Is Kratos a Real God?

Is Kratos a Real God

Many of us may have heard of the popular video game called “God of War” where the main character is named Kratos.

In the game, Kratos is a Spartan warrior who goes on a rampage against the Greek gods after they trick him into murdering his wife and child.

So the question is, is Kratos actually based on a real god? Or is he just a fictional character from the mind of the game’s creators?

Who Is Kratos?

Some people believe that Kratos may be based on the Norse god, Thor. Both Thor and Kratos are known for their incredible strength and ability to wield powerful weapons.

Additionally, both characters have been known to go on rampages, destroying everything in their path.

Is Kratos a Real God?

Based on Greek mythology books, Kratos is indeed a real god. However, his story is quite different from what is seen in the video game series.

In Greek mythology, Kratos is the god of strength and power. He is often depicted as a muscular man with a large sword.

Kratos is one of the Olympian gods who reside on Mount Olympus. He is the son of Pallas and Styx. In some stories, he is also the father of Nike (the goddess of victory).

According to some writings of Hesiod, Kratos and his sister Bia were the winged enforcers of Zeus. They would often carry out Zeus’ bidding and punish those who defied him.

While Kratos is a real god in Greek mythology, it is doubtful that he is based on the Norse god Thor. It is more likely that he was created by the mind of the game’s creators.

However, there are some similarities between the two characters which may have influenced the decision to make Kratos a god.

God Of War – The Story Behind Kratos – (Greek Mythology)

Kratos’ Role in Greek Mythology

Kratos played a major role in many of the famous battles between the Olympian gods and their enemies.

For example, he fought alongside Zeus during the Titanomachy (a ten-year war between the Olympian gods and the Titans).

He also fought against the giants during the Gigantomachy (a war between the Olympian gods and the giants).

Kratos is best known for his role in helping Zeus defeat Cronus (the ruler of the Titans).

What Happened to Kratos?

In most versions of Greek mythology, Kratos is eventually overthrown by his son Apollo.

Other stories say that he kills himself after accidentally killing his own wife and children.

Interestingly, in the “God of War” video game series, Kratos does kill his wife and child. However, this does not lead to his downfall. Instead, it drives him to seek revenge against the Greek gods.

It is clear that there are many similarities between Kratos from the video games and the real god from Greek mythology.

However, there are also some major differences. It is up to each individual to decide if they believe that Kratos is a real god or not.

Difference Between Thor and Kratos

However, there are some differences between the two characters. For one, Thor is typically associated with thunder and lightning, while Kratos is not.

Additionally, Thor is known for his good deeds and kindness, while Kratos is known for his brutality and anger.


So, is Kratos a real god? While there are some similarities between the character from the “God of War” video games and the Greek god from mythology, there are also some major differences.

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