Julia Hart Age, Net Worth, Husband, Family And Wiki Bio

Julia Hart

Popular for her writer/director movie roles on classics like “Miss Stevens”, Julia Hart is a famous American filmmaker and actress. Hart’s other favorite performances include the “Hollywood Stargirl” and “I’m Your Woman”.

Presently aged 41 years, Julia Hart has engraved herself as an icon in the American movie industry. Her pen game for scripts is amazing and Julia Hart net worth of $7 million is proof of that.

We discuss Julia Hart’s biography, professional career and personal life. We also answer questions like: Who is Julia Hart Husband?

Julia Hart Wiki & Biography

Julia Hart Age, Net Worth, Husband, Family And Wiki Bio
Portrait photograph of Julia Hart

Julia Hart was born on April 7, 1982, in the historical Cambridge City, Minnesota. A quick glance at her immediate family suggests what spurred Julia’s interest in acting.

Julia Hart’s father is James V. Hart, the experienced screenwriter on Steven Spielberg’s 1991 adventure movie “Hook”. Julia Hart’s mother, Judith Nugent-Hart, was a professional actress.

Julia Hart’s father, James V. Hart
Julia Hart’s mother, Judith Nugent-Hart

In full pursuance of her passion, Julia Hart enrolled at Yale University. She graduated with a B.A. degree in German Literature and Theater studies in 2003.

Julia Hart was only 21 at the time of graduation and worked as a high school teacher four years later. She later proceeded to commence a professional screenwriter career.

Full Name: Julia Hart
Stage Name: Julia Hart
Birth Place: Cambridge, Minnesota
Birthday: 7th April, 1982
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Net Worth: $7 million
Age (How Old): 41 years
Weight: 57kg
Height (How Tall): 5ft 7in
Debut: 2002
Nationality: American
Religion: Unknown
Ethnicity: White
College: Yale University
Profession: Actress, scriptwriter and movie director
Social media: Twitter and Instagram


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Julia Hart Family, Husband & Relationships

When it comes to balancing family and work, Julia Hart has got no issues. From having a professional screenwriter dad and top actress as a mother, Julia Hart is married to a fellow American movie producer, Jordan Horowitz.

Julia Hart Age, Net Worth, Husband, Family And Wiki Bio
Julia Hart celebrating Jordan Horowitz birthday via her instagram

Remember that Julia Hart worked briefly as a teacher after graduation from the University? That was the period she met Jordan.

Jordan Horowitz was an assistant movie producer while Julia Hart was an assistant third grade teacher. The duo once confessed to having some rough start working on a movie together.

In Julia’s words, “I think back to that disastrous short film we made…”. Julia Hart explained they had some challenges like production money and a shooting location.

Celebrating recent successes with her husband, Jordan Horowitz

However, that is now history because Julia Hart and Jordan Horowitz have jointly written and produced successful scripts. Jordan was instrumental in encouraging Julia to rediscover her passion for writing.

‘I Am Your Woman’ Filmmakers Julia Hart and Jordan Horowitz Created a Loving Partnership

Julia Hart’s career started with her first script “The Keeping Room”. Jordan also continued improving on his film production.

YouTube video

Some Oscars viewers in 2017 would remember how Jordan Horowitz was the one to quickly announce that Moonlight and not La La Land won the Best Picture recognition.

YouTube video

Julia Hart and Jordan Horowitz are married with two children and now write scripts together.

Julia Hart Age, Net Worth, Husband, Family And Wiki Bio
Julia Hart with her husband and their two kids
Father Name: James V. Hart
Mother Name: Judith Nugent-Hart
Brother Name: Unknown
Sister Name: Unknown
Boyfriend: N/A
Marital Status: Married
Husband Name: Jordan Horowitz
Children: Two children

Physical Appearance

Julia Hart is a fine-looking young woman with an enthralling personality and jovial nature. She has a great body physique that helps her blend perfectly into movie roles.

Julia Hart Age, Net Worth, Husband, Family And Wiki Bio
Full photograph of Julia Hart

How tall is Julia Hart? Julia Hart is 5 feet 7 inches tall with a 56 kg weight that balances her body mass. Julia Hart has long dark brown hair that she usually cuts. She also has brown eyes that one could easily perceive on her Hollywood Star Girl movie.

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Julia Hart’s Career As An High School Teacher

While many people recognize Julia Hart’s net worth and professional acting career, some fans might not actually know that she started as a high school teacher.

Yes! Julia Hart started teaching when she was 25 years old. She did that for about 8 years and many of her students actually loved her welcoming personality.

It was during that time that Julia met her husband, Jordan, and he played a supportive role in helping her switch to screenwriting. Remember that Julia Hart studied German Literature and Theater studies.

Filmmaker Julia Hart says being a mom ’empowered’ her to become a movie director: Yahoo Entertainment

Hence, it has always been her passion and teaching was only a stepping stone. Julia once recalled how she would visit the school supply room to discreetly talk to her movie agents.

Julia Hart’s Career Switch To Hollywood

Julia Hart’s professional actress career started with her romantic fantasy role on “Tuck Everlasting” as Sally Hannaway in 2002. That was when viewers started to notice who is Julia Hart.

Julia Hart Age, Net Worth, Husband, Family And Wiki Bio
Julia Hart and her crew on the “I’m Your Woman” movie set

However, the much needed fame only came 14 years later when Julia Hart wrote the script for “The Keeping Room”. Julia Hart did not like how she outsourced the director role to someone else.

Julia wanted to see women taking more roles and she directed her other movie, “Miss Stevens” herself. In fact, Elliot Page has previously been planned as a movie director until Julia changed plans.

That was Julia Hart’s debut directorial role and she went on to write and direct four other movies. They include “Hollywood Stargirl”, “Fast Color”, “Star Girl”, and “I’m Your Woman”.

Julia Hart Net Worth Summary

What is Julia Hart net worth? The star American actress, Julia Hart, has a net worth of approximately $7 million. It is believed that the value is a combined estimate of what she and her husband jointly manage.

The couple made the majority of their wealth from their writer/director roles on the movies they produced. From releasing The Keeping Room in 2014 to I’m Your Woman in 2020, Julia Hart and Jordan Horowitz have certainly gotten better in joint performances on movies.

Julia Hart Age, Net Worth, Husband, Family And Wiki Bio
Cover photo of “I’m Your Woman” book written off the movie by Amazon Prime video

Julia writes her movie based on what she sees around and hopes to correct. Her blockbuster movie, “I’m Your Woman” featured Rachel Brosnahan who played Jean, the wife of a mysteriously missing man. Some other popular faces in that movie are Arinzé Kene, Bill Heck, James McMenamin and Stephanie Blake.

Julia Hart Charity

Apart from Julia Hart net worth story and professional career story, the American actress’ love for charity is also inspiring. Julia Hart has given towards philanthropy since she was little.

At just the age of 10, which was one year after the Steven Speilberg’s Hook movie, Julia took a charitable visit to the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Julia Hart did not stop there as she further persuaded her friends back home to support the hospital with donations.

Julia Hart later established the Peter Pan Birthday Club to support children with terminal illnesses. Even till today, her twitter and instagram accounts contain donation links in her bio towards charity.

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