James Goldstein Net Worth

James Goldstein Net Worth
Net Worth $350 million
Age 83 years old
Born Jan 5, 1940
Gender Male
Height 1.73m (5ft 8 inc)
Country of Origin United States of America
Source of Wealth Entrepreneur, NBA Super Fan

James Goldstein Net Worth, Biography, Age, Wife, House, Height, Weight, Income and many more details can be checked on this page. James Goldstein or Jimmy Goldstein is an American real estate mogul and developer. He is largely known for being an NBA superfan, thanks to having been in different games in his state California and others around the country.

What Is James Goldstein’s Net Worth

Goldstein is also a rich developer with exquisite taste in architecture. This is evident in his home based in Beverly Hills. It is one of the most famous houses with the best tree cover. You can only afford such when you have the net worth for it. Someone might ask, what is James Goldstein’s net worth?

As of January 2023, Goldstein has an estimated net worth of $350 million. This is a good net worth to allow you to enjoy a great and wealthy lifestyle.

We guide you through understanding how James Goldstein spends his millions, his favorite vacation spots, how he grows his net worth, and his lifestyle too.

James Goldstein: How He Made His Money

James Goldstein has had a business mind since he was young. This helped him to be as rich as he is right now.

In 1964, James joined a real estate company called Rammco Investment Corporation. This company made a lot of money buying cheap farmland on the outskirts of LA and then developing them into nice neighborhoods. His job was to find other targets in San Bernardino and Riverside.

He would later discover that mobile homes had more money. That is why he founded his own real estate investment company and purchased several properties. It is estimated that Goldstein only owns over a dozen mobile home parks in California. The parks are mostly in north and south California.

However, his managerial style has been an issue with some of the industry leaders. A good example is that James wanted to control his own rent in the mobile home sites. However, this is something that the government has not allowed him to do so.

He has also used other tactics to increase rent. This is where he would force the tenants to buy their homes from him or vacate his premises. Whichever the case, we can say it is just business.

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Personal Life

James Goldstein was born to Nanette and C. Ellis Goldstein on January 5, 1940. His dad C. Eliss worked as a department store owner based in Milwaukee. When James was 10 years old, he started introducing him to NBA games, which is how his love for the game developed.

James Goldstein Childhood and his mother

Goldstein went to Nicolet High School, where he played basketball. You can see that he has loved the sport since he was young. He later joined Stanford University.

James Goldstein has remained single for a long time. He has remained unmarried and does not have kids. James does not believe in marriage; this has made him remain single for the longest time.

If you want to follow up on his personal life, you can always check out his Instagram account. He regularly posts on it whenever necessary.


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A post shared by James F. Goldstein (@jamesfgoldstein)

How Does James Goldstein Spend His Money?

Having a massive net worth of $350 million is enough to give you the luxury of choosing where you want to buy a home.

James is largely known for his lavish home found in Hollywood Hills. His house is referred to as the “Sheats Goldstein Residence,” developed by John Lautner, a renowned architect.

The house was first constructed in 1963, and James paid $185,001 as the buying price in 1972. The value for such a house right now is over $50 million.

Goldstein has worked with Lautner on several occasions to bring the property back to looking good, as the former owner had not maintained it properly.

Over the years, Goldstein purchased the adjacent plots and now has a 4-acre private rainforest around the house based in Beverly Hills.

James Goldstein’s Ever-Expanding World

The house has been quite interesting to the point it has been featured in several movies and TV shows. Such include “The Big Lebowski” and “Charlie’s Angels.” The mansion’s architecture is something that would make someone often consider it.

The mansion has been used to hold birthday celebrations for different celebrities. This includes Mick Jagger, Rihanna, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

James Goldstein‘s House is used to hold birthday celebrations for different celebrities

Other than spending money on houses, James also owns cars.

The most desired car he loves to drive is the 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. This one can easily fetch over $35,000.

Goldstein claims he does not like cars, but he does have some rare cars that can be collectibles.

He bought the vehicle in 1971 and has maintained it all along. It is still in pristine condition, making it a good auction item. A couple of years ago, a similar vehicle sold at auction for $220,000.

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James Goldstein Vacation and Lifestyle

If you also had $350 million, there is no doubt you would enjoy a luxurious lifestyle too and take more vacations in a year.

You may have seen him at different NBA games with his famous cowboy appearance. He loves the flashy attire that would generally make him be noticed at all those games.

NBA Superfan James Goldstein ready for playoff charge

He enjoys NBA to the point he can attend more than 100 games each season. This is in his home state California and other states too.

Reports show that they can even spend $500,000 on ticket years and travel expenses to attend the NBA games.

His love for NBA games started as young as 10 years. He even worked at Milwaukee hawks at age 15 to help in keeping the game statistics.

Watching the games from the courtside also made him completely get hooked to watching the game.

Goldstein is watching the games from the courtside

All his love for the game is also because he completed his education in Milwaukee Nicolet High School, where he also played basketball.

Jimmy moved to California and went to Stanford University.

James also enjoys vacationing from one country to another. His wealthy lifestyle allows him to travel to different destinations. He has been frequenting places such as Paris and Milan to shop for the best designer men’s wear.

James F. Goldstein fly to Paris to shop for the best designer men’s wear


Recently, the Washington Post claimed how he made his money while trying to fight rent control. This might not have been what every tenant wanted, but it is his property, so he had every right to fight for his wealth too.

The article also describes him as a super fan of NBA games who spends nearly $500,000 on tickets and travel expenses each year to attend these games.

James Goldstein’s  Instagram |Twitter | Facebook

Instagram: @jamesfgoldstein

Twitter: @jamesfgoldstein

Facebook: @jamesfgoldstein

Favorite Quotes From Him

“Originally, a friend of mine, Tommy Perse, who owns Maxfield here in L.A., started giving me invitations to the Gaultier shows. And then, as I got more interested in other shows, he would supply me with more invitations.” – Jimmy Goldstein

“When people ask me what I do, they’re usually trying to ask how I made my money, not what my job is.” – Jimmy Goldstein

“I go to about four or five games a week during the regular season here in Los Angeles. And then when the playoffs start, I’m on the road getting on an airplane every day for about seven weeks.” – Jimmy Goldstein

“I just happen to live in L.A. I think that no matter where I lived, I would not be a fan of the home team. If everybody is favoring one team, I always go the other way.” – Jimmy Goldstein

“When Roberto Cavalli first started designing men’s clothes—which was his peak, as far as I’m concerned—I was buying almost the entire Cavalli line every season.” – Jimmy Goldstein

“I’ve never been involved in Hollywood or the entertainment world. The fashion world? Yes. But there is very little fashion in Hollywood.” – Jimmy Goldstein

“Because of my involvement in the fashion world and all the fashion shows I attend, I’ve definitely developed a preference for tall, slender models.” – Jimmy Goldstein

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James Goldstein is a shark when it comes to real estate. He understands what he wants and goes for it. This might have put him on the wrong side with some people, but his net worth says otherwise. That is why he keeps getting rich.

He does not believe in marriage and has no kids. This leaves him with $350 million to enjoy by himself without worrying about anything.

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