Is John Mayer Gay? His Sexuality Revealed

Is John Mayer Gay

John Mayer is an American award-winning singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. John started his music career back in the 90s and since then, he has won many awards.

Is John Mayer Gay? John Mayer is not gay. This is opposed to the opinion of many people as he was rumored to be in a relationship with Andy Cohen and as he’s neither married nor in any open relationship, it seemed much true.

As we go further in this article, we will be going over John’s career, the full gist of his sexuality, and some commonly asked questions about him.


 Berklee Institute of Music
Berklee Institute of Music

After enrolling at the Berklee Institute of Music in 1997, Mayer and Clay Cook started a duo called LoFi Masters. The band broke up as soon as Mayer declared his desire to write mainstream music and pursue a solo career. Afterward, he issued Within Wants Out as an independent EP.

In 2001, John Mayer took advantage of the early growth of online music by releasing the online-only album Room for Squares. Later, the album was remixed and re-released by Columbia Records, and by 2002, many of the album’s songs, including “Your Body is a Wonderland,” were being played on the radio.

Mayer’s second album, Heavier Things, was released in 2003. Even though the album wasn’t as popular as Mayer’s debut, the song “Daughters” won a Grammy in 2005.

The following phase of Mayer’s career saw him return to his earliest influences and begin working with Blues and Jazz musicians. The following album, Continuum, marked a shift from his prior “acoustic sensitivity” and brought Mayer additional Grammy awards. Afterward, Continuum was referred to as John Mayer’s “career-defining” record.

Even John Mayer thought War Studies was a step down from his earlier albums, even though it was another successful record for him. Beginning in 2010, John Mayer experienced a variety of setbacks, including increased media scrutiny, controversies, and vocal cord issues.

Mayer’s voice problems worsened with the release of the highly regarded album Born and Raised, raising concerns that his career as a vocalist might be coming to an end.

He, however, recovered in 2013 after taking a 2-year break from singing publicly. The same year, he released his sixth album, Paradise Valley. During the next few years, John Mayer began working on what he called a “deeply personal” album and started collaborating with the group Dead & Company. In 2017, he released his seventh album, The Search for Everything.

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John Mayer’s Gay Rumours

Social media has a way of creating imaginary situations. Once there is a clue on a particular subject, people take it seriously and add weird meanings to it.

That is why you should be wary of what you post on social media as one slight mistake can either cost you your career or bring you to the brink of death.

In the case of John May, his sexuality has been under criticism after he posted an odd picture of him and Andy Cohen on Andy’s birthday with a suggestive caption. In the Instagram post, he was seen holding Andy from the back like a couple would.

Many followers immediately concluded that they were a couple and John is Bisexual since he’s known to have been in many relationships with women in the past.

Aside from the picture, there hasn’t been any other reason to question John’s sexuality. He however has cleared the air on the rumors and we believe it is enough reason to see the rumors fade away.

Is John Mayer Gay?

And now to answer your burning question, John Mayer is not gay. John is straight and we have a lot of reasons to believe that.

Although Andy Cohen is openly gay, we can’t just conclude that anyone who is associated with him is gay. Of course, he has friends who are straight and we believe John is one of them.

Amid the controversy, Andy Cohen has come out to clarify things. In an interview with CNN, he said thus:

Listen, we have a very sweet friendship, and we are together all the time. I think that I was not surprised because we also have a great love for each other. So, it just seems like the obvious assumption.

Moving on in the interview, Cohen was asked if he was in a relationship with John and he answered “No”.

In an article for Entertainment Weekly in 2015, Cohen wrote “John Mayer and I have what some would consider an unlikely friendship. He’s one of our greatest living guitarists, and I’m regarded as the dude that stirs the s-t on late-night TV,”

We hope that you find these clarifications solid enough to deter you from further seeing John Mayer as gay. Next, we will buttress these points with a detail of his past relationships.

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Is John Mayer Married or In a Relationship?

John Mayer is currently single. He revealed this in an interview where he also mentioned that his song “Your Body is a Wonderland” was about one of his exes, Katy Perry.


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A post shared by John Mayer (@johnmayer)

John is known to have been in relationships with different women in the past, especially celebrities. John Mayer’s ex-girlfriends include:

  • Taylor Swift
  • Katy Perry
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Rashida Jones
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Scheana Shay
  • Rhona Mitra
  • Renée Zellweger
  • Vanessa Carlton
  • Cameron Diaz

FAQs About John Mayer

Is John Mayer Gay?

No, John Mayer is not gay

Is John Mayer in a relationship with Andy Cohen?

No, they are just close friends

How Old is John Mayer?

John Mayer is 45 years old (16 October 1977)

What is John Mayer’s net worth?

John Mayer’s net worth is estimated at $70 million as of 2022

Is John Mayer married?

John is currently single

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John Mayer is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist who has been in the industry for over 2 decades and has won many awards.

There have been rumors about his sexuality after he posted a suspicious picture of himself and the famous gay celebrity, Andy Cohen on his (Andy’s) birthday.

Many people assumed that they were a couple and there have been doubts about John’s sexuality since then.

However, Cohen has clarified things and stated that he is not dating John Mayer.

We hope that through this article, we have convinced you, our dear reader, that John is not gay or bisexual.

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