Is Markiplier Gay Or Bisexual? [Why Is His Sexuality Doubtful]


Mark Edward Fishbach, popularly known as Markiplier, is one of the most iconic and famous YouTube gaming creators. His YouTube page has garnered over 34 million followers and over 19 billion cumulative views.

In 2019, Forbes stated that he was the 6th highest-paid Youtuber in the world.

He is the co-founder of Cloak, a clothing company, along with Jacksepticeye, a fellow YouTuber, and he also co-hosts the “Distractible podcast” with “Muyskerm” and “LordMinion777”.

His large subscribers on YouTube has made him one of the most successful YouTube gamers of all time. However, with great success, comes great paparazzi.

Like other famous people, Markiplier’s fans are not only interested in the entertainment that he provides. They also want to know what’s going on in his personal life.

There have been many questions about him, but one of the most recurring inquiries is this: Is Markiplier gay?

Many Celebrities, no matter how much they try to keep their lives private, end up being in the spotlight one way or another, and Markplier is just another victim of this fan-backed curiosity. He has begun to feel the heat as fans are speculating about his sexuality, with many people asking if the YouTuber is gay.

But what could have triggered this line of questions about Markiplier’s sexuality and could he be gay? Keep reading to find out.

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Markiplier’s Background

Mark Edward Fischbach was born on June 28, 1989, to Cliffton Fischbach, a native of Louisville, Kentucky, and Sunok Frank, a South Korean.

His father, Cliffton, served in the US military. And it was in active service, while stationed in South Korea, that he met Sunok Frank, a Korean nurse. This nurse would later become his wife and Markplier’s mother.

After Markplier was born, the family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where the gaming star was raised.

Although his parents separated when he was young and married other people, Markiplier maintained a close relationship with them. He also speaks highly of both of his stepparents.

In July 2008, Markiplier’s father passed away. His mother is still alive and has appeared in several of his videos.

In those videos, she’s done things like paint his nails, teach him Korean and play horror games with him. Fans lovingly refer to her as “Momiplier.”

Fischbach has an older brother named Jason Thomas Fischbach, a digital artist.

Originally, Markiplier enrolled at the University of Cincinnati to study medical engineering. But he left when his YouTube channel, which he launched in May of 2012, gained popularity.

This channel was, however, not his first one. Markiplier had joined YouTube in March 2012 when he created the ‘Markiplier’ account.

But he had to shut down the channel, which had 94,000 followers at the time, due to some issues with his AdSense account.

In May 2012, he launched his new channel, ‘markiplierGAME,’ which he would subsequently rename ‘Markiplier.’ Currently, he has more than 32 million subscribers and over 5,000 videos.

On his YouTube account, Mark shares gameplays, amusing videos, comedy sketches, animated parodies, and other types of entertainment. He gained fame as Markiplier, uploading videos of himself and sometimes of his friends, playing and commenting on video games.

In 2014, Fishbach began his “Five Night at Freddy’s” (FNAF) playthrough, and it became his most popular video. The first part had over 107 million views as of February 2023, making it one of the most-watched playthroughs to date.

Since then, Markiplier has been considered the King of FNAF. Not only was the game a sensation, but Markiplier’s fans were especially excited to see his take on the experience, especially his goofy facial expressions and his hilarious comments.

Another aspect of Markiplier’s works that his fans enjoy is his superimposing his voice over cute animals and making them say inappropriate things.

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Markiplier’s Sexuality: Why People Assume He is Gay

Markiplier is a handsome, tall, and strong man who would be popular with the majority of women and even men. This has led fans to speculate whether he is gay, straight, or bisexual.

One of the reasons for the speculation is the relationship between Markiplier and his fellow creators, particularly Sean Mcloughlin, better known as Jacksepticeye. The duo created Fandom shipping videos termed “Septiplier,” a mix of Markiplier’s “plier” and Jacksepticeye’s “sep.”

‘Shipping’ is a popular concept in the YouTube community. It’s a word derived from “relationship,” and it shows the desire by followers of two or more individuals, whether actual people or fictitious characters, to be in a love or sexual relationship.

Septiplier is a very popular ship within the YouTube gaming community. In fact, among their fandom, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye are one of YouTube’s “power couples.”

Both Mcloughlin and Markiplier are famous YouTube gamers. They have collaborated several times, and in the videos, they are seen to get on really well.

Their first video together was a sandbox video that was released on April 24, 2014. Since then, they have had several collaborations, including one where Markiplier took quizzes on how much he knew jacksepticeye.

In that video, Mark intentionally answered the question asking about his and Mcloughlin’s ship name incorrectly. He got good scores on each quiz.

He and Jacksepticeye also own Cloak, a clothing brand for gamers.

Another particular incident that fueled the rumors that Markiplier might be gay was the instance of Jacksepticeye hugging Markiplier in one of those videos. But despite the rumors and speculations, it was evident in those videos that Markiplier and Jacksepticeye were having fun and cracking jokes.

Both are good buddies with a bit of a friendly rivalry, and there’s nothing more to it.

Jacksepticeye hugging Markiplier
Jacksepticeye hugging Markiplier
Septiplier - Jacksepticeye and Markiplier
Septiplier – Jacksepticeye and Markiplier

Another reason for the assumption that Markiplier is gay is the fact that in 2017, the YouTube gaming star launched a GofundMe to raise money for LGBTQ human rights campaign. In just one day, he raised over $128,000 to improve the lives of LGBTQ people.

He also hosted a YouTube Livestream to encourage his 16 million subscribers to support the cause.

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So Is the Rumor True?

The Rumor about Markiplier being gay is certainly not true, as the YouTube star has never come on record to state that he is gay.

For several years, It had been rumored that fellow YouTuber and graphic designer Amy Nelson, also known as Peebles, was in a romantic relationship with Markiplier. However, all of this was mostly speculation and “fan-backed” detective work until 2021, when Amy posted a video to her channel titled “How Mark and Amy Met”.

The video was basically a reveal of their relationship together, and since then, they have been more vocal about their love for each other.

In retrospect, Markiplier uploaded a video to his channel in 2017 with the title “Girlfriend Does My Makeup,” in which he featured Amy. This could have been a deliberate hint dropped by Mark to give an insight into the real situation of things.

YouTube video

Due to his present affiliation with Amy and the fact that he has not come out as gay but instead has said severally in his videos that he is straight, it is clear that the rumor is not true, and Markiplier is definitely not gay.

Markiplier’s Relationships

Mark Fischbach and Amy Nelson
Mark Fischbach and Amy Nelson

Like most celebrities who lead private lives, much is not known about Markiplier’s past relationships. But as of 2023, Markiplier is in a relationship with Amy Nelson, a graphic designer, and animator known online as Peebles.

Markiplier and Nelson have been dating for a while, but they’ve also remained incredibly private throughout their relationship. It took them a while to finally reveal their relationship to the public.

Why they didn’t reveal it before 2021 is unknown. Perhaps they felt shy and unsure of themselves.

Whatever the cause, it is now widely known that they are a couple.

She made an appearance in Markiplier’s 2016 “Don’t Laugh Challenge” YouTube video. Later, she frequently appeared in his videos, including one where she applied makeup to his face, among others.

In 2021, a video titled “How Mark and Ammy Met” was published on her YouTube channel. Mark was there, and they both spoke extensively about how they first met.

Additionally, she made a post in 2020 on Instagram, saying, “5 years, so we’re allowed to be Lil corny!” This confirms that they started their relationship in 2015.

Markiplier and Nelson with their dog, Chica
Markiplier and Nelson with their dog, Chica

The couple shares a golden retriever named Chica and a retriever mix called Henry. And they still create incredible videos together, showing that they are very committed to their relationship and dedicated to one another.


Despite the numerous rumors that Markiplier is gay, there is a ton of proof to support the contrary. Just because he supports the LGBTQ+ community does not make him gay.

Also, although he gets along well with both men and women, the fact that he has been with Amy Nelson for so long should dispel any gay speculations.

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