Is Henry Cavill Gay? GAY Moments & FUN Things You Didn’t Know

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is one of the popular names in the entertainment industry. With over 20 million followers on Instagram, the actor has a huge fan base worldwide.

His portrayal of the iconic character Superman for DC Comics is what has earned him the love and admiration of many across the globe.

However, we all know the prize that comes with fame. People pry into celebrities’ personal lives, make assumptions and push certain narratives which could be true or false.

The same has proved true for Henry Cavill.

For some time now, many people have contemplated his sexuality. Is Henry Cavill gay?

Why do people speculate that he is? All these and more are what we’ll look at in this article. So stick around.

Henry Cavill’s Background

Being one of the most popular and well-known actors of our time, it’s no surprise that Henry Cavill has had an interesting and eventful life.

Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill, known simply as Henry Cavill, was born in Saint Helier, Jersey, in the Channel Islands on May 5, 1983. His father, Colin Cavill, worked as a stockbroker while his mom, Marianne Dalgliesh, worked as a secretary in a bank.

Cavill has four other siblings (all boys) and is the fourth child. The British actor attended St Michael’s Preparatory School in Saint Saviour, Jersey, and Stowe School in Stowe, Buckinghamshire, England.

At an early age, during a school play, his renditions of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and Sonny LaTierri in “Grease” sparked his interest in acting. In the BBC documentary “40 Minutes,” he both starred in and directed Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

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At 17, casting directors discovered him. They had come looking for a young boy to play Albert Mondego in the 2002 “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

Since then, Cavill has taken on a number of iconic roles. Today, he is undoubtedly one of the most well-known actors in the world.

Actor Henry Cavill on finding his focus – interview | BOSS

YouTube video

Henry Cavill’s Achievements As An Actor

Cavill has gone on to have an incredibly successful career, starring in films like “Man of Steel”, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, and the upcoming “Justice League”.

He’s also well-known for his roles on television, like Charles Brandon on “The Tudors” and Napoleon Solo on the TV series “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”

But even though he’s famous, Cavill still remains humble, approachable, and down-to-earth.

He’s known for his charitable endeavors, like visiting sick children in hospitals or donating money to military families, and continues to be an inspiration to many people everywhere.

Of course, not everything has been easy for Henry Cavill – while he may seem invincible now as the Superman of our time, it certainly hasn’t always been that way.

In fact, rumors abound that being cast as Superman nearly ruined his career before it really even had a chance to begin; there were so many rumors about his off-screen life that it nearly overshadowed his work.

But despite the ups and downs, Henry Cavill remains one of the biggest stars in Hollywood today, and there’s no doubt that he will continue to be a powerhouse in years to come. He truly is an inspiration to us all!​

Cavill’s Sexuality: Why People Assume He is Gay

Good-looking, tall, and muscular, Henry Cavill is definitely a hit with most women. However, at almost 40, the British actor has never gotten married or had any public relationships with women.

That’s bound to get many of us thinking. And it’s enough reason for people to make assumptions and spread rumors about his sexuality.

But that’s not the only reason why people think Cavill is gay.

Cavill has stated in interviews that he simply hasn’t found the right person yet and doesn’t want to rush into anything, but this hasn’t stopped people from speculating.

There is also the fact that Cavill has been spotted out and about with other men on numerous occasions.

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There’s his close friendship with friend Corey Spears. An American actor, Spears is openly gay, and he is popularly known to be one of Cavill’s closest friends.

And you know how it is. Once a guy is seen with an openly gay man, it’s natural for people to assume that the two are romantic partners.

And for Cavill, his close friendship with Spears did not escape that scrutiny.

As close friends, the two friends spend time together and share online photos of themselves having fun and hanging out.

And one particular picture of Spears kissing Cavill on the cheek fueled the gay rumors and raised questions about whether they were more than just friends.

While this could simply be a platonic friendship, many people have taken it as a sign that Cavill is actually interested in men.

Finally, there is the fact that Cavill has played several gay roles throughout his career.

is henry cavill gay
Corey Spears kissing Cavill on the cheek

Another reason why people speculate about his sexuality is the kind of controversial roles he’s accepted. One instance is the lead role he played in Showtime’s television series “The Tudors.”

In the series, the British actor played the role of Charles Brandon, the 1st Duke of Suffolk, who had a homosexual relationship with King Henry VIII.

So Is the Rumour True?

Aside from these rumors and speculations, there’s no evidence that Henry Cavill is gay. In addition, the actor has never publicly admitted to being into men.

What’s more, the fact that the actor has dated many women suggests the exact opposite. Let’s take a look at some of the romantic relationships he has had in the past.

Past Relationships

One of the women Cavill has dated is the championship horse jumper Ellen Whitaker, which made headlines in 2009. According to reports, Cavill proposed to her after two years of dating.

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Whitaker also confirmed this to Belfast Telegraph in May 2011. According to her, “I couldn’t believe it when he asked me to marry him. I thought we were there to celebrate his birthday. It was such a surprise, and I am so happy.”

However, the two lovers ended up not getting married. They quietly ended their relationship in August 2012.

is henry cavil gay
Cavill with Ellen Whitaker

Following the breakup with Whitaker, Cavill began dating Gina Carano in 2012.

However, his relationship with Carano didn’t last very long either. Although they broke up soon after, they later reconciled in October 2013 before finally calling it quits in December of 2014.

henry cavill gay
Cavill with Gina Carano

According to reports, the reason behind their breakup was the American actress Kaley Cuoco.

While in a relationship with Gina, Cavill was allegedly having an affair with the actress. Rumors spread that his romance with “The Big Bang Theory” actress lasted for just ten days.

henry cavil gay
Henry Cavill with Kaley Cuoco

Another person who Cavill, then 32, was linked to was Tara King, then 19 years old. Tara King and Henry Cavill began dating in 2015 but made their first public appearances together in 2016 at Vanity’s Fair Oscars party.

In March 2016, Cavill confirmed their romance to the UK Mirror. This caused quite a stir, given that Tara was 13 years younger than Cavill.

The actor even defended the relationship the two had in an Elle interview. However, the relationship still didn’t last very long.

henry cavill is gay
Cavill with Tara King

Henry Cavill also dated stuntwoman Lucy Cork, whom he met while working on the set of Mission: Impossible — Fallout in 2017. They dated for about a year before quietly calling it quits.

is henry cavill straight or gay
Henry Cavill and Lucy Cork

Is Henry Cavill Dating Anyone Now?

Henry Cavill is currently in a relationship with Natalie Viscuso, former Vice President of TV and Digital Studios at Legendary Entertainment.

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On April 11, 2021, Cavill made their relationship official, just days after the pair were spotted on a romantic walk together in London.

henry caville gay
Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso spotted on a romantic stroll in London

Cavill shared a cute Instagram picture of the two of them playing chess with the caption: “This is me looking quietly confident shortly before my beautiful and brilliant love Natalie destroys me at chess.”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill)

The two love birds also made their public appearance together on October 27, 2022, at the premiere of Enola Holmes 2.

henry cavill sexuality
Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso at the premiere of Enola Holmes 2


Regardless of the many speculations that Henry Cavill is gay, there’s plenty of evidence to show that he is, in fact, not gay.

And even though he’s not yet married, his past and current relationships with women should clear any doubts about whether or not the actor is into men.

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