Kenneth McGriff Net Worth

Kenneth McGriff's Net Worth

Popularly called Supreme, he was popular in the 80s for his drug dealings. It was the same year he formed his crack-distributing organization and named it the “Supreme Team.”

The crack team was located in Southern Jamaica in New York. While Kenneth was the leader of this organization, he grew the number of gang members to hundreds and held power to control the crack-cocaine trade in the Baisely Park House where he grew up.

What Is Kenneth McGriff’s Net Worth

Kenneth Supreme McGriff has a net worth of $10 million as of April 2023. His primary source of wealth is attributed to drug-related activities.

Although the convicted Gangster and drug lord tried his luck in cinematography after returning from prison in 1994, his cinematography dream was cut short due to his reputation as the FBI questioned him.

Do you want to learn more about Kenneth Supreme McGriff? This post features all you need to know, including his annual income, early life, personal life, career, achievements, and awards.

Kenneth McGriff Net Worth Growth

Kenneth grew his net worth as one of the most famous and richest drug lords in the 80s. At some point, his net worth skyrocketed.

Kenneth primarily earns from drug proceeds. The ex-convicted gangster has an annual income of about $3 million. Kenneth earns about $32k monthly and $8k weekly from drugs.

In 2022, Kenneth earned $28k monthly and $3 million annually. Kenneth was estimated to make over $200k daily and $19 per hour.

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How Did Kenneth McGriff Get Rich?

Kenneth Supreme McGriff is believed to make his wealth primarily from drugs. The 62-year-old drug lord began saving proceeds from drug selling in the 1980s.

The Baisley Park House-raised gangster was reported to have different members who exchanged drugs for money with different buyers. After every successful deal, they would report to Kenneth, who settles them and keeps the remaining.

Kenneth usually makes $200k daily from organized drug dealings, earning over $2 million monthly. Even while Kenneth was in jail, reports suggested that his gang members continued to engage in his drug business on his behalf.

At times, Kenneth would execute the deals alone to have more gain. It was from these proceeds he amassed his $10 million net worth.


Kenneth Supreme McGriff was born in New York on September 19, 1960. Kenneth was the second of his parent’s three children. His parents worked as transit workers. Kenneth’s family lived a middle-class life.

As he grew up, someone introduced him to a sect of the nation Islam called the “Five Percent” as a student at Catherine & Count Basie Junior High School.

Full Name/Real Name Kenneth Supreme McGriff
Nick Name/Stage Name Supreme
Birth Place San Francisco, California, United States.
Birthday September 19, 1960
Zodiac Sign Virgo
How old 62 years
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Marital Status Married
Wife Unknown
Girlfriend N/A
Parent’s Name
Father Mr. McGriff
Mother Mrs. McGriff
Children’s Name Charles McGriff and Khalaylah West
College Catherine & Count Basie Junior High School.
Profession Drug Trafficking and dealings
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Career And Awards

Kenneth Supreme McGriff was one of the most famous figures in drug trafficking in the 1980s, like renowned drug lords Pablo Escobar and Carlos Lehder.

Supreme formed his organization that distributes and manufactures crack cocaine known as The Supreme Team, based in the Baisley Park Houses in South Jamaica in New York’s Queen Borough.

Kenneth was the organization’s leader, and during his time as the leader, he grew hundreds of members who worked for the same drug cartel. In 1987, the notorious drug lord was arrested following a joint state and federal investigation.

Two years after his arrest, he admitted to being involved in a different Continuing Criminal Enterprise. Kenneth was sent to prison for twelve years. In 1994, the drug lord returned from prison and tried working as an actor. He contacted Irv Gotti to shoot a movie on the Kenyatta Series novel Crime Partners.

His dream was cut off when the FBI questioned his role with Murder Inc. As such, the FBI raided Murder Inc. Kenneth was said to play a part in murdering Run-DMC member Jam Master Jay in 2002.

Kenneth was also accused of ordering Rapper Smith Eric’s killing in 2001. Kenneth was said to have ordered Eric’s killing to avenge the death of his associate Colbert “Black Just” Johnson.

He was also accused of attempting to have attempted killing the American rapper 50 Cent, among other heinous crimes.

In 2007, the New York drug baron was convicted at a federal high court in N.Y.’s Eastern District for paying $50k to kill two rivals. It took five days for the jury to determine whether Kenneth was guilty. Later, he was found guilty of drug trafficking and conspiracy.

Kenneth got a life sentence the same year. The government seized almost all his properties. His case was defended by an attorney the court appointed.

Kenneth McGriff's Net Worth
Kenneth Supreme poses for a picture with American rapper, Jay-Z


Kenneth Supreme McGriff spent most of his life in and out of prison. He has been convicted more than three different times. However, as of the time of compiling this article, the leader of the supreme drug cartel has never won an award.

Personal Life

According to reports, Kenneth Supreme McGriff is currently single and not in any relationship. However, there is also no information about his current or past relationships. Reports also suggested that the American drug trafficker has two children named Charles McGriff and Khalaylah West, but no information is available about the mother of his children.


1. How much did the “Supreme” team make?

Kenneth Supreme McGriff is believed to be a drug lord, with many members working for him.

Kenneth and his team have engaged in different drug businesses that brought them large sums of money. However, the 62-year-old is believed to make $200k per day.

2. Was it Kenneth Supreme McGriff that shot 50 Cent nine times?

No. Kenneth may have attempted to kill the American rapper 50 Cent, but he wasn’t the one that shot him.

The American rapper identified his attacker as Darryl’ Hommo’ Baum. 50 Cent has said it in different interviews.

3. Which prison is Kenneth Supreme McGriff serving his life sentence in?

The drug lord started his life sentence service at the ADX Florence, a federal supermax prison in Colorado. However, Kenneth was moved from the U.S. Penitentiary, Lee, a high-security federal prison in Pennington Gap, Virginia.

The 62-year-old remains housed at Kentucky’s USP McCreary as of 2021.

4. Why was Kenneth Supreme McGriff sent to prison for the second time?

Kenneth got to prison for the second time because he violated the parole on which he was released for the first crime committed.

However, Kenneth was sent to prison for the second time for another 2.5 years before his release in 1997.

5. Did Kenneth Supreme McGriff plead guilty to his crime?

Yes, the gangster pleaded guilty to the crimes committed following his arrest in 1987 after he was investigated.

Kenneth pleaded guilty two years after his arrest as part of a Continuing Criminal Enterprise.

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