Is Phasmophobia on Xbox? When Will Phasmophobia be on Xbox?

Is Phasmophobia on Xbox

Phasmophobia is an online co-op horror game.

You can team up with up to 4 people in the game.

Phasmophobia is available on PC and it is purchasable on Steam.

The game is still in early access and it is not yet available on Xbox or PS4.

Let’s discuss in this article if and when will Phasmophobia be available on Xbox.

Is Phasmophobia on Xbox?

Currently, the game is still not on Xbox.

The game was an early access steam game officially released only on Windows PC.

The game is all about ghost hunting.

It has been a massive hit and a lot of horror game enthusiasts have been playing the game since release.

A player of 4 will explore a location and find clues that will lead to the conclusion of why the place is being haunted by ghosts.

The game features horrific jump scares and scary background music, adding up to the horror element while playing the game.

When Will Phasmophobia Be Available On Xbox?

The developers did not give an exact date when they will release a console version of the game.

Considering that the game is still in early access, it might still take a bit more time before we get the game on Xbox.

In one Reddit discussion, a developer replied that they will release an Xbox version of the game once it becomes more “fleshed out”.

This basically means that the game might still have features that need to be improved or added before it goes out of early access.

Will Phasmophobia Be On Xbox?

What is Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia is a horror-psychological video game developed by Kinetic Games.

If you play this game, you and along with other friends will be spawned in a location infested with ghosts.

Your job is to eradicate the ghosts while trying not to get yourself killed in the process.

You will be given items like UV lights, flashlights, cameras, etc. in order to do your ghost hunting job.

On October 15 2020, the game was considered to be the 6th most popular game played and streamed on Twitch.

The game was also popular on Steam and a lot of people purchased it.

What Is Phasmophobia? How Do I Play Phasmophobia? – TLDR

Further Explanation About Phasmophobia Coming On Xbox.

A lot of people have been asking around the internet regarding the updates of Phasmophobia being released for Xbox or PS4.

In October 2021, in one Reddit thread, a redditor posted a question asking about news of Phasmophobia being released to consoles (PS4, Xbox, etc.).

A developer from Kinetic games codenamed; cjdxn4, responded saying “We’re going to release it on consoles when the game is more fleshed out. It will take a decent amount of time and content is priority at the moment”.

In July 2022, there are still no updates about the game releasing on Xbox.

Another reason adding to the difficulties when porting the game to Xbox is because of the controls.

Gamers on the internet stated that the developers have been working on fixing controller issues on the game.

However, it is unclear whether it is the controller for VR, or for console.

People are not very hopeful regarding the updates of the game coming to console.

One of the big reasons is because Phasmophobia was originally developed by only 1 person.

According to Eurogamer, despite its popularity on Steam, Phasmophobia was only developed by 1 guy.

This developer codenamed “Dknighter”, is a 25 year-old UK indie video games developer.

Developer Dknighter stated that due to the growth in popularity of the game, he will be needing more people to work on adding new contents and further improving the game.

This Eurogamer article was published on June 19 2021.

As of July 2022, the game has 4 developers working on it.

Considering the very small amount of people working on the game, the porting of the game to consoles might take a lot more time.


Who Created Phasmophobia?

Daniel Knight created Phasmophobia.

The game was originally named Spectrophobia when he started developing it in 2018.

According to Phasmophobia Fandom The earliest changelog available for the game in early-alpha dating back to December 2019.

On March 3 2020, the game was renamed Phasmophobia and the company took the name Kinetic Games.

Who Are The People Working On Phasmophobia?

Daniel Knight is the lead developer of the game.

A guy named Botsero was the main tester and idea curator for the game.

On June 18 2021, two new workers were added to the development team.

Corey J. Dixon is the newly recruited Lead Artist and Benjamin Lavender is the new Senior Developer.

On May 16 2022, Jack Skinner was added to the team as an Artist.

How To Play Phasmophobia?

The horror game can be played alone or together with friends.

To play with friends, you need to create or join a lobby server.

The host of the lobby will be the one to decide what location to choose and how difficult the game should be.

Your first objective in the game would be to find out what type of ghost is in the area.

According to Phasmophobia Fandom Wiki, to do the first objective, the player must conduct an investigation, using their equipment to locate the ghost room and find various forms of evidence.

This evidence must be recorded in the logbook, which contains information about the different types of ghosts, as well as an automatic sorter based on the information entered.

Players can also use the characteristics of the different types of ghosts as recorded in the journal to identify the ghost.

The game also gives the players equipment that will help them with their mission on ghostbusting.

Different objects will come out depending on the type of ghost found.

While in the investigation area, the sanity level of the players will gradually decrease.

The sanity level will also be affected by other actions the players may take.

Once the sanity threshold falls low enough, the ghosts will issue a hunt and attempt to kill the players.

During hunts, doors leading to the exit will be locked and players will not be able to escape the area.

They will have no choice but to hide or keep running away from the ghost until the hunt expires.

There are different strategies and equipment that can be applied in order to have better survival chances on hunts. 

Where Can I Play Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia is officially available on Windows 10 and it can be purchased on Steam.

It can also be played on a Steam Deck.

The game is unofficially available on macOS, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 11, and Linux.

The game is not yet out on Xbox, PS4, PS5, and other consoles.

What Are The Ghosts In Phasmophobia?

Ghosts are the main focus of the game.

There are different types of ghosts with different characteristics.

Your job is to identify the ghost.

Here is a list of all ghost types in the game.

  • Banshee

-The banshee will target only 1 player at a time

  • Demon

-Demon ghosts will initiate hunts more often

  • Deogen

-will always know your location when you are inside the hunt area, and can move very fast when travelling to another location.

  • Goryo

-Can only be seen interacting with D.O.T.S through a camera

  • Hantu

-A hantu can move faster in cold areas

  • Jinn

-The jinn will move faster if you are far away

  • Mare

-Is more hostile in dark rooms

  • Moroi

-Can cause your sanity to fall down faster. The lower your sanity level, the faster the Moroi will move.

  • Myling

-Will have quiet footstep during hunts

  • Obake

-Leaves fingerprints the quickly disappears

  • Oni

-Will cause more ghost events

  • Onryo

-Will attack players when you use fire extinguishers

  • Phantom

-Players that stare / look into the phantom will lose sanity very fast

  • Poltergeist

-Will throw multiple objects

  • Raiju

-Can move faster when near electronics

  • Revenant

-If a revenant spots you in a hunt, they will start moving really fast

  • Shade

-Difficult to locate

  • Spirit

-The most common type of ghost, they do not have unique abilities but can still be hostile

  • Thaye

-Entering the ghost room will move the Thaye active and move quickly

  • The Mimic

-The mimic will imitate other ghost’s unique abilities

  • The Twins

-The twin will have the same actions at the same time regardless of their location. They can never do a double hunt

  • Wraith

-Salts will not cause UV footprints to Wraiths

  • Yokai

-A Yokai will be agitated if players talk while near it.

  • Yurei

-Yurei ghosts will affect your sanity more

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