Is Usher Gay or Bi-Sexual?

Is Usher Gay

Usher Raymond IV, popularly known as Usher, is among the big names in the entertainment industry. The American R&B music star has a large fan base globally, with more than 52 million followers on Facebook and 10.7 million on Instagram.

Usher came into the limelight right after signing a contract with LaFace Records. This recording contract resulted from his incredible performance at Star Search.

The R&B singer went on to release his first album in the year 1994. Usher has remained relevant in the entertainment world over the years, leaving and appearing on the scene at intervals.

He has also gone ahead to release more albums that sold millions of copies within the first week of their release. The popularity of his songs has placed him on top of the charts, and he has won many awards, including the People’s Choice and Grammy Awards.

However, there is always a price to pay for being in the limelight. For most celebrities, this price includes being unable to keep their lives private.

People also assume certain narratives about celebrities that may be false or true, and Usher has had his fair share of rumors. There have been speculations that Usher may be gay or bi-sexual.

What could have led to such rumors? Stick around in this article, and you will find out.

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Usher Raymond’s Background

Usher Raymond was born in Dallas, Texas, on 14 October 1978. He was one of the children from the union between his parents, Usher Raymond III and Jonetta Paton.

His father was a pastor at the Chapel of Taylor Fune, Tennessee. Usher grew up with little or no relationship with his father, Usher Raymond III, an absentee parent who left when the music star was one.

The music star lived with his mother, who later became his manager when he entered stardom. While growing up, Usher sang in the choir at his local church.

Usher with his mom Jonetta
Usher with his mom Jonetta

Usher also participated in several talent hunts before securing the LaFace Records contract. The R&B star released his first album in 1994 at 15.

The album released in 1994 was not considered a commercial success. However, in 1997, 16 September to be precise, the pop star released his second album, “My Way.”

This second album was what brought him into the limelight. Since then, Usher has released other albums that have graced the airwaves and made him a popular music artist globally.

What Triggered the Rumor About Usher’s Sexuality?

While some celebrities who are not straight have openly admitted to the status of their sexuality, Usher had never come out to say he was gay or bi-sexual. However, there have been rumors that he may be into men.

In 2017, the rumors about his sexuality intensified due to a lawsuit against Usher by two women and a man. The plaintiffs claimed that the R&B star endangered their lives by exposing them to herpes due to unprotected sex.

The three persons, Jane Doe, Joe Doe, and Quantasia Sharpton, laid claims to specific damages. The case was finally resolved amicably among all parties involved in 2019.

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Is the Rumor True?

The pop star has never admitted to not being straight. Aside from the lawsuit that raised eyebrows about Usher’s sexuality, there is no evidence to corroborate the speculations that he may be gay or bisexual.

The music star has been married and divorced twice and has dated some women in the past. In 2007, he got married to Tameka Foster, who was his stylist at the time.

The couple had two children: Naviyd Ely Raymond and Usher Raymond V. The marriage lasted for two years, and in 2009, the couple went their separate ways.

Usher with his ex-wife Tameka Foster
Usher with his ex-wife Tameka Foster

In 2015, Usher gave marriage a chance again and tied the knot with his girlfriend, Grace Miguel. The marriage lasted for three years and was officially dissolved in 2018.

The alleged reason for the divorce was their inability to reach a compromise on the best ways to start a family. While it was alleged that Grace wanted surrogacy because of some complications on conception, Usher opted for adoption.

Usher and his ex-wife Grace were separated for 9 months before deciding to divorce. Reports have also suggested that the decision to divorce was a mutual one.

Usher with his ex-wife Grace Miguel
Usher with his ex-wife Grace Miguel

Aside from his two known marriages, Usher has also been linked with other women. Between 2001 and 2003, he dated the American actress, songwriter, and singer Rozondo Thomas known by her fans as Chilli.

There were so many speculations as to the reason for their break up. After the release of his album “Confessions,” the speculations intensified, with some believing that Usher’s relationship with the girl group singer inspired the album.

However, Rozondo Thomas, in an interview, said that Usher never cheated on her when they were together. Instead, the reason for their breakup was that it was time.

Usher Raymond with Rozondo Thomas
Usher Raymond with Rozondo Thomas

In 2004, Usher became romantically involved with Naomi Campbell, a relationship that lasted only a few months. He was also spotted in clubs in 2006, snuggling with Pamela Anderson on several occasions.

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Is Usher Dating Anyone Now?

Usher is currently dating Jennifer Goicoechea, a senior director at Epic Records. The two became an item in 2019 after Usher’s divorce from Grace Miguel was finalized.

In early 2020, the pair announced they were expecting and welcomed their daughter Sovereign Bo Raymond in September of the same year. The music star took to his Instagram to celebrate the arrival of his beautiful daughter.

A year later, the couple announced another addition to the family in the person of their son Sire Castrillo Raymond.

Usher with his girlfriend, Jennifer Goicoechea
Usher with his girlfriend, Jennifer Goicoechea


Although there have been so many rumors that Usher may be gay or bi-sexual, there is evidence that shows that the singer is not into men.

He has been married twice, has had several relationships, and currently has a girlfriend. His relationship history should erase any doubt that the star is not straight.

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