J Prince Net Worth: Age IG Wife Son House Boxing

J Prince Net Worth

J Prince Net Worth, Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Height, Weight, Family, Boxing, Income, and many more details can be checked on this page. J. Prince is a top-rated American hip-hop producer and an American businessman known for working with a wide range of hip-hop artists.

What Is J Prince’s Net Worth

Most of his net worth has come from being an entrepreneur and the CEO of Rap-a-Lot Records based in Houston. With a career spanning over 20 years in mentoring and producing rap music, it makes sense to see his net worth grow.

J. Prince has a net worth of around $25 million as of January 2023. Such a net worth reflects what he has worked on during his many years as an entrepreneur. 

We talk a lot more about his personal life to understand his humble beginnings, the career that made his name, how he makes and spends his money, and so much more. By the end, you should know who J. Prince is and what makes him stand out.

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Who Is J Prince

Prince was born on October 31, 1964, as James L Smith. The name J. Prince came later when he started working as a music producer.

His mother, Sharon Johnson, was still young at the age of 16 when he gave birth to J. Prince. Still, she already had a 1-year old daughter called Zenia when giving birth to J. Prince. It must have been interesting growing up with a sister a year older than him plus a young mum too.

Prince is born and raised in Houston his whole life. He has often talked about living in Coke Apartments which had the nickname “the Bloody Nickel.” He claims to have not had the worst childhood, but still, it could be better.

As tragedy would have it, Zenia, J. Prince’s older sister got hit by a train while walking home from school. At the time, she was in junior high.

Prince went on with his studies at Kashmere High and graduated from the same school later. Luckily, he got his first job working at the Colonial Savings and Loan’s Fault Department. He worked at the department for two years before being laid off. That is when he picked up the job of repairing and flipping cars.

Big Chief, Denzel Washington, and J Prince 1994.

The car business was good to the point he had over $100,000 in savings by the age of 21. He later bought a 30-acre ranch and his mother a house while still young.

Right now, J Prince is a proud father of seven grown children. He has maintained his Houston ranch which makes him a decent income of around $200,000 per year from raising the Angus cattle.

Net Worth $25 million
Age 58
Born October 31, 1964
Gender Male
Height 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Country of Origin United States of America
Source of Wealth Music Record Label And Business


Prince is largely known for his entrepreneurial mindset and the Rap-a-Lot record label based in Houston, Texas.

He started the record label in 1986, now becoming the music industry’s household name.

When he started the record label, he did it so to give his little brother a place to make money for himself and stay off the streets. Later, he decided to give the record label more time, and that is how it blossomed into what it is now.

It was not long before the record label moved to New York in the late 80s. Back then, he started working with different talents and other record labels, including Def Jam. That is how he discovered rappers such as Willie D, Scarface, and Geto Boys.

J Prince with Willie D at 2014

It was not always rosy. This is because the label was under FBI investigation at some point. However, the feds did not find much, so the case was dropped. This is what even drove Prince to do his best work. That is why the label grew even bigger and has maintained success ever since.

You may have heard of rappers referencing the record label, such as Notorious BIG. The most notable is the Flava in Ya Ear remix when he says, “I’m not from Houston, but I Rap-a-Lot.”

That is not all, as the record label has been referenced by other artists, including Snoop Dogg, Devin the Dude, and others.

Prince also inspired his son to create a record label named Southern Empire Entertainment. It shows that he has been a good influence on his children too.

We cannot forget how he has been instrumental in discovering young talents such as Drake. It is Prince who introduced Drake to Lil Wayne and had him signed under Young Money. We all know now how Drake has flourished with his own label too.

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J. Prince Boxing

Other than being in the music scene, Prince is also into boxing. He has often claimed that he loved boxing while growing up. He proceeded to become an amateur fighter too. He may have not lasted long to be a pro, but he managed several boxers in the industry.

j prince net worth 2022

Prince worked on developing the JPrince Boxing gym which helped many young boxers get discovered and introduced to the world. His gym later became part of the Prince Boxing Complex which is under the multi-million Prince Boxing Enterprise.

What you might not know is that he wanted to be Mike Tyson’s manager at some point. However, Tyson was not interested. That is when he picked up a young Floyd Mayweather and mentored him to be the best. Of course, Floyd Mayweather Sr. was closely monitoring.

There is enough information showing that Prince supervised many other boxers. Some of them include Hasim Rahman, Efe Ajagba, Diego Corrales, Winky Wright, and more.


  • He bought a 30-acre ranch when he was just 21 years
  • Started the Rap-a-Lot record label in 1986
  • Honored alongside Master P, Timbaland, Jermaine Dupre, and Slick Rick for their creative contributions and philanthropic ventures
  • He has an estimated net worth of $25 million and will potentially remain growing over the years
  • He started a condom company called Strapped after his close friend got HIV and died within a couple of months.


Prince has managed to keep his wife out of the limelight for a while now. Well, he has been married to Mary Prince since the 80’s, and together, they have 7 kids. They include three popular sons named J Prince Jr, Jas, and Jay Baby Jay who are all in the boxing and music industries.

(Left to Right: Jas Prince, Prince Sr., Jay Prince, J Prince Jr.) Walking out of the living room and heading to the pool outside

J Prince’s Houses & Cars

With an estimated net worth of $25 million, you expect such a person to spend big and Yes, he does that.

Prince currently has several properties in different states across the country. This includes a ranch he bought when he was only 21 years old.

We also know of an island he owns in Belize, which should be a nice way of spending those millions.

As for cars, Prince has several supercars and luxurious cars that he enjoys driving around. A good example is the Rolls Royce with a starting price of $340,000.


J Prince was once under harsh criticism over Takeoff’s death. He has, however, come out to offer his condolences and still address the issue. He is quoted saying, “This shouldn’t have happened in our city.” 

J Prince has also recently done an extensive interview with Givin Them The Business podcast talking about his label Rap-a-Lot, his life, and so much more. 

YouTube video

J Prince Charity

Prince is also known for giving back to his community. That is why you can easily get information on the charities he has been involved in over the years.

For over 20 years now, he has largely worked to improve the Houston rap scene by ensuring there is peace and talent is nurtured always.

We have also seen cases where he helped underprivileged kids get an education and also help improve their life better.

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J Prince’s  Social Media


We can see that J. Prince has had a great career in the music industry spanning decades. This has brought high great success to the point he loves what he does with passion.

He has also influenced some of his sons to follow in his footsteps and get into the showbiz industry. Despite his success, he has also ventured a lot into philanthropy activities. This has earned him recognition on various stages.

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