Is Joseph Quinn Gay? Does He Have A Boyfriend?

Is Joseph Quinn Gay

If you are making a list of actors who have had a career break in the last two years, Joseph Quinn will, of necessity, make it to the list.

The actor and model have won many hearts, garnering almost 8 million followers on Instagram after playing the character “Eddie Munson” in the series “Stranger Things.”

From a very young age, Joseph desired to become a well-known model and actor but became more serious about it after graduating from drama school.

While being interviewed by Rakish Gent after the completion of the project “Catherine the Great,” he had this to say about taking acting seriously.

“I realized that I wanted to take acting seriously when I went to drama school, and they instilled a reason to take it seriously, and storytelling can be a powerful vehicle for change.”

Joseph Quinn, in his interview with Rakish Gent
Joseph Quinn, in his interview with Rakish Gent

He started his acting career officially in 2011 when he starred in a CBBC series titled “Postcode” immediately after he graduated from drama school.

Over the years, the movie star has starred in other movies, including an episode in season 7 of Game of Thrones. He also was featured in season 4 of the series “Stranger Things,” where he played the character “Eddie Munson.”

His performance resulted in a rapid increase in his social media followers.

Surprisingly, the actor has managed to keep his offset life private. His desire for privacy in his affairs has not prevented people from speculating about him.

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There have been rumors that the actor may be into men. But what could have led to such rumors?

Let’s find out.

Is Joseph Quinn Gay?

Joseph Quinn is not gay. This can be proven in different ways.

Firstly as an actor, Joseph Quinn has never taken up any gay character. There hasn’t also been any public declaration of such.

Quinn has been silent over the topic, but his silence shouldn’t in any way be assumed as a concession.

However, some of his involvement with other men have been a fueling factor for the rumor. A typical example is Noah Schnapp, who linked Joseph with Doja Cat.

Noah has announced that he is gay. This brings Joseph to another criticism as Noah is his best friend and co-actor in the “Strange Things” movie.

But up till now, Joseph Quinn has not made a public statement on this, so we can as well say maybe he is not gay and doesn’t want to be associated with it in any way.

Whatever it may be, Quinn does not have to ponder on whether he is not gay or respond to the flying reports of him being in a gay relationship with his friend because he knows his stand.

Joseph Quinn’s Background

Joseph Quinn is a British National born on January 26, 1994. Google, however, listed his birth date as May 15, 1993.

In an interview at a “Stranger Things” Convention, the actor confirmed that he was born in January 1994. Much is not known about his parents, who are identified as Mr. and Mrs. Quinn.

His father is said to be a businessman, while his mother is a housewife. It appears he has always wanted to be an actor, as he enrolled in a drama school after high school.

Joseph Quinn was raised in a Christian home which influenced his beliefs as he identifies as a Christian. The actor grew up with three siblings: a brother and two sisters.

Childhood Picture of Joseph Quinn
Childhood Picture of Joseph Quinn

His brother is Arthur Edward Quinn, also known as Ed Quinn, an actor by profession, while his two sisters are Lizzy and Mary Quinn. Between 2007 and 2012, Joseph became a student at Emanuel School, Battersea.

He then enrolled and graduated from a Drama Academy in London in 2015. His debut in acting was on the CBBC television series “Postcode.”

As his acting career kicked off, Joseph starred in other TV shows after his first appearance, where he played lead roles. These shows include “Dickensian,” aired on December 26, 2016.

In 2017, the actor featured in another TV series titled “Howards End.” Other popular series where he made appearances include “Catherine the Great, Strike, and Les Misérables.”

Most of his appearances were on television series until 2018, when he starred in his first movie, “Overlord.” He also acted as “Eddie Munson,” a major character in the film “Stranger Things,” a role that shot him into the limelight and won him the heart of many fans.

Joseph Quinn has been nominated for and won some awards and recognitions. Notable among the awards is the 2017 Manchester Theater Awards for best actor in the studio production category.

He was also nominated for the 2022 Breaktudo Awards and Saturn Awards. The actor was also a nominee for the Alternative Film Festival Awards in the short film category.

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Joseph Quinn Gay Rumours

Rumor is part of a celebrity’s lifestyle. It is safe to say that a celebrity who doesn’t have rumors flying around about them from time to time is not popular or is outdated.

Joseph Quinn being a popular actor and model has had his share of the celebrity rumor. People have called him gay on several occasions and even posted it online.

The origin of this rumor can be traced to the fact that people think Joseph Quinn is in a Homo Relationship with Jamie Thicket.

To get this straight, Jamie Thicket is not gay, however, because of the way he acted like a gay man in a meeting, many have thought he is gay. Also, Joseph was in that same meeting with him because they are close friends and they mostly go to places together.

Other times, they have posted suggestive pictures that might make their claim of being gay assertive. These practices made a lot of their fans misjudge their sexuality.

Are these only assumptions? Let us dig deeper.

What Sparked the Rumors About Joseph Quinn’s Sexuality

Fans received the “Eddie Munson” character in “Stranger Things” with mixed feelings. There has also been curiosity as to the sexuality of the character.

While the producers of the movies did not establish that the character was gay, the costume choice for the character is suggestive, that may be the case. This has made many fans question whether Joseph Quinn is also gay off-screen since he played the role.

Another reason that could have added sparks to the fire ignited by the rumors was that he does not have a girlfriend that the public knows of. Aside from the speculations, there is no evidence that Quinn is not straight.

Joseph Quinn and Joe Keery
Joseph Quinn and Joe Keery

Is Joseph Quinn in a Relationship?

Joseph does not have a known girlfriend. Very little is known about his dating life as he has not shared any details with the public.

The actor is not married and has never been married. Recently, there have been rumors of the actor being romantically linked with the Australian model Alicia Davis.

The rumor was triggered by a video of the actor spotted in a London bar, sharing a drink with the model. Joseph and Alicia are not following each other’s accounts on Instagram and haven’t been spotted together again.

However, in a recent post on her official Instagram handle, the model was seen wearing the same top in the video with Quinn. Alicia has restricted comments on some of her posts as fans continue to ask questions about her involvement with the actor.

Although the actor is not dating anyone publicly, he may still be in a relationship.

A response by Noah Schnapp to Doja Cat’s inquiry about whether Quinn has a girlfriend may also indicate that the actor is currently not in a relationship.

On May 30, 2022, Doja Cat tweeted about Quinn being “fine.” Some interpreted her tweet to mean that she was attracted to the actor.

Fast forward to July 2022, Doja sends a direct message to Noah Schnapps, Quinn’s co-actor in the movie “Stranger Things,” asking if Quinn had a girlfriend. Schnapps responded by asking her to slide into Quinn’s DM.

Many co-stars in the “Stranger Things” movie share a close bond offset. If this close relationship is anything to go by, one may believe that Quinn is “not in a relationship,” as suggested by Schnapp’s response to Doja Cat.


Is Joseph Quinn Gay?

No, Joseph Quinn is not gay, also, findings show us he isn’t in any relationship currently despite his connections to Doja Cat and Alicia Davies. Well, Joseph Quinn is not gay and is not in any relationship with anyone.

Is Joseph Quinn Married?

No, Joseph is currently single.

What Is Joseph Quinn’s Net Worth?

Joseph Quinn has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2023.

What Is Joseph Quinn Known For?

His role as Eddie Munson in the popular movie “Strange Things”

Is Joseph Quinn Dating Someone?

You remember we mentioned earlier that Noah Schnapp was the one who introduced Joseph Quinn to Doja Cat. But let’s fill you in on the whole story to confirm that Joseph is not seeing Doja Cat.

It was Noah that showed everyone the truth of Doja having a crush on the “Stranger Things” top cast, Joseph Quinn. He revealed this in a TikTok post.

Noah said that Doja chatted with him saying, “Noah, can you tell Joseph to hmu?” Then she asked if Joseph was in a relationship with anyone.

Afterward, Noah gave her a go-ahead to message Quinn directly, however, she replied stating she was finding it difficult doing so because she was not familiar with Joseph Quinn’s social media handles. To help her further, Noah gave her Joseph’s Instagram handle.

One would have thought it would lead to something serious but she ended up only following him as they didn’t get far. Then she accused Noah of publicly showing their private chats.

Well, we could infer from this that since that didn’t work out we can rule out Doja Cat. As stated before, Joseph will always choose a private life any day and anytime.

It was so bad that it was revealed that he didn’t even want to handle his own Instagram account. Recently, Joseph has linked up with a model named Alicia Davis.

However, it not only brought nothing but gossip. All everyone is saying now is that he is single currently, and it looks as if that’s the truth.

Bottom Line

Joseph Quinn is an actor well-known for the outstanding roles he has played over the years being a top cast in blockbuster movies like Stranger Things and Game of Thrones.

Though he is mostly misjudged as being gay Joseph is known for being Straight and Homophobic. And he has been silent on this issue.

Although Joseph Quinn has kept details of his personal life away from the media, it has not stopped people from whispering about his affairs, including his sexuality.

The actor has not at any point announced that he is dating anyone. This is not reason enough to suggest he is gay because there is no evidence showing that he may be into men.

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