has gained over the years, it is only natural for rumors to go around about her. Let’s say this is the prize she has to pay for being famous.

Common questions that have fueled rumors about Amouranth include how old she is, where she lives, how successful she is, and so on.

Also, the American Twitch streamer has, over the years, kept her love life private. This has made more people curious and asks questions about her sexuality.

But is Amouranth gay, as many have speculated? Is she transgender?

The answers to these and more are what we will cover in this article. So read on.

How Old Is Amouranth?

Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, or Amouranth as fans know her, was born on December 2, 1993. She was born in Houston, Texas, grew up there, and lives there to date.

As of 2023, the American content creator was 30 years old.

In one of her interviews, Amouranth stated she spent most of her childhood days watching tv as was common with children of working parents. As a result, the content creator developed a love for modeling and cosplay.

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For her, cosplaying is an avenue to express her artistic side. She also enjoys mimicking her favorite fictional character while dressing up like them.

The American glamor model also had a passion for costume design. Eventually, she grew up becoming a self-taught costume designer.


Amouranth dressed as Spider-Gwen
Amouranth dressed as Spider-Gwen

So far, she has dressed up as many characters, including Mary Jane, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Harley Quinn, and many others. While pursuing her career as a cosplayer, she started posting pictures and videos of herself on social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Twitch.

She first signed up on Twitch in 2016 after getting an offer from the platform and started streaming costume design and gameplay content. However, she later became well-known for her Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), dancing, and hot tub content.

 Amouranth in one of her Twitch streams
Amouranth in one of her Twitch streams

So far, Amouranth has gained a large following on her different social media accounts. She has over three million followers on Twitter, more than 400 thousand followers on Instagram, and close to a million subscribers on her youtube.

On Twitch, the social media diva has over six million followers. She also has over 400 thousand followers on her Facebook page.

Reasons People Question Amouranth’s Sexuality

Despite being active on her social media platforms, the American content creator hardly shares her love life online. People have not determined if she is currently married or in a relationship.

Because of this, many have assumptions about her sexuality. While some believe she is into men, others think she is transgender.

So is Amouranth Trans or Gay?

Amouranth is not trans. She is not gay, either.

The fact that she has yet to address rumors that she is trans does not mean she is. Also, so many videos of her having physical intimacy with men prove that she is not into women.

In 2022, the model shocked her fans by disclosing on her Twitch account that she has been married to Nick Lee for seven Years. This revelation further proves that she likes men, not women.

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Is Amouranth Married? Who Is Her Husband?

On Sunday evening of October 15, 2022, Amouranth unveiled on-stream for the first time that she has been married for seven years to Nick Lee. The twitch star also revealed that the husband emotionally abuses her, forcing her to stream for several hours to create explicit sexual content.

Amouranth also revealed that the husband insisted she keeps her marital status private so she won’t lose engagements and fans. She also showed hundreds of thousands of views watching her text message of Lee threatening to kill her dogs.

The husband also threatened to spend their money extravagantly until she answered him on the phone. Some fans have reacted to her revelation about her marriage as fake.

On the other hand, some twitch celebrities like xQc have risen to her defense, bashing trolls and describing their comments as “dumb.”

Is Amouranth Still With Her Husband?

Amouranth is no longer with Nick Lee. Two days after she went online to reveal how abusive Lee is, Amouranth unveiled she was free and that they had separated.

She also revealed to those watching that she has regained access to her OnlyFans account and her other accounts and would seek emotional and legal guidance.

Amouranth and her husband Nick Lee
Amouranth and her husband Nick Lee

What’s Amouranth’s Current Relationship Status?

Till now, the social media personality has never posted anyone on her page as her boyfriend or husband. She has remained discreet about her love life. Therefore, Amouranth is currently single and unmarried until she reveals otherwise.

How Much Does Amouranth Make A Month?

Amouranth has made quite a name for herself as a social media personality. For instance, in 2022, she ranked #1 on the most-watched female Twitch streamer list for the second time in a row.

According to Streamcharts, the Twitch star girl topped the list with over 32 million watch hours. On her Youtube Channel, Amouranth has over nine hundred thousand subscribers with over 122 million views since she joined the platform on January 17, 2011.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that she makes a sizable amount of money from these platforms. The Twitch superstar is indeed successful.

But how much does Amouranth make a month?  In July 2022, the American Cosplayer shared a screenshot on Twitter of her Gross earnings from OnlyFans.

The screenshot revealed that she had earned over 33 Million dollars since she signed up on the platform. This amounts to about 1.5 Million dollars per month on average.

In another interview, the cosplayer also revealed her gas station investments bring in about $85,000 annually. Her Twitch streams also generate a monthly income of $100,000 on average.

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Even though Amouranth has never posted anyone as her boyfriend or husband, this does not imply that she is gay. She is someone who always wants to keep her love life private. So as long as she has not publicly admitted to being gay, she is straight.

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