Jake Flint Net Worth

Jake Flint's Net Worth

Jake Flint was an American Red Dirt countryside Singer, Songwriter, guitarist and media personality. The country singer was famous for his hit songs “Cowtown,” and “Fireline”. Flint was loved by many because of his genuine personality.

Sadly, Flint left the world in his sleep on November 27, 2022, barely a few hours after his wedding. He joins the list of celebrities like Ray Liotta, Tom Parker and Barbara Walters who died in 2022.

What is Jake Flint’s Net Worth

At the time of his death in 2022, Flint’s net worth was estimated at $1 million. Flint earned basically from his song streams, live shows and business. Jake had a bright future in the music industry with lots of fans who enjoyed his songs and lifestyle.

Stay on this page as we go further to reveal Jake’s annual earnings and his journey to success. We will also discuss his biography, career and achievements, his personal life and frequently asked questions about him.

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Jake Flint’s Net Worth Annually

It would be hard to say exactly how much Flint had made over the years and how exactly they came about. But all we know is that there has been a gradual but steady increase in the former red dirt music star’s annual earnings.

Like Vicente Fernandez, His earnings came from singing which he did with passion and love for his fans. He released four studio albums throughout his career and although we can’t say exactly how much he made from them, they were all good songs.

As for his YouTube earnings, he currently has 2.54k subscribers with over 678,500 thousand video views across his sixteenth videos. With an average advertising revenue of $3 per 1000 views, he could be said to have made over $2000 in YouTube earnings.

In all of these, we can infer that Flint may not have earned much but he was doing just well for himself, considering his timeframe in the music world. Flint was and remains a respected music star.

How Did Jake Flint Get Rich?

The journey to fame is no easy one. Many people have stayed in the music industry for so long but do not have much to show for it.

But for Jake Flint, there was significant growth in his net worth as a country singer. From releasing four studio albums that were all a success to all his live show performances.

Although we can’t say for sure how much Jake charged for show tickets, we could say it wouldn’t be anything less than $20. This is because his fellow red dirt country singer, Cory Morrow’s show tickets start at $31 and  $172 on average.

Even though Cory has more influence in the industry and more achievements, Jake was widely loved and people would pay that much to be in his show.

Not to forget that the late music star was also a businessman. His family has an oil business history and even though we can’t say for sure which business Flint was into, it was probably the same oil business.

So, Flint’s music career and business got him to the point he was at before his death. With a net worth of over $1 million, he is one of the most successful people in red dirt music next to Brad Paisley, David Foster, Chuck Berry, and Miranda Lambert.


Jake Flint was born on May 16, 1985, to Wildcat Oilman, Douglas J and Teresa Weathers in Holdenville, Oklahoma. The family relocated to Tusla in the early 90s where he attended Metro Christian Academy.

Full Name: Jake Flint
Stage Name: Jake Flint
Birth Place: Holdenville, Oklahoma, USA
Birthday: May 16, 1985
Died On: November 27, 2022
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Age: 37
Weight: 72 kg (158.73 lbs)
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.8 m)
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Brenda Wilson
Parents Name: Father: Douglas Flint

Mother: Teresa Weathers

Children: None
Siblings: Sister: Leah
College: N/A
Profession: Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist
Popular for: His hit songs “Cowtown ” and “Fireline”
Social Media Accounts:

Career and Awards

Jake performing live at Cain's Ballroom
Jake performing live at Cain’s Ballroom

Flint was introduced to music when he was still a child. His father was a wildcat oil man but also a music lover till his death.

He was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease and not wanting to leave without passing on his musical legacy, he introduced Flint to a couple of musicians like John Denver, Steve Earle, James Taylor and Towns Van Zandt.

After his father’s death, Flint struggled to find his way into music. He joined his sister’s group and learnt about the grunge rock music that was popular in the 90s

He followed such bands as Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and Nirvana, David Grey and Guster. Cheese Incident, Fleck Tones and Bela Fleck were also his favourite bands.

Flint came into the Spotlight in 2016 when he released his first 3 singles, “What’s Your Name,” “Cowtown,” and “LongRoad Back Home.” The same year, Flint released his debut studio album, “I’m Not Okay.”

That opened the door for 3 more albums. He released the album, “Live and Not Okay At Cain’s Ballroom” in 2018 and subsequently, “2020’s Jake Flint,” and “Life ns Socially Distant Mercury Hall” in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

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Awards and Achievements

Jake Flint won the “We Are Tusla Music Awards as the “Breakout Artist of the Year” in 2019.  He also had the privilege of hosting performances at the Skinner’s Skyline Fest, the Bob Childers Gypsy Café and the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival.

Personal Life

Flint got married to his heartthrob, Brenda Wilson on November 26, 2022, in a rural homestead. Barely a few hours after the wedding, Flint passed on as he slept.

Jake Flint and their Wife, Brenda Wilson
Jake Flint and their Wife, Brenda Wilson

Flint was a jovial fellow who brought joy and illumination to everyone and everywhere he went. It is a great tragedy that the upcoming music star was lost in such a manner.

The red dirt singer’s demise was announced by his manager, Brenda Clime, in a Facebook post on Monday, November 28.

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1. What is the cause of Jake Flint’s Death?

Jake Flint’s sudden death is still a mystery to the world. There has not been any confirmed cause of his death.

The Country music singer died in his sleep on November 27, 2022, some hours after his wedding.

2. Does Jake Flint have a Child?

Jake Flint didn’t have a child before his death. It’s sad that he died on his wedding night and left his wife without a child to console her.

However, His sister Leah is married with 2 kids, Natalie Claire Harper and Olivia Eileen Harper whom Jake took as if they were his.

3. Did Jake Flint die as a result of the Covid-19 Vaccine?

There have been rumours flying around that Jake’s death was a result of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, this is not true.

His Publicist, Clif Doyal in a statement said this:

I am the official publicist for Jake Flint and his family. I can verify from them, and my knowledge, that Jake Flint’s sudden and tragic death was not related in any way to the COVID-19 vaccine. Pending an official autopsy report there will be no further comment.”

4. Was Jake Flint Famous?

Although the country singer didn’t stay long in the music industry, he made a remarkable impact. Jake was famous among lovers of red dirt and music lovers in general.

He hosted live shows and concerts which were well attended and he even performed in notable places like the Skinner’s Skyline Fest, the Bob Childers Gypsy Café and the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival.

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